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  1. all are first sight reads Sounds like a group i would listen to will check out their other stuff. never played the game but yea decent upbeat song the fills towards the end were cool no trivium because bass also doesnt reach that low yeaaa the difficulty gap from the advanced song to this is pretty big hahah. I'll give it some more tries today its nice to have a challenge... hopefully ill get a bit better.
  2. *sigh* what did you get me into @ jellisjenius haha i think these next weeks will be tough for me but ig in the long term itll be better for me.
  3. well two tries on score attack i practiced it quite a bit in riff repeater mode like an hour (the intro/first half the rest was long streaks of single notes so it was simpler) but for bass i guess im not too oposed for masterclass...although i will get totally rekt by ibo cold and others hahaha
  4. Great begginer song! varied enough to make it enjoyable to play and i like the song, surprised ive never heard of them ooh yeah! i forgot about this song used to listen to it alot when i was young. think the lead is a bit harder for accuracy due to the pitch slides never been too much of a fan of judas but yea its got some cool licks Always glad to see riverside!! really liked the tab and glad they used non pitched slides in some of them! hopefully we get some porcupine tree,blackfield or pineapple thief in the future competitions im not too good with bends/ "soloing" but i still had fun !
  5. Hey @ gibbs.wav , Welcome to the weekly competition! Always great to see new faces around here Those scores are great infact it was higher than the champion of the week. Unfortunatley, it seems like you posted after the competition had ended that week so just make sure to post earlier next time. Also not sure if one of the organizers/ hosts like @ Rodman @ Mikson or @ avastreg have added you to the list for future competitions or messaged you. Looks like you'll be in either advanced or masterclass. Didnt see you post in week 472 but hopefully we'll see you participate in the upcoming ones
  6. Practicing the rhythm helped me 100 the lead. i know i can 100 the rhythm now but its late so i goofed up and i havent slept yet so im gonna sleep lol. Again, Thanks cold for the update !
  7. @ jellisjenius thanks for the disentegration reccomendation! some cool stuff in there and ive downloaded some of the songs that have been tabbed here! im surprised at the lengths of the songs tho wasnt expecting that. theres only 3 under 5 mins the rest are above
  8. really fun bass charts this week!! this song i needed today. i dont remember it being in scott pilgrim but yea will keep and play. theres some flourishes that caught me for surprise so i had to play it again for the fc but yea i think its a good 4 or above. so i always wondered why i didnt know many songs from the cure besides just like heaven and love song...i think i now know why. not for me but i'll still check their other stuff just in case something will catch my attention. yeeeess some toto! hadnt heard this one before and was kind of worried because when i heard it on spotify the guitar reminded me too much of rosana by them ( i love rosana) and i still prefer rosana. BUT it was actually quite fun to play on bass. fast This one also made my day!! because i really like blu de tiger and chromeo (both of them have some tasty basslines) so knowing that they both collabed is amazing! kind of wished this one was the one for advanced bass because i really want to learn it but owells
  9. thanks ! but not mine either iboe55 is a beast
  10. I think thats as high as i can go Thanks a ton for this new version @ Mikson !! i found it way easier to play especialy since you transposed some of those notes to different stings.
  11. thanks for checking out that version! after trying my version out again since i released it i think i did probably go over board with the tone lol .. and yea it is kind of challenging! are you losing the streak on the 12ths? if so, not sure how you are playing the main riff atm but when i played the og version (and its also aplicable to the one i did) for some reason i always wanted to use my pinky to reach the 12th. when i got the 100 on both and put it as a sugestion i realized its easier if you just use your 3rd finger and move frets around to like the 10th to anchor your first finger ( this might be obvious but wasnt for me). I think the fhp does also move ingame but im blind and i was ignoring it lol. ive also seen people use their thumb to fret the 8 meanwhile they do the other notes but i personally dont. ( if you play the guitar path and the 12 note is what you are missing you could technicly always just use the bottom b string 8 instead , I was going to have a path tabbed that way but i had too many paths).
  12. bass sight reads this ones end part is pretty hard will be nice to riff repeat. also first time i heard it i thought he said death star and the we are fucking fucked part is kinda the same notes used for imperial march anyways great to have muse! You put the SMITHS in rockSMITH!! also you said there was no halloween theme but the sustains and choices to fret the notes on bass to this are pretty scary hahah. but bad jokes aside its a really nice song i hadnt heard before, i will listen to it from now on
  13. yay kasabian and muse got picked! *will try others asap Geez...i forgot how hit or miss the slides are, i had to retry a couple of times to fc it again xD but im glad i could still do it on lead! Johnals score is mental grats! I also made a version where the bass has the solo (since he plays the solo) if anyone wants to try that out just for the fun of it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JNXTw18eHQo5rNVn3isC824Qf8ITyoQF/view?usp=share_link
  14. @ jellisjenius I'm not a fan of that particular song either but i think you are reaching a bit. They are 50 year old guys that wear wigs and makeup with fake personas cashing in on stereotypes.. you cant take them too seriously. Also, how is spinal tap not on the same level with songs like sex farm? or sex supreme/sexsong by tenacious d? it might not be for everyone but that's how comedy works aswell.
  15. congrats on your first week @ avastreg ! really fun picks great tab like always from coldrampage and fun song for begginers! this ones really simple but i can understand because of the slide its rated a low intermediate love me some bunny and it was challenging/ the only one i had to restart to fc! really enjoyed it and i think was great for intermediate! glad to see steel panther make it to the championship again! unfortunaley its a song i always skip when listeining to the album but something is always better than nothing! i think this one is pretty simple especially since the scroll speed is slow. I wouldve rather it be a high intermediate song than a low advanced. If theres riverside I'm playing it!!! scroll speed is insane if you go from steel panther to this xD but the tab on itself seems pretty simple will definatley try to up the score and i think its pretty fcable. I kinda wished this was advanced instead of mc since i was able to get 97 on first run.
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