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  1. havent heard this song in yeaars, just remembered it used to be on the radio alot not generally my type of music but it was fun.
  2. always good to see a week by nblm cause that means steel panther will be up XD Played this one before and considered recommending it so glad it go on here! fun song/chart Dont know much about ghost, havent really liked previos ones on the competition but this one was good bass one was kinda hard to read cause of improper anchors/old cdlc fun! Very nice song! definately keeping this one, never heard it before but i really enjoyed it. Really challenging which is always a nice surprise with bass. Kinda late to this weeks unfortunatley
  3. Havent gotten used to my new 7th string guitar yet. keep thinking im a string below than i actually am lol. Glad to see tame impala this week! would like to play more of these songs in general since scores a re pretty low but running late for work.
  4. Havent had much freetime but luckily i was able to go through some of them ei this is one of the songs i did to 100 for the not a fluke achievement in rocksmith years ago. Always considered putting in the suggestions but since i always had issues with the slides to 100 constantly (seems like i still do) i didnt put it. but i enjoy it. yea good song. ty altho its discoish lead guitar does get pretty crazy towards the end. nice song more difficult than usual which is always nice.
  5. @ Argh1992 yea because of the upload limit i tend to upload the screenshot on imgur (website, i think there might be an app aswell) and the get the link and paste them here.
  6. Glad you enjoyed it and did that to you! As for random thoughts, i personally enjoy reading them think it makes the weeks more memorable. I think you are absolutley right that game players actually care alot about the music in games, cause it can be just as good as movie scores and since you are spending more time on it it'll get stuck with you for longer. Same, i remember as a child orchestras would also feature soundtracks from both medias. So it made me kinda chuckle to read that that was cosidered the lowest point xD especially since monster hunter is/was pretty popular (never played it) but according to steam charts it had over 329k people playing it at its highest peak.. to put that in perspective, rocksmith at its highest peak has only been a bit over 4k, which really surprises me. I decided to watch the movie cause i had nothing better to do.. I think she just had the passion to keep on doing it regardless of the circumstances..In the end it didnt matter who the audience was the only thing that mattered was what emotions it proveked them to have...which ig is also why the movie just focuses on the build up to one event rather than multiple ones or a collage of them. Thought maybe she was gonna change a bit since she threw up at the message area but it would be a bit rushed...and her soloist was also female so...idk kinda left a distastefull tatse lol As i was writing this it brought me memories of a movie similar to this one, that i had erased from my mind on purpose xD called tellstar the joe meek story. It has james corden (uk late night tv host) as one of the actors i forgot that he was in it though. Based on a true story and it happened on a road i used to walk on every day called holloway road. But yea not the happiest type of movie xD as alot of musician movies tend to be.
  7. Eiii! Grats on the promotion! I think you and i are on the same level ish so the future will be fun! Ooof yea i also am nowhere near the video cant do that on the bass...also wouldnt consider myself a masterclass but jelly thought so...so here i am xD but challenging songs and more participants in the class is always more exciting i think
  8. Eii like they say..No one truly escapes runescape, you only afk it for longer periods.. haha On the same boat as you, yt and my phone from time to time randomly recomended me rs videos and i got stuck in that rabbit hole for a while. Hence why i decided to try to tab some songs out... just to act like i did something proactive/ maybe would help me or others out with the guitar
  9. Very interesting and cool that one of my psarcs made it into the competition, thanks!! I would've never expected that. The Ian taylor songs are from a multiplayer / role player online game called runescape that i used to play alot as a teenager ( kind of like world of warcraft + skyrim..but worse graphics..and that being said ive never played those 2 but i think that gives an idea of what it is) . It might be a niche thing,..i spent months or i guess really years on that game (back when it was extremely grindy, so much so that it could be a job in some countries, now theres double exp weekends so its not as bad but still more than your average game) so the songs in there are ingrained in my brain and bring alot of nostalgia. Surprisingly enough when i have travelled around the world I somehow manage to meet people that have played it, so thats always nice. about the psarc : i must admit the bass going up an octave kinda tricky...(mostly cause the part is supposed to be on a synth) maybe i shouldve put an oct pedal instead... i did tab the rhythm path a bit awkwardly..theres definately easier ways to play it (or atleast for an initial sight read) lead ive 100 before but maybe it could be changed aswell. I didn't move my pc with me unfortunately only kept my 12 year old mac. I tried to fix it with this computer, cause i want to, but havent had much luck since its kind of outdated and rs charter (mac) is relatively new/still in development. but yea just thought i should mention it.
  10. Really enjoy this song both listening and easy playing lol the fast bass in between surprised me. nice int song prety challenging fun bass line progression reminds me of a song...think its either piano or an electronic song.. but its a sad song...slower cant find it or think of it . Anyways, surprisingly pretty hard for it just being 3 chords...guess its the speed and the flourishes.
  11. Finnally finished moving! really want to play this week before it ends hopefully i can post something tomorrow. i tried playing for awhile with headphones but the new aptm has paper thin walls... when i play they knock sooo XD its going to be interesting how do this from now on. im guessing since its kinda late they just want to sleep which is understandable. hopefully its just a night issue and i wont have issues tomorrow morning but who knows xD
  12. @ luckyoldme oh i see..yea i myself dont change the format just cause i was always getting an upload exceeded on here. i use imgur ( website) all you do is sign in (i make it so it remembers passwords cause too lazzy) and then you drag the photo in imgur.com/upload and right click on the photo to get the url -> paste url in the competition. but it might be more steps than what you currently are doing (since you are saying old ways are best). you can also change the format in the photos application (from windows 11comes default on the machines) if you open it there..you just press save as on the foto and then change the format. but if you already got it to work in paint then there really isnt much difference i dont think.
  13. cool song, gotta say it is one of the toughest advance songs i've played here in a long time ( for guitarpaths atleast) really glad we don't show video recordings here cause on my end it sounded like a dying animal lol. Also probably will be my last post since im moving stuff out and then traveling etc. But it was fun!
  14. is this a cover of an old song? reminds me of one in beatles era ish dont know the name though wanted to see if i could play it without looking/ master mode. there was more ear candy parts than i rememberd. solid begginers path imo yea i need for practice with barred c shaped chords didnt enjoy the lead path as much as the other 2 Enjoyed this more than the lead main riff was kinda tricky for me lol. but yea i think its a good challening song for int. tempo change caught me off guard. aaw... i was kinda hoping the song would be the difficulty of the first riff lol. lost a note after and then gained 350+ notestreak so i think its an easy 1150+ note streak. just the intro that is kinda tough cause i think it fluctuates in tempo but i might be wrong.
  15. @ luckyoldme by size do you mean the weight /mb of the picture or do you mean what appears in the photo size (aka maybe your playing in windowed mode and it takes a photo of your desktop aswell)? if its the latter you could try doing the shortcut for screenshots for steam (itll only ss the game) . i have it set to \ but it might be different on your computer. you can figure what it is by opening steam - steam button /menu - settings - ingame (looks like a screen with a control) - scroll down to screenshots- screenshot shortkey ( there you can place whatever key you want) you can also change where the screen shot is saved in that menu or if you have a windows 11 pc with a keyboard with the windows icon you can press window key + alt+ printscreen (should just take ingame photo) or windows key + g ( this will open an overlay with lots of options) go to capture. This will make a pinable moveable box appear on your screen (i like to pin it but you dont have to) click the camera to screen shot. it seems like you figured it out though so good job!
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