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  1. Yesterday
  2. I'm not familiar enough with the solo as the lead, and that's it due to lack of time tomorrow!
  3. Hello Rocksmith fans! This week in a very shocking song drop we received the Oasis we expected, along with a singles from Lamb of God, Kansas, and a cover of Creep by Radiohead. Wait, what’s going on outside of North America???!… The post Rocksmith+ adds singles from Oasi- SURPRISE FOURTEEEN METALLICA SONGS appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  4. A bit better! I might have enough time to get my scores up a bit more tomorrow.
  5. Small improvement playing the scale starting from the E String
  6. Another thing I noticed about the chart Why would I move my hands that much in the charted part? Instead of using the 'C'/3 on the A string I can simply use 'C'/8 on the 'E' string and do the scale from there, the following chords nicely line up as well This makes me want to learn to transcribe songs, I might give next week's beginner song a try and learn by comparing my results with the charts
  7. Last week
  8. Guitar improvements I don't know if I can achieve more with this tuning and recognition problems. And the pitch shifter doesn't work for this CDLC...
  9. how can i not play this when Helloween is up. pure fun!
  10. A little better, but still - a long ways to go. Putting this one away and moving on to int lead.
  11. good one, a bit sloppy in the beginning, then good
  12. I just noticed by playing A new Saga Begins on Lead very slowly that the harmonics part are different notes compared to the chart I think it should be this [harm.] e============7===== B=12======7======== G===12==========7== D=====12=========== A================== E================== Also compared to the charted one I'd pick this regularly But now I'm not sure if I want to keep playing the song in Rocksmith if that part is wrong
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