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  1. Hi All, I Started with the Editors as they are one of my favourites.... then on to the others I haven't played in a while so just getting back into it.... slowly improving i hope
  2. https://www.mediafire.com/convkey/bd19/qegjofn3x0m4h7d6g.jpg https://www.mediafire.com/convkey/f7f7/znbe57dqpr31ufy6g.jpg https://www.mediafire.com/convkey/ea7a/jc5iw2kh5tmounc6g.jpg not sure I've done this right, its all changed a bit but here goes......
  3. Slowly getting back into it... here's some scores
  4. Cheers @@Rodman but I won’t be playing for a week or so but I’ll be back soon enough
  5. hi all , unfortunately i couldn't get the Adv song to work properly but i had great fun with the Monkeys, as always, a definite 100% given more time another 100% i believe high 99% i think I've got a lot better than this in the past.
  6. Love the Arctic Monkeys track played this loads before, but Death cab for cutie doesn’t seem to have a Rhythm part on my computer for some reason. on the subject of Rhythm I think I should have got 3rd last week with my hard earned 94%
  7. well i managed to get a couple of scores....... couldn't hear my guitar for some reason rocksmith couldn't hear my guitar for some reason....... this was an easy 99% + IMO
  8. genuinely my first try not my first try :rolleyes:
  9. Hi All, unfortunately my Dad passed away on Thursday so i have been a bit preoccupied so i only got 2 scores this week. just a quick sightread on this one i broke the 90% on my next go but missed the screen shot. miss playing rocksmith with my Dad
  10. more scores, struggling on this one... but finally nailed this on bass
  11. Friday nights discipline of , No improvement = No Guinness worked well tonight ......... my best incentive ;) anyway, Rhythm i did this and thought .... hmmm u beat @@MaZtoR but if you want many Guinness's u need to do better so......... maybe a few more ......... but what about bass ? i am going to spend tomorrows hangover trying for the 100% have a lovely evening all P.S. i can't do the lead but may attempt a couple of times tomorrow
  12. Oasis are probably the best band i have ever seen live, and i have seen them a few times. This Slade song always went down well live as did the Beatles - I am the Walrus , with that in mind i have to put in a reasonable score, oops a little mistake at the beginning but happy (ish) with the score. must do better at the start for a better score , must must must oops :lol: ok onto lead, will do better, then Bass..... will also do better :P
  13. Friday nights improvement....... ...... getting the hang of it now
  14. Well the more I played the Bon Jovi song the worse i got.....until i realised i had a loose battery connection on the Epiphone prophecy which is now a broken connection on the bloody battery, so it won't work at all :angry: Quick change to the Epiphone Sheraton II.......... first go,
  15. a couple of mid week improvements..... annoying misses now........ just can't improve much :(
  16. at last i can start the week early here's my first goes, not my first go, really liking this one :rolleyes:
  17. Heres some scores, getting there..... oh dear, not so hot :rolleyes:
  18. Well its been a while but i couldn't resist the Arctics... shame i concentrated on the Lead and not the rhythm :angry: surprisingly i smashed my old score even though i haven't touched my guitars in 2 months and lead shocked me also Rhythm only played a couple of times but still happy with it i guess, next week i'll try to get a score in my class (if i ever get back to 'my class') B) feels good to have the guitars again.
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