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  3. Hey thanks for the quick reply. I tried repairing with and without "preserve stats" so that doesn't seem to be it. Besides, I never played the songs before But I'm using the "riff repeater workaround" for now. It's a bit inconvenient, but who cares.
  4. If you used the preserve stats option it might've saved the difficulty at 100% if you played it before (tho idk for sure since I don't really use DD or the song manager) You can select the whole song in riff repeater and manually scale back the difficulty to a more manageable level tho.
  5. Hi, I just started using custom songs. I added quite a lot of different songs and most of them have the same "problem". After adding DD using CFSM the difficulty ingame (using "learn a song") is already at max. Is there any way to reset the difficulty? Fixing "100% mastery" via CFSM doesn't seem to help.
  6. I guess this leans my style abit, first attempt. Avenged Sevenfold has few I really like! .pdf I like some of Smashing Pumpkins, guess not this one too much, first attempt .pdf Not very familiar with this group, but I could hear more, first attempt .pdf I thought I was gonna improve last weeks songs and I did Friday night, thinking I would play again and post Saturday. But ended up on the lake with a beautiful sky and Greatly Loved Family.
  7. Hello Rocksmith fans! Wow, what a day it was yesterday. We all tuned into #UbisoftForward and before you knew it the hosts were comparing fighting aliens to learning guitar.… Read More The post Rocksmith Plus or Minus? appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  8. oof, I got beat out at the last minute last week, this was surely a step up from last week. First sightread I can't complain
  9. I'm poor af and $15 a month is way too much
  10. Hi all! For the last year, or so, I've been using Ignition4 to enhance my musical library and now I've decided that it was time for me to give some contribuition. I'm trying to create Audioslave's Wide Awake bass CDLC, but I'm running at some unusual problem that is a desynchronization of my waveform and the actual song, after I've added the Leading Silence. You can see from the screen shot below that my wave starts and after a second the sound begin (yellow dot). What is most intriguing is that as soon as the silence is added, is synchs nicely - after I rewind the song to double c
  11. Suddenly Tragic - CKY Disciples Of Babylon - Dragonforce
  12. maybe, you might be correct on this one but ubisoft doesn't has regional pricing like steam. So, it will be 21 dollars per month for USA cause ubisoft charges everyone with euros not dollars. Just hope we can buy subscription on steam!!!
  13. Obviously we know it is going to be subscription based, I am assuming that the phone app and the app to run it on whatever platform you wish to have it on will be a free download? One bugbear apart from the costs and the fact that Ignition could be completely dead after this is released is the colour scheme, the vibrant note colours that I have seen in the trailer are brighter than the other games, it seems too much "just dance" to me and if I am even just watching someone else playing it, I have to turn away after about 20 minutes as the bright neon style colours gives me a migraine ind
  14. I will definitely be giving it a trial run. For $15 a month though, this thing better be amazing. I have a library of 800 songs as of right now, 200+ hours in Rocksmith 2014, and about 700 individual song plays. I'm not going to give that up for this new subscription service. I've only been in this community for a couple of months but this has opened a whole new world for me and I really hope everyone continues to keep CDLC alive. I know for a fact I will definitely still be here. My only hope is that they won't license every song like with current DLC, thus making it illegal to own CDLC. Let'
  15. Thanks @Miksonfor sharing your ratings. It seems Stone Cold Digital fits clearly at Intermediate instead of Advanced on lead, so I will move that one to Intermediate Bonus and unveil my backup..... JAWBREAKER (see OP for update)
  16. The Angels (Aussie band) Am I ever going to see your face again and Take a long line
  17. Bass chart for either of these by The Kinks would be appreciated...
  18. First, they still have paid notetrackers in their team that will continue to put chart by Ubisoft standard continously. Secondly, there is a moderation managed by Ubisoft for the content and there is technical validation within the tool so someone can't just create a shitty thing and call it a day. It's not that easy. Thirdly, quality charter will be compensated, details about this remain unknown but you won't have nothing in return if you actually do participate in making good content. Lastly, there is a fair bit of new features, not all were showcased and not all are done with
  19. I think the custom community and the CF website will live on for some time.... We will have to stick to Rs2014remastered and miss out on the new features. But judging from the trailer there are hardly any new features.
  20. So basically you mean I have to pay a monthly fee to make a chart and give it to Ubisoft? Cause they have a license but are too lazy or don't want to spend any money for making it themselves? I imagine the quality of the new "official" charts will get pretty poor then... It's like with UG Pro - they will put out charts for every stupid song there is... Like for example a TV shows theme or something. I saw NSync in the screenshots... They don't have to care about the quality because - hey you can correct the songs yourself in the workshop. Less quality hardly any innovation but stead
  21. There's a bass chart for Three Lions by Baddiel, Skinner & Lightning Seeds but would really like a lead or rhythm chart for this song
  22. on the ubisoft rocksmith beta page in the faqs it says Once Rocksmith+ launches this summer, it will be available for 14.99 € for a 1-month subscription, 39.99 € for a 3-month subscription, and 99.99 € for a 12-month subscription. on the us site it shows as $14.99 per month so I assume for the UK it will be £14.99 per month
  23. That has yet to be decided and we will have more information on that closer to launch.
  24. So Customs Forge seems like it has operated with unofficial consent from Ubi for all these years. I don't know any details, it just seems that way. The community workshop / user generated content concept also sounds like, to me anyway, *exactly* like this site. So... I am 100% expecting this site to either be shut-down or absorbed/signed to official status. Which to me means it ceases to exist as it is. All existing CDLCs that are somehow umbrella-licensed but not charted would have to come down. But if this site is absorbed then all the current DLC would go away and be replaced by "
  25. If you want to get started, this is one of the best videos about to use, as well as the CF tutorial page. And besides being from the North East, you can probably understand what he's saying! Heh heh.
  26. Thank you so very much. This has got 2b an immense amount of work so just know that it is very appreciated!
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