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    LTD M-1001, LTD EC-1000, LTD H-1001, Ibanez EX series
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  1. Happy Birthday blackbirddh!

  2. Happy Birthday blackbirddh!

  3. Same here on 2 windows 10 machines using all browser I got (FF, Chrome, Edge, IE). I magically got it working on one W10 machine on edge, but the other browsers don't work on the same machine. Feels weird.
  4. For me it works to use eof1.8RC11 and to copy over the hotfix (5-3-2016) ... I am using W10 on all updates.
  5. keep going ... I am looking forward for more Accept songs to come ... ;-) ...
  6. 10.000 likes ... The whole Rocksmith CDLC motion has made this game so much more valuable and guitar playing unbelievable more fun to me. Thx for all the hard work and the enthusiasm. Keep rockin' !!! PS: Looking forward to the desktop app. This will help me get organized ... ;-) ... If you are looking for a tool to find duplicates until then ... I recently found Anti-Twin quite helpful: http://www.aidex.de/software/antitwin/
  7. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. This tutorial answered all my questions and question I didn't think of before. Great work! Thx.
  8. Great work ... superb! Few suggestions ... ;-) ... would be great to have tracks sorted by last updated by default (I found out how to change the setting but I think should be the defahlt). ... like some other user said would be great to have indication which CDLC I already downloaded or which I have already seen on last visits just like the old search does. ... would be great to have a one click download button (now it's two clicks ... ;-) ...). I like the fact that the download menu item now directly opens the download link ... I guess this will spare a lot of traffic on the CF site. Just my 2 ... ah ... 3 cents ... ;-) ... Hope you all had a great holidays. Cheers, blackbird
  9. I am using AdBlockPlus and NoScipt in Firefox which gives me perfect control on what scripts are running at least from my perception. Firefox is a bit slow though if you use a lot of tabs. For Downloading I use DownThemAll which works with most of the providers. You can use OneDrive as an alternative for sharing files. Microsoft is very strict on data privacy. And for me it works pretty well usability wise. I got captcha's but not very often. With the above config I never got any popups. I had to allow skripts from mediafire, but have not allowed any other scripts in order to be able to download files. Rock On, Blackbird
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