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    If anyone wanna feel good for the new year! Coming to rocksmith today ! On rhythm , full synced lyrics

  5. thanks. may i ask you if you restarted the server or the services? or what happened that this site runs now smooth again? did you ever use any APM software like retrace (what i would recommend, because you can just turn it on and wait until that wierd problem occurs again) ?
  6. I just finished Nonpoint's "In The Air Tonight". I'm still working on KSE's "Reject Yourself". I'm also working on Nonpoint's "Breaking Skin".

  7. @olze, I work in IT as well, unfortunately my experience is with SCCM and application packaging, so I only have the bare minimum SQL experience, so would be unable to assist with this. I apologize if I offended you. It sounded like you were complaining and many amateur admins like to chime in because they have some experience hosting a Call Of Duty or Discord server and think they know everything. If you are a database admin, then obviously you do know what you are talking about and I am sure they would appreciate any help they can get. As Unleashed2k mentioned, he is trying to manage m
  8. can you give some information about the tech stack which is in use? as mentioned in the other topic (which unfortunately has been closed) i am also admin of some sites with a couple of thousands users, even if people like @fenrirwulfcan not imagine that. maybe i can give some useful tips in regards to performance or in how to find the bottleneck. thanks for your effort! regarding your tasks: 1) i really dont think that there is a hardware upgrade required because it runs now, so if you did not change the hardware, it must be a software problem. 2) if its already running with
  9. Hey all, As you can see there are large performance issues with the website. I'm fully aware as I get messaged about it from every source possible. With a full time job and as the only sysadmin this falls under as something only I can fix at the moment. I'm having a hard time narrowing the issue down as when the time outs start, there is no backend errors or severe load issues. The other issue is when prime-time (most users on the site) happens I'm usually asleep due to that I work night shift which makes it harder for me to see the issue. I understand everyone's frustrations,
  10. More Denkare! Just cant hold myself for posting more denkare😇

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  12. I would love to have some more French music. I am a big fan of Blues as well. Send me a few links. Thank You...

    1. Ayn Sulthor

      Ayn Sulthor

      Here are some :

      Telephone (my favourite is "ça c'est vraiment toi")

      Superbus (Lola, Butterfly)

      Louise Attaque (j'temmène au vent)

      Indochine (j'ai demandé à la Lune)

      Noir désir (le vent nous portera)

      Trust (Antisocial -> very fun to play on RS)

      BB Brunes (Dis moi)

      Jhonny Hallyday (as the song in last RSCS, is the most famous rocker for us, but its gentle rock, very mediatic. In France Rock is lacking a lot of presence on radios... Its a niche music style, and even more for metal, punk and all the "dark" variations.)

      Ultravomit (one of my favorite metal band, parodic metal, but you have to understand french to get all the jokes ^^)

      Gojira (the most famous metal french band, but sing in english, very cerebral)


      I'm not used to blues music, so I can't really tell you good songs... 


      Hope this will fill your knowledge a bit 😉

      A bientôt !


    2. SpankNass


      dwnld'd a couple songs and currently watching Ultra Vomit concert 2019. Awesome heavy metal play, which you are correct, need to understand French.  

  13. Heresy by Pantera Cowboys From Hell (1990) Creator: firekorn ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/54666 Arrangements E Standard Rhythm
  14. Rocksmith 2014 Customsforge.com
  15. Totally agree and have the same log in issues. I have to use private browser mode to log in and it doesn't remember me the next time.
  16. Hey! Can you make a CDLC? It's a classical piece written by a friend of mine. We have the music score and the audio file. Let me know, we can make a transfer via Paypal

  17. Would like to play The Spudmonsters. The album Moment of truth is a great hardcore album. If you have any cdlc please 

  18. hi,

    did you make "because we can" by bon jovi?
    I like it ..... I am bon jovi fan, I wanted to ask you a favor, when you have some time to realize "love's the only rule", I like it very much.

    thank you for "because we can ".

    1. Artaggedon


      Hi there!!

      Yes, I did. And I'm trully happy you liked it!! 😄

      The thing is, I've just started creating CDLCs and, not only take a lot of time and effort, but also I have a few others in mind that I want to do first.

      But, to be honest, I've just heard the song and I liked it a lot. The guitars are simple enough, and I think I could merge the 3 of them into a Lead and a Rhythym.

      Anyway, I'll keep you informed. But please be patient, as I have at least 5 more in the back of my head pending to be done.

      Thanks again!! ^^


  19. Hey everyone, Firstly I'd like to thank you for everything you have been doing to keep the site alive. It's also good to see some of the dead CDLC's removed. I have one issue though. Everytime I close the browser and return to login into CF, the site doesn't remember me so thus I login. Not a deal breaker sure, but now every time I do login, I get an email stating my account has been accessed by a new device. It literally is the same device, same browser as when I first created my account. Has anyone else experienced this or know how to resolve it? Thank you and Happy New
  20. today dia birthday 😄 

  21. Hard drive failed, won't be making anything for awhile. Lost a lot.

  22. Part 2 has been completed. We'll continue to monitor for problems. Additionally the downloads above have been fixed.
  23. Happy Holidays! I've migrated our website back to our old server as the new one was only temporary. There may be issues that come up but for right now our two websites editoronfire.com and cfmanager.com are down right now. I've attached the latest Editor On Fire files (Main file + HOTFIX) and CFSM Setup. These websites will be back up soon but I'll keep these files here if you require them. There is further maintenance to happen tomorrow but for now everything should be okay. Regards, Unleashed2k CFSMSetup.rar eof hotfix (9-26-2020_3).zip eof1.8RC12.zip
  24. Got an acoustic bass for christmas and loved your recent Violent Femmes CDLC! Would absolutely love if you ever did any more 🙂

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