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  1. You have to unzip the full build of EOF (1.8RC12) to a folder, then unzip the hotfix on top of it, replacing older files with the newer ones from the hotfix. You can't just download the hotfix and use it, it's not a complete EOF release.
  2. Are you running Windows 10 natively? EOF generally always works in this scenario, and this kind of keyboard issue turns out to be caused by some other software. Otherwise the troubleshooting steps I posted earlier apply in your case as well.
  3. These kind of issues are almost always caused by things not related to EOF. You never have to run EOF as administrator. You should never try to run EOF from a restriction part of your file system such as within either of the "Program Files" folders. If your antivirus software is interfering with EOF, you may have to whitelist it in order for EOF to work normally.
  4. Sorry, but I don't have scores of hours of free time to implement a vastly different Guitar Pro format import. GP6+ mostly works to export to GP5 format, and I always encourage people who own Guitar Pro to report export bugs to its developers so they can actually fix the problem.
  5. It works the last time I tried it, that's why unless you can provide a GP5 or older format file that doesn't import with the technique I'm going to assume it's still working. I will say that it was found that GP6 and newer versions of the program were unreliable in exporting some of these kinds of things to GP5 format so it could be that it's not in the file at all and that's why it doesn't end up in EOF.
  6. I won't move it back to the song menu. It pertains specifically to beat marker manipulations, as do the other contents of the beat menu. The Song menu was kind of a generic destination for new menu functions and when it runs out of space I have to more carefully decide where to move functions. Grace note transitions are already imported for before the beat grace notes, which is why I didn't have to fix that. If you can demonstrate otherwise, please do so.
  7. Exactly what kind of lyrics are you importing? If this is from a rhythm game MIDI, they should already be appropriately timed to match a recording. If you're trying to import un-timed lyrics (ie. synced to beats/measures instead of a recording) to a tempo map that has been synced to audio, it gets trickier. You can try bringing up another instance of EOF, creating a blank chart, importing the lyrics, then copying and posting those to your synced project (the paste will take grid snapping into account and should get the result you want). Ideally you shouldn't need to constantly edit and re-
  8. You can check EOF's log file after the error is given (or provide it to me as it exists immediately after the error without restarting EOF) but there may be some kind of permissions issue (ie. you may have put EOF or your project in a restricted portion of the file system like within one of the "Program Files" folders) or interference from antivirus or cloud syncing programs. If the log file isn't updating at all that EOF has no write permission to wherever it's installed.
  9. EOF will offer to adjust the fret number of a track's notes when you change the tuning of any string, but it won't transpose a note to another string in order to do this and will highlight the notes that you will have to manually change. For such a big change in tuning I expect you may have to make many changes for the sake of play-ability if nothing else.
  10. Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (4-27-2020) is in the first post. Changes are as follows: *Updated Queen Bee imports to warn that GH instrument notes can't be imported when a pro guitar or vocal track is active. *Improved the vocal track rendering so that the piano keyboard on the left edge of the piano roll will better scale up in height when a custom EOF program window size is defined. *Fixed some bugs in the spectrogram and waveform generation logic that could cause a crash/hang. *Added logic to enforce a gap of at least 2ms between each lyric line, since timing conversions can cause enough
  11. If you can send me the entire log after importing the drum track and the Guitar Pro file in question, it would be helpful. Keep in mind that after the import, I don't believe it will automatically change the active track to PART DRUMS if you imported a drum track instead of a guitar track. Open Song>Track and see if PART DRUMS or PART REAL_DRUMS_PS has an asterisk next to its name (which would indicate the track has contents).
  12. Both of those are likely problems with the naming/permissions of the folder where EOF and/or the project are located. Make sure your EOF installation is someplace with no Unicode or extended ASCII characters (ie. C:\EOF\ ) and make sure your project is not located in a write protected location (ie. within either "Program Files" folders). The eof_log.txt file may also show the reason for the failure immediately after the error(s) are given, but note that the log is overwritten every time you re-open EOF.
  13. String muted notes in general do work, there may have been something unusual with those particular ones.
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