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  2. Hi ! I was wondering what happens if I want to play a song that is no longer possible to get as a DLC because it was removed from the stores. Don't judge me please XD but I was looking for the song ''Bring me to life'' from Evanescence. It was part of a DLC called “Rock Hits 3” and released on October 16 2012 : https://theriffrepeater.com/rocksmith-dlc-43-hit-singles/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/206125/Rocksmith__Evanescence__Bring_Me_to_Life/ I was wondering, since they are no longer purchasable, would it be possible to get them as a CDLC? Thank you !
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  4. You can suggest these songs in the song selection list sheet, or I can do it on your behalf, because my suggestions are already enough and songs from others are welcome @ diceslinger Same as above.
  5. I was drawn in to this week by Clutch! If you hadn't heard of Clutch before this, go check out "The Regulator" DLC. It has the same sort of feel as "A Quick Death in Texas" and is fun to play.
  6. Clutch is a lot of fun! Allow me to recommend: "Earth Rocker", "X-Ray Visions", "Sucker for the Witch", "Firebirds", and I have a special place in my heart for "Hot Bottom Feeder" but it has not been added to cdlc...yet
  7. hi all, I've re-upped the files and added more. Arctic Monkeys - FakeTalesRS2_p.psarc Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks_p.psarc Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down_p.psarc Arctic_Monkeys_A_Certain_Romance_v1_p.psarc Arctic_Monkeys_Brianstorm_v1_p.psarc Arctic_Monkeys_D_Is_for_Dangerous_v1.2_p.psarc Arctic_Monkeys_Still_Take_You_Home_v1_p.psarc Arctic_Monkeys_When_The_Sun_Goes_Down_v1_1_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys__I-Wanna-Be-Yours_v1_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys__Secret-Door_v2_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_505_v1_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_505_v1_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_505_v3_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_All-My-Own-Stunts_v2_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Arabella_v4_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Arabella_v5_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Baby-Im-Yours_v2_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Balaclava_v2_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Bigger-Boys-And-Stolen-Sweethearts_v1_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Brick-By-Brick_v3_5_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Catapult_v1_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Choo-Choo_v1_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Cornerstone_v3_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Cornerstone_v3_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Do-I-Wanna-Know_v2_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Do-I-Wanna-Know_v2_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Don't-Forget-Whose-Legs-You're-On_v1_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Fireside_v3_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Fluorescent-Adolescent_v4_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Fluorescent-Adolescent_v4_p.psarc ArcticMonkeys_FromTheRitzToTheRubble_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_I-Bet-You-Look-Good-On-The-Dancefloor_v_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_I-Bet-You-Look-Good-On-The-Dancefloor_v1_2_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_I-Bet-You-Look-Good-On-The-Dancefloor_v1_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Knee-Socks_v4_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Library-Pictures_v1_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Library-Pictures_v2_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Love-Is-A-Laserquest_v2_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Mad-Sounds_v3_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Mad-Sounds_v3_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_MardyBum_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Mardy-Bum_v1_4_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_My-Propeller_v4_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_My-Propeller_v4_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_N1-Party-Anthem_v2_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_N1-Party-Anthem_v2_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_N1-Party-Anthem_v2_p (1).psarc Arctic-Monkeys_No-Buses_v1_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_One-For-The-Road_v3_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Piledriver-Waltz_v3_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Reckless-Serenade_v2_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Red-Light-Indicates-Doors-Are-Secured_v1_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Shes-Thunderstorms_v2_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Suck-It-And-See_v2_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Teddy-Picker_v2_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Temptation-Greets-You-Like-Your-Naughty-Friend_v1_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Thats-Where-Youre-Wrong_v2_DD_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_The-Hellcat-Spangled-Shalalala_v2_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_The-View-From-The-Afternoon_v2_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_When-The-Sun-Goes-Down_v1_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Whyd-You-Only-Call-Me-When-Youre-High_v3_p.psarc Arctic-Monkeys_Whyd-You-Only-Call-Me-When-Youre-High_v4_DD_p.psarc #Arctic Monkeys Arctic Monkeys CDLC pc only enjoy
  8. If somebody could drop this song on the forge it would be so appreciated. It has super catch vocals and amazingly fun bass line. Divinyls-I Touch Myself https://youtu.be/iul0gnXQDbA
  9. I'm trying to build my first custom DLCs, so I'm total newb, but I did manage to get pretty far in my first process. Got the arrangements, and lyrics synced and all good, but something about the section maybe? The song ends abruptly after the lyrics end, and doesn't play out the full audio of the ending. What am I missing? Do I need to add a silence at the end of the audio like we do with the leading silence?
  10. Hello World-Wide Championship!!!! Greetings from the far east. It's a bit late but couldn't go to bed before this! --- I think I should check other Clutch songs! It took me some practice to get a microscopic improvement in this song in bass and reach the same level in Rhythm... (By the way, I always struggle with the spelling of "Rhythm" ) I was planning to play the lead as well but enough for today...
  11. AWESOME. Dummy me left the apostrophe in there and didn't check the other way of spelling. Thanks for sharing your charting mastery with us all.
  12. Could someone please chart the bass for John Waite's old band, The Baby's - Looking For Love. Some fantastic guitar work on this entire album. There is not one single chart of this great band on CF.
  13. Sight views: well ig this one technicly doesnt count as a sight view since the first time i played it was sometime before i suggested it. Good to see Dells charts in the championship yea pretty fun song i wouldnt mind keeping it huh interesting i thought it was a take on la bamba by los lobos..but looking at their album cover seems like they're a beatles mock band so.. a take on twist and shout? Never heard of them before might check them out. the way its tabbed made it a bit more difficult than it could be for me but yea it was nice. my bass dont detect too well in d standard
  14. Recently when I try to play 2014 I get a "No Audio output" error Trying all the fixes online and not have one of them work. Only to reinstall the game and have it now only work in "Audio Exclusivity" mode is infuriating because basically it breaks all other audio for whatever I have up after I close the game. Is there any possible way to fix it? Because like heck am I giving Ubisoft money for Rocksmith+
  15. Yesterday
  16. But I am not good with this forge stuff. I wish I knew more but the community makes almost every song I'd ever want! But is there a way to kind of predict what audio devices will be available when I open Rocksmith? I feel like 3 things I am using can potetnailly mess with rocksmith thinks there are no microphones plugged in.. loopback, LIVE, and maybe OBS. I'll get rocksmith working in LIVE then have to turn my preamp on and off. I have to do that nonstop regardless.. I don't know if that's a red flag.
  17. Hello Rocksmith fans! Yesterday afternoon @rocksmithplus announced an update on the worldwide release date for Rocksmith+ for iOS/Android! Currently you can play it in the regions of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Rocksmith+, the award-winning guitar-learning app, is launching soon on mobile devices worldwide.… The post Rocksmith+ partners with Mothica for worldwide iOS/Android launch appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  18. I really struggled with this one! It looks like i'm going to have to put in some more practice.
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