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All I see are songs that have been downloaded the most. Is there a way to view just the new songs?

Click this: image.png to expand the search settings and change the 'sort by' value to set your defaults.

My CDLC was reported. What do I do?

If you go to "All Notifications" you can click to view discussion on the CDLC Report. Updating the song version will show us that it has been updated since the report. The report will be closed once it is confirmed the problem has been resolved.

Where is browse by artist?

We currently do not have this feature implemented yet. While it is not the same effect, you can click the artist column and have it sort by Artist ascending.

I am having issues viewing the tables or I am having a resolution issue with the tables.

This is a current known issue, you can remove some columns to make it easier to view via Search Settings.

How do I comment?

Once you open the modal, you can click "Full Record" which has the feature to submit comments on the CDLC.

I really like this CDLC, how can I show appreciation to the author?

You can "Like" the CDLC by clicking the heart. 


Why won't it accept my YouTube link on submission?

All youtube links must be https and embed. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rv_a6rlRjZk would be formatted as 


How do I view songs with DD?

All newly submitted songs should have DD. If you downloaded a song that does not have DD you can repair it with CFSM - https://cfmanager.com and report the song for not including Dynamic Difficulty. 

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