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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 397

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Hey, this is my first post, however I've been following the championship league for a little while now. I don't exactly know where I should place myself therefore I tried all the songs. I mostly just

I think it's not too bad? And I even think it's good!

I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying the songs this week. My first tries for the week: This would technically not be allowable as I took the screenshot too late but I'm not competing on beginne

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@Mikson ... oh boy. Insane scores on that cool songs - Too bad and Animals. Not a chance to come close, doesnt mean i wont eventually have a go or twenty. Congrats, the CS eeally is good for you!!

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A small step for me... a even smaller step for humanity... well and for the animals as well.


I've moved up, 0,09% since my last high score. And that's a few days ago... Couldn't improve Megadeth. I think this is my level for this song. It seems like this is as good as it gets. But my fingers are tired, so I can at least feel I have practiced. 😉


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I had few minutes and went through Rival Suns again... and got whooping 87% !!!!

considering this song includes all my weaknesses (quick jumping between remote threats, arpeggios and "solo" sections) and this is not my usual type of music, this is really good score for me 😉




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I'm gonna get this damn song lol


It always sucks when I actually really like the song for the week. I spend way too much time trying to improve.

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9 hours ago, diceslinger said:

finally got through SA


I hear you on that! I'm not quite there yet. It had to feel good to get that accomplished.

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Oh my god. Goddamnit. The one week where I was about to submit on time. Set a reminder and everything. I woke up, went to upload my screenshot and Steam had uninstalled all of my games including ALL CDLC 😞 Can i get a last minute entry due to tech error? 😞 

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