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  1. @@Chlipouni yea i found it after i left that :P thanks for telling me bout the tool it's really usefull
  2. It never zooms in though its zoomed out once the song has started. And there is playable sections and phrases thats why i thought maybe it had to do with the errors but idk. How do i remove/regenarate or manually make the corrections to the frethand positions?
  3. So just what the tittle says. at the moment the chords are the length of the 24 frets eventhough ive defined the fingering. also im getting errors about handshapes before the notes or notes are lower than the highlighted fret. but i have no idea what to do because i've never encountered this problem before.
  4. Nvm I was able to use Cbr to remove the sections :) its easier than i thought td be but it would be nice for you to still make a tutorial for dumb people like me xP thanks both of you and sorry for the notifications and for the time you guys put to reply me.
  5. raynebcThanks! i flattened them out and that seemed to work for the dd! now the only thing is how do i remove the sections? because when i put intro its counting the ones that aren't marked so any clues on how to delete those in eof? manage rs phrases using ctrl m deletes the notes in the phrases instead of just deleting the phrase names so im not sure what im doing wrong
  6. From the looks of it it seems like you are the creator of bpr or atleast know it pretty well. Any chance you can make a quick youtube tutorial? because it seems like its exactly what i needed but i dont know how to use it.
  7. When i try to use ddc in the tool kit it gives me a thread exception message. not sure if its due to a bad rar of the toolkit but i cant go to the webpage to download the rar either cause it says: A Database Error OccurredUnable to connect to your database server using the provided settings. Filename: core/Loader.php Line Number: 346
  8. i wanted to add sections in someones pscars because for some reason the dd sections arent rs sections (rr doesnt work) and even if they were they are placed in random spots. (also because he doesnt reply since its almost over a year old) so how do you delete the dd and sections because when i press delete dd it says warning there is one populated difficulty beyond the first 5 difficulties only the first 5 will export to midi, and when i press manage rs phases its not the list that i remember its just a difficulty list and if i press delete level then it will delete the notes that i want sooo
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