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  3. all through the night - cyndi lauper da da da - trio red hot chilli peppers - rollercoaster megadeth - use the man dr. hook - carry me, carrie - sylvias mother johnny cash - one piece at a time
  4. Yesterday
  5. this would be a fun song to learn i think i would love to play it
  6. Been trying to learn Christy moore's "The Reel In the Flicking light" on guitar for my son, but would be easier (and more fun) if I could use rocksmith for it. I know it's a rather unknown song, but hope people will still give it a try it's a cute good night songs for kids!
  7. Was looking on steam and was thinking £24.95 is a bit steep for a game I only play every day Have seen people mention deals as low as 8 knicker. where would be the best place to keep an eye out for these deals ?? spank you!!
  8. More songs from the German band Boehse onkelz
  9. Yup, that was me lol. It seems someone in the CF discord was having issues getting their Mac to work with CDLC on Big Sur, so they re-wrote the script I believe. I've tried using it on my M1 with Monterey and the songs show, they just don't get passed the amps. So if you're very hands on and might be able to fix it, I'm sure you'll be loved by all haha. It's in the #mac-os channel of the Discord if you wanna take a look. Yeah no, turns out that hasn't made a difference. They show regardless and the patch is crashing cause of libRSBypass.dylib as you suggested. Gonna have to just hope and wait someone comes along and fixes it, unfortunately.
  10. mr.t

    CDLC Requests

    Hi, would highly appreciate Thundermother covered for guitar, especially "the road is ours" Thanks
  11. The greatest show, metal cover by Caleb Hyles & Jonathan Young
  12. Anyone up for making a chart for As Cities Burn - Incomplete As A Leach or Bloodsucker pt 2?
  13. Last week
  14. can some one do this song please i will do anything and to do their whole lifeforms album
  15. Rhythm: And trying to improve Tetris and I can't... A few attmeps in LAS and this SA and I can't improve 91% I got on the first try. I think this is a clean 7 after all, so I'll change my rating from 6.5 to 7.
  16. I should participate more but I don't sorry. I might play each song once unless I really like it.
  17. Christina Vidal take me away Thank you so much!
  18. Hey, I figured out how to do rocksmith videos because I find them very helpful in order to play offline without rocksmith on a computer. Thing is, I'm used to inverted strings so lower e string on the bottom. Anybody is doin' videos like this already? (hard to find inverted videos on youtube) Feel free to use my playlist as well (only music added), good for smartphone on the go https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3fn9eBf36V1ChXuYEvF6Kb0TOeFHSolM C'Ya
  19. Brain Damage by Stone Someone please make this! Song:
  20. Hey i love the CDLCs you submit, im playing all of them and listening to many new cool bands. Thank you very much !

  21. I took my time to practice a little more...worked like a charm. Improvements: Tuned my guitar back to E-Standart...so these are my final scores for this week. Have a nice week
  22. 10/25/2021 - Fixed Artist Pages display - A button has been added to the bottom left that shows what each color means - Added "Loved Creators" search - https://ignition4.customsforge.com/user/lovedCreators
  23. Of course you can, and most of the participants do it
  24. Somebody should chart this bop. Sublime with rome-wherever you go https://youtu.be/-8RTGPLEOmU
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