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  1. I'm new to the championship, even if i've been a cf member for years i just had never heard about it before/saw it. Intrigued and wanting to try out new songs I went through all of the weeks one by one downloading the ones i enjoyed and making a spotify list. I was already pretty deep in it till I realized it had been done before (it was in the description of one of the mods @ Rodman /sorsch lol). But it seems like it hasn't been updated since 2018 (I may be wrong). Ill leave the link to the profile/ ones I created. I've also sorted the beginners playlist by key if that helps anyone with learning them (and have other playlists that should have only songs in a specified key from music videogames). the playlist with all the dificulties (rocksmith championship) ive made into a collaborative playlist so anyone can add songs if they see some missing . Why is it a good idea to follow or give the heart to these playlists? 1- i'll be adding the weeks new songs so it'll be another way to check out songs 2-Maybe you are also new to the champ and want to hear/ practice previous entries so itll be quicker this way by pressing shuffle etc 3 - You don't need a premium account for Spotify to use the playlist/like it (its free). 4- (most important)If you use your free account and use this app member @scowalt has made https://ignite-for-spotify.scowalt.com/ you will have access to the songs on the different playlists or if you made your own with your favs from the playlists itll all be there ready to download. only steps you need to do 1: click the link https://ignite-for-spotify.scowalt.com/ 2: press the button to the left that says use spotify playlists to search database 3: login to your free spotify acount 4: select the playlists youve hearted or use your own custom playlists with your fav songs from those playlists 5: download the psarcs from the songs you enjoy This is also good because as i was going through older posts some links were outdated. i expect its because they were done with the previous search engine. so even if the song is still on the database the old url from the post wont take you to the right place. Meanwhile from what ive tested out so far this app will. note: the app does mention that it hasn't updated. But maybe by posting this itll get more attention and be used more and he'll get the information requiered to upgrade it. 5- less time for you searching and more for you playing. Ideally i think the mods should just put a collection every 100 or 52 weeks of the psarcs in a zip. But in the mean time there is this option. https://open.spotify.com/user/rwii671mebpfdookldsun81h2?si=c41ec710d04b4c4a
  2. THANK YOU!!! i spent some couple of hours dumbly trying to do the same thing but manually. i was like surely someone has already programmed something that does this. And here it is i will definatley be using the lists!
  3. ok ill post this here because i had no clue about it but i found it in the forum someone already programed something that will add all the cdlc into a spotify list . I'm glad that someone found a easier way
  4. thanks that was the whole idea!glad some one is getting some use out of it. In the profile ive also divided it into "kind of " genres to make the shuffling a little bit less random. maybe thatll interest you aswell if you haven't checked it out yet.
  5. i'm not sure if someone already does this. If so please share they link :D. But I created this playlist containing the 800+ songs you guys have made cdlc for this month. if anyone is interested lol. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0ogZ4JDB8FEdtW4laFxs6y?si=8f08793bb49b40b6
  6. hey @PyroBillie any ideas where i can get an inlay with the notes of the fretboard or scales ?
  7. hey did you ever find or make one?
  8. hey, could we have this feature back? you used to be able to search by platforms but with this new layout it doesnt seem possible. also is there a way to make the whole bar of things fit on screen instead of needing to scroll from left to right? just seems weird
  9. i think itd be easier a nice way to dowload songs i probably wouldnt. also it helps when you dont know much of the genre but would like to learn. like atm im looking for blues or a jazz band but i cant find.
  10. No i dont think its that because if im on the webpage example dropbox and i dont click download for 5mins then nothing happens however if i click download it downloads normally then it closes the window opens a new one downloads it fast and closes and repeats until i basicly put ctr alt delete. it happens with everydownloading site on this site so mediafire dropbox megaupload etc however like i said before, if i were to download stuff from different sites example mods on mediafire megaupload or dropbox it works normal.
  11. For some reason it downloads multiple psarcs when i only clicked it once. this happens with every song on this site and it only happens on this site. forexample if i use mediafire from other sites to download an addon to a game or a mod it works just fine. any ideas? im using google chrome and i have adblock on.
  12. I have 2 graphic cards installed on my computer so your comment made me think and wonder that maybe as i upgraded the graphic card it erased my preferences and it did. so all i had to do was make it so it used the good graphic card installed instead of the other one. It works fine now. However, i installed the game for my bro and now hes having issues with it aswell xD but his is only when playing the actual song he can go through the menu just fine its just that the notes come a little bit too late or too early on official an unofficial songs. ideas? he said it was working fine before i added the exe. for the cdlc . i know theres an option when you press space bar and then i think it was visual_> lag and its a test where you move the bar until the moving ball isnt syncronized with the beat but isnt there a way to do it automaticly? because we dragged the bar all the way to the right and all the way to the left and we saw no difference. Anyways thanks for helping me solve my computer problem.
  13. i have windows 8 though and i have the automatic updates turned off :l i reinstalled rocksmith and im still having the same problem
  14. and where do i find that? i checked in the rocksmith folder and i didnt find any directx related files
  15. I havent really had any issues with rocksmith for a long time untill now. I thoght maybe it was due to rocksmith cdlc so i deleted all of it but it still doesnt work properly ive also tried updating my graphics card but that doesnt help the problem either. The issue is that the game goes reaaaallly slow even though the only thing that is running is rocksmith. whats weird is that games that require higher graphics work just fine and no lag like mmos such as swor. so im not quite sure what the problem is..but at the moment since its going super slow i cant play a song without lossing because of the lag
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