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  2. Gaming is a topic I can chat about all day. Lately, I've been deep into Counter-Strike, and it's been an absolute thrill.
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  4. Right, I get that. I'm just wary of an unsigned installer that asks for blind trust. Especially when the installer is reporting network callbacks. (2 DNS lookups and 11 IP addresses) Instead of an installer, is the dll just located somewhere? I can inspect the dll and drop it in the right location and load it myself.
  5. @ Sandyclawz Yes, of course. It modifies an executable file by adding a dll (dynamically linked library). So virus checkers will flag it. You have to decide whether to trust the CustomsForge community, basically. (It tells you this on some of the CF tool sites, not sure about that one.)
  6. RS2014-CDLC-Installer.exe (SHA256 7FCB252A6F44F03F8EB7EEA9685393A49C9660ECE2F73E04998B3C3C0D36F32F) is popping all kinds of malicious alerts from VirusTotal... What's up with that?
  7. @ Sniper Reload3d Yeah, I just had a chat with the patch author. She wasn't aware that the PC patch had removed the need to have a DLC, and didn't know how they did it. Also, according to her anyone who bought the game 'recently' would have some ODLC so it's not a big deal.... Anyway, situation not too likely to change anytime soon, so, for your reference, on Mac the SOP is to run the CDLC through the RSConvert per the link I shared above, after applying the Sonoma patch. Btw, I tried to DM you on Discord but for whatever reason you didn't come up. Maybe I just don't know what I'm doing...
  8. one of my favorite songs I would like to play to
  9. Considering that ya'all just got the Sonoma patch to work, I mean ...
  10. On PC the patch has been updated so that no purchased DLC is required any longer, but I don’t believe that has been done with the Mac patch. (If it had been, they would now just work.) The PC change we only introduced days ago so you’ve come along in a kind of interim period. But still, it’s not an expensive fix…. https://github.com/glebb/rocksmithconvert
  11. Hey, could you please reupload "The Wicked End"? link seems to be not working anymore. Thanks dude
  12. Correct. Nick is saying you will need to find (purchase from the Steam Store) a(n) (official) DLC song, then use the RSConvert utility he said to find on Github to change the cDLC songs appID/Song ID to the appID/Song ID of the song you that you purchased.
  13. Thanks - that is the video I used to install the patch. After that, I downloaded a song from CustomForge (in Mac format) and copied it to the appropriate directory. Are you saying there are additional steps?
  14. As far as I know, on Mac the CDLC you want to use still have to match an official DOC you have purchased by ID. You can use the RSConvert utility (on GitHub, just search for it) to convert downloaded CDLC to Mac format and replace the ID.
  15. Here’s the video I made, may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkqQvLJxLF0
  16. Brand new to all of this - how do I enable on the Mac (Sonoma)? I've already ran the bypass patch and places a custom song in the correct location (I do not have cherub rock).
  17. To me, it is one in the same. As Kermit said, Peoples is Peoples. Or was it Program files is Program Files?
  18. Now what makes me wonder is that I got that directory info from CustomsForge or an associated Eeddit. In any case, thanks for the fix.
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