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  1. so... my testing was probs waaaaay off, considering this is the best I can manage with my duff guitar atm. bends aren't registering between 14-21st fret. probs take a break until i fix a guitar up properly cos really annoying. [/url] improvement on satch boogie though not totally derping the tapping part [/url]
  2. the audio exclusivity settings for rocksmith are a bit of a troll imo, while I did manage to finally get it working, rocksmith still decides when it does or doesnt want to give me a pop up warning or 2 about the sound not functioning correctly on game launch (just click ok, sound still works fine for me), and not sure if this option also relates to seemingly more random crashes in general, not too many to be super annoying, but def a bit unstable... however, it was the necessary evil for me to get my setup working for streaming with a mic working and recording videos with audio. go to option
  3. might be some disagreement on ratings, been testing on a ropey guitar last minute and dont play bass etc... give feedback and can shuffle selections around a bit if needed, if everyone would rather skew the difficulty a little lower or higher meelo/RgDkA already made a few points to me already but see what everyone else thinks (edit) nm im slow, already changed!
  4. Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship -= Week 328 =- READ THIS FIRST =>> How and Why to Join the Championships Read this second =>> Rocksmith 2014 Championship Rules Last week's winners: Lead:Beginner: @ --- Intermediate:@@diceslinger Advanced : @Snakewizard Masterclass: @shaggy_malagy Rhythm:Beginner: --- Intermediate: @@diceslinger Advanced: @@DropZone90 Masterclass:@Snakewizard Bass:Beginner: @@KJParsley Intermediate: @RdGkA Advanced: @@diceslinger Masterclass: @Snakewizard Congrats to all winners. Well done! This week's songs are: (no
  5. nooooooo was doing testing for next weeks songs, tripped up on wires and guitar took a tumble... and have another engineer round for my internet soon so probs gonna be offline for a few hours testing this ongoing internet fault, just for extra inconvenience. gonna be spending that time fixing another guitar into working order, hopefully new week start wont be disrupted but hang tight if its a little later than expected
  6. already worked on this a fair bit previously, big increase since last time trying, low 80's up to low 90's
  7. I dunno how old your Dad is, but i´m 41 (mentality of a 10 y old) - kill me if i ever stop moshpittin, or grow up!! You should really play the other version of the song (better and also the only valid for this weeks scores ;) .... see topic start) Rock!!! Ha he's in his mid 50's now and going strong on the rock n roll front, no signs of slowing down. I think the funniest one was seeing AC/DC at Wembley a few years back, he was a bit disappointed he could only get seated tickets at the back, tried to bribe the ticket guy £100 to let us down into standing, then when that failed, looked
  8. swear i got way more than this but my guitar is a bit trash in anything but e standard (and a bit temperamental in e standard as well) hit the notes, sounded fine... didnt register. but... i think i've finally figured out why! [/url] GNR tickets for May woop! hopefully my dad wont get too hurt this time attempting to join in a pit. i did warn him that despite being a pretty big tough guy he was still getting a bit too old for that now, but he insisted... so with me watching from the edge, i see a younger girl with her head down and arms flailing wildly deliver an accidental but still rat
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