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  2. Kyuss - Whitewater wooaaahh im floating thru spaaace
  3. Thanks for the answer. If i understand correctly, original files are dat files(found those files in an old computer with rocksmith1). Is it possible to modify a dat file, by changing the music file with the one i used as backing track and repack it as a psarc file? Why did you say "It crosses a taboo"? Am i doing something wrong with the rules of the site?
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  5. some small improvement. RR is needed here
  6. beginner lead and rhythm first scores of the week.
  7. Im having issues too, did a clean reinstall and added patches as usual, not working. Can barely boot up the game, just closes instantly.
  8. Whooooo! Great! Yes you can - i'll guide you through it!!! Thx, you rock!
  9. hey, that's great one of our songs is here in the CS. It is not the first time that we play here a song of my band. Few years ago we had some Krakatit, but it was an old band of mine in the 90s that not exists anymore. There I played guitar. But now we have the actual band where I play the bass. In July this year we released our first album, and now I make CDLC of all songs of it. If you like, check out our Youtube channel and also on Facebook/meta. I post some scores, but don't count them, just treat me like a freebird. It would not be fair. Razorshred posted a score over 97,66% on bass, this is amazing man. I tried also but couldn't beat your percentage. here is mine and of course I play the master mode
  10. Hi @ Rodman Sorry for the late reply, but I want to try once if I can host one Championship and how it works!
  11. ROCKSMITH WORLD WIDE CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK 519!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Thank you @ Mikson for hosting the week!!! So... here we go! --- Providence by Foals... never heard of the band and the song, but it really suited my mood and enjoyed playing it! This song proves there can be many deeply expressive songs in the beginner category! --- Losers and winners... I like playing bass with my fingers, but this really hurted my whole arm!! (That means my technic is still not so good, maybe) This socre is the second try with a pick... --- Rette Mich... This is again a HUGE challenge for me in master class!!!!!! So at least I deserve to know what is the song about!!!!! (I learned Rette Mich means Save me! ) Just getting 70+ and hearing it was a "decent performance" had a healing effecto on me @ fripponomic I don't know where you are but you should know there is one guy in a corner in Tokyo trying hard to play the song you suggested!!!
  12. Hi Mook--there was a great version of Summertime Sadness kicking around a few years back, but I can't locate a copy. If you have any luck, let me know!

  13. At the top of the page see Ignition4 Search to find CDLC. And again at the top, see Use CDLC for instructions. If you need help sorting it out, you will get quicker response o our Discord channel (see Discord at top).
  14. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction, I recently bought Rocksmith 2014 (Remastered) on steam a long with The Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock (DLC) Only just learnt about this forum, where do I download the custom DLCs and the Tool to make them work with The Smashing Pumpkins - “Cherub Rock (DLC) Kind Regards guitarhero2023
  15. Would be pretty good to have it on rs2014.
  16. Hello community would like to request the song co2 from colour haze... It's my favorite band and co2 is my favorite album Would appreciate if any of the co2 album songs cdlc would be made from you guys... Thanks and let's Rock
  17. Sahara Hotnights - No Big Deal seems like a simple fun one!
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  19. simply need more full of hell
  20. Lead A nice song from a nice album that I listened to often at that time. It's interesting to play here a song from a band that a forum user plays in. @ fripponomic nice chart, good work! I don't know much about Accept discography, but the songs I played in the championship are alright, and so is this one. Ah, I discovered this band about half a year ago. I really like a lot of their songs and this style in general. Fun fact: you may be surprised, but the singer is a woman.
  21. Can someone do kfir ochaion take me to church Thanks https://youtube.com/watch?v=CIujyMzyOEE&si=qfLC627E3uF9TMVP
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