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  2. Guitar improvements: And see you next week, if someone else will be here
  3. Unfortunately, this is probably the least active championship week I've ever seen... My bass scores:
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  5. The song is mysteriously gone from everywhere and it's now impossible for me to redownload it on my new drive. Anyone can share the file again?
  6. Off topic, Damn Terry, I was in Dallas most of this week and didnt even try to contact you. Sorry
  7. Hi Could somebody make a p.psarc Data from the folowing song? No Tabs needed. Audio only, so I can use it in Rocksmith. Tnx a lot
  8. AppID? shouldn't make a difference, if it's wrong it won't show up in game at all. Since it seems to work for others there's probably a conflict with some other ID's on your side (dlc key or arrangement id). Check the duplicates tab in the song manager and see if there's anything there or just change the dlc key and regenerate the arrangement id's and see if that works. (Might also be caused if you downloaded it multiple times under different versions? not too sure) Most of the time a simple repack in the toolkit will fix it too tho.
  9. Eternal Storm - Embracing Waves - Detachment Or simply anything from the "Come the tide" Album. Genre: Melodeath
  10. Hey guys, nice song that you are discussing here. The bassline is very demanding and not easy to transcode by ear. The spelling of the YT Video Tabs from Hettmar is absolutely correct. The same version can be seen on Songterr. Some corrections and adjustments to RS have yet to be made. here I quickly corrected the intro with small changes. In the video above my correction and below Hettmar's tabs. The speed is reduced to 90. It is better to let the audio run slower between 75 and 90 is often a good speed for that. LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7prr955v2fdh3tj/bandicam 2021-07-21 19-46-37-046.mp4?dl=0 Here a Live Cover version near to the "Hettmar" Tabs Link: and here special cover from a Unkown private Bedroom Basslpayer all well and good, but we need an acceptable version for Rocksmith I can continue to work on the bassline and present my correction here. Of course, it can also happen that new errors are incorporated. So it would be good if other bass players also cast their votes in order to then present a really good bassline for Rocksmith and close to the original ... All the best!
  11. I keep seeing Maya 2010 in the nif files.
  12. There is a string.nif in dependency_guitarcommon.psarc. Editing this single string alters all strings on guitar or bass. I'm guessing the game says to create six strings for guitar and four strings for bass, and this is not something we can edit just by playing around with the models. I did not see a model for the neck + strings. Nifskope lets you enlarge things but not stretch. I tried stretching the 7th string at the headstock to reach across the fretboard, but blender saves a file unreadable by the game (as everyone else noticed).
  13. Ghetto 7-String headstock. I enlarged the headstock, enlarged the frets, and copypasted a string and peg.
  14. Thanks for the tips with score attack. But unfortunately, can't seem to get it to work in any mode. What does updating the song ID do? Never mind. Thanks for the reply gents.
  15. Could someone please do the bass parts of Torna a casa and Chosen, both from Maneskin
  16. Yesterday
  17. That was it looks like I had a 1 on the dll removed it and it started working. Thanks for the help
  18. If songs show up but don't start there's something wrong with the .dll (assuming you're on pc). It's either the wrong one, in the wrong place or has been renamed. First off I'd re-download it to be safe. Then make sure it's in the root folder (same folder as the rocksmith2014.exe not the dlc folder) and hasn't been renamed (no (1) at the end or something). That should hopefully fix it. If all else fails you can try using rsmods to install the dll for you.
  19. Hope i'm on the right page for this. i recently redownload R.S as well as custom forge. I have the link i need D3Dx9_42.dll on my computer. i was able to download some songs they show up in my play list. i am able to tune the guitar and once that is done nothing else happens. no tab lines or anything. not even the music plays. am i missing another file or has any one else ran into this problem. any info would be greatful
  20. i am not participating this week... songs are great, i had just one chance to play each, but luck of time and now vaccine makes my hand sore... maybe next week... and then i am on holiday for few weeks so you won't see me for some time. cheers
  21. same, cdlc doesn't start after tuning. Mac & big sur
  22. If anyone could do a bass arrangment for Dr.John's - Cold Cold Cold or Peace Brother peace would be sweet. and
  23. I've played this song before. Which instrument are you using, and what mode are you playing in? I find there are some songs that are entirely broken for me (Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event by Deftones for example) when playing via one method, but they appear to work via another (for example, it might not work in learn a song, but may work in score attack). My personal recommendation is to update the song ID via the toolkit (you mentioned you repaired it already, is this the same thing?) and see if that has any effect. I'm not an expert on how RS deals with CDLC, so I can only really propose possible solutions, but I'm fairly certain the issue isn't the CDLC itself.
  24. Hmmm it just hangs and does nothing once you successfully leave the Tune guitar screen. The amp stacks show up on left and right and then the guitar scroll riff repeater thing never shows up & the music doesnt play. Mine is version 1.1 for PC also. I've tried redownloading it and removing it from the DLC folder.
  25. Pittty

    CDLC Requests

    Deadly Nightshade by Megadeth PLEASE
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