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  3. Bass improvement Damn this riff is fast. Much easier to play on guitar than bass. I'll try again tomorrow.
  4. awdlee

    CDLC Requests

    I'm surprised Pantera's The Sleep hasn't been made yet, this definitely needs to be charted out
  5. improvements, still in the 80s, far from excellence this is NUTS
  6. At the top left where it has the "Play Along FX" track - if you click on the measures timeline to the right of it, it will bring up the FX menu where you can select FX presets, program them and also select Amp/Cab sims. On the timeline you will see it place a colored bar for the FX and you change the FX at any point in the timeline - so you can program FX/amp changes throughout the song just like in Rocksmith... and the included effects are pretty killer sounding! I was getting some latency with my soundcard interface so I had to change it to use ASIO4ALL in the options, now its playing great Another tip - drag and drop the backing audio song files onto the track timeline instead of going through the menu to import. For some reason when I imported from the menu, it kept starting the audio on measure 2 instead of 1, but if I just drag and drop the audio file it starts on measure 1. Probably something stupid I am missing on my end.
  7. Ok, I figured out how to do the audio sync... its super easy. Just have to look at the "Timeline" display bar at the bottom which will show the waveform of the audio and you can select the guitar track to overlay on top of the waveform. Then you just select a vertical bar and drag it to line up the necessary measures to re-sync the audio to the tab Its really quick and easy, waaayyy easier to work with than EOF. Yeah, this prog may be an RS Killer for me The fact you can do everything you need to do inside a single program that is both intuitive and easy to use is another huge plus compared to the CDLC creation process
  8. ^^^That said, you can also still load RS DLC files into this program and play them using third party VSTs, so still a potential improvement if the other factors turn ya off Likewise you can still make customs and then play them in this program. The 3D view isn't bad at all. A little less immersive Need to figure out if you're able to get the audio sync more precise on imported backing tracks, surely its doable
  9. So I've had a chance to play around with it a bit, and its pretty nice altho its not quite just load up any song and play - when you load an audio song it seems to sync the audio fairly well, definitely good enough to play along with a tab based on my limited testing so far. By the end of the song it is not exactly in sync, but its not a huge deal if you have the song audio solo'd (muting the tab audio) and are just using the tab as a guide to what you should be playing. I don't know yet if there's a way to improve the sync, haven't checked it out You will also have to add an empty bar at the start of the song if the guitar part doesn't start right at bar 1, etc... not sure yet how this works for songs with really long intros bc I've only done very brief testing. Also you will have to create tab arrangements for playing through the whole song by copy/pasting sections of the tabs into one single guitar part (depending on the tab you're using) because a lot of tabs have solos and various guitar parts separated out into different tracks, and you have to select the track to view the part which obviously you can't do while you're playing the song. Not a huge deal because its pretty easy to assemble an arrangement in the program by copy/paste Of course you don't have to load the original song as a backing track and you can just play along with the tab, and also play the tab audio parts if wanted. But overall its not quite a "load a song and play" experience, you do have to work it out a bit. Still, probably better overall in terms of actually learning things and internalizing parts. Another advantage over RS is that you can load the program windowed and easily switch between other programs instead of having RS in fullscreen, and ToneLib Jam doesn't lock your soundcard up like RS either.
  10. please something from Casey
  11. @kringyes the intro screen to Rocksmith alone is so incredibly annoying - I know there's a hack but it doesn't work very well and it also doesn't eliminate the wait entirely. Plus the whole sign in to Ubisoft process takes additional time And the ability to load third party VSTs is quite a huge leap forward from the RS sound engine. There are tons of excellent sounding FX and amp/cab modelers available now, so you can play with very high quality sounding patches compared to RS. I still enjoy RS especially since I am used to it, but this program solves a lot of problems, and the ability to just load up songs and play without having to create a beatmap or use EOF removes a ton of time spent creating customs
  12. Cataclysmm, thanks for sharing!!! I downloaded and configured, took a look around the app and looks VERY promising! I can't play right now, but will give it a shot later today and this weekend. Off the bat, it resolves my biggest complaints with Rocksmith - very slow to start, bad video system with nvidia cards, difficult to navigate, unfriendly switching between rhythm/lead, in ability to make edits to mistakes in songs, looping can be terrible on some tracks because the creator didn't bother to add sections. works natively with external audio devices. allows low-latency and higher quality audio input/output. ability to see a 2D tab-style view. All of these are non-issues in TonLib Jam. and during my beta of Rocksmith+ Ubisoft actually made all the bad things about Rocksmith 10x worse. Really cool feature, you can run VST Plugins such as Helix Native to build your own patches. This might be a deafening answer for this community to move forward and break free from Rocksmith. I will share some more when I get to playing with it; but based on 10 min clicking around the app I'm 99% ready to cut Rocksmith loose.
  13. Suprisingly there are no Dynazty songs so i'd like to play some.
  14. Spiders by SOAD is already there.
  15. Howdy all... I'm in search of: Spiders - System of a Down We Got The Whip - Audioslave Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Robert
  16. So I downloaded the no cable patch. Ran it, used it to launch the game still got the error about exclusivity. Disabled all other recording inputs. that fixed that but the game still says the cable isn't plugged in and I can't tune my guitar or anything in the game. what am I missing?
  17. Someone please make Like Light to the Flies by Trivium!
  18. Last week
  19. Would love to see Private Hell - Alice in Chains. Black Gives Way to Blue album gets no love
  20. Viper83, this is a huge help, greatly appreciated!!
  21. Great songs! First round for MC lead, needs improvement I love and hate this song at the same time. Because it's beautiful but the solo seems all the same to me so I get lost sightreading it Hopefully I'll try Vektor rhythm. If I'll get 90% I'll be happy
  22. Does anyone still have it, and could reupload it to customforge? The one over there doesn't have guitar notes... >_<
  23. Oh my God, now its running.......... thx soooooo much to all people who are working and responding on our problems with this cdlc troubles........ thx
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