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  3. My favorite band Broken Bells recently released a new song - Love on the Run. Would love to get the bass track for it. The guitar at the end is great, too. Thank you.
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  5. Chicks Dig Giant Robots - Megas XLR Theme. I don't check the forums often. If you're cool and make it happen please tag!
  6. 89% Still not great but my fingers are learning the fretboard without my eyes so this is a really usefu l exercise
  7. Im having no luck either. I've tried multiple times of deleting it all and re-installing, running the patch and having no luck. It shows the CDLC, go to play it, and just freezes.
  8. Ultracombo - Superproxy (Original by FrancisM & Hardware Sydrome - Superproxy 2K6) might be their best cover ever
  9. Surf

    CDLC Requests

    The world needs a hero to chart that bass into rocksmith.
  10. I have done every single thing in this tread trying to get my game to even lauch, "JustInCase", manifest, dll, and all. Still shows me the game open for 3 seconds then crashes and steam goes back to the green "play"
  11. I think it's time to do a marathon on this mamma jamma!

  12. This cover by Andre is great, I'd love to play it in RS
  13. My request is Ego Death by Polyphia. Three legendary guitar players!!
  14. Just watched the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie and thought this song had some amazing guitar in it. Would love it if someone could chart it.
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  16. ClayCZ

    CDLC Requests

    Cheers! it seems that we have here some songs from grand theft auto series, but not the legendary theme from GTA 2, and GTA 4. Could please somebody take a look "Grand Theft Auto 2" Theme (GTA2) | E-Z Rollers - Short Change Grand Theft Auto IV Theme Song
  17. This week's entries as not sure if i'll be able to play tomorrow or Saturday. This one is quite easy, but for whatever reason I am getting tons of misses... I just gave up... 1st pass was the best Easy... I like fast tunes This is more like rhythm... again... getting lots of accidental misses... no way of getting 100% despite the fact I feel I play it correctly. Got better streak and score on one of the passes, but this one is best %.
  18. Hey If anybody have it or have a moment to make it please upload lead guitar version
  19. Guess the new update changed something since it used to work fine for me too. I tried repacking the file in dlc builder and regenerated all the ID's/keys but it still crashes for some reason. I'll remake the whole song from scratch tomorrow since I've now got the tab book to work off and hope that'll sort it. Update: Nearly done just needs a bit more work. Should take another day.
  20. I haven't played that much this week, it shows
  21. Greetings! First of all I'd like to open my first post by thanking everyone who worked on making Rocksmith custom songs possible, as well as every CDLC author. You've all greatly increased my Rocksmith enjoyment. Now onto the main subject: I'm having an issue with one of my CDLCs, the game crashes back to desktop whenever I try to play it. I can select it in the menu, the tuning screen appears as usual, but as soon as the track loads, I get sent back to my desktop. No "Rocksmith is not responding", no crash report window opening, nothing. Just straight to desktop. (I'm playing on RS2014 Remastered) I can't go find the link right now, but it's "A Declaration of XXX" by Raise A Suilen. Of course, considering the number of CDLCs available, there are bound to be some that are broken, I normally wouldn't mind it that much. The thing is, I somehow was able to play it once when it came up in nonstop play, only once though because I tried again and it also crashes now. Tried in score attack as well, still crashing. I did try every arrangement, same result for all. I'm not sure whether it's on my end or not, since it's the only CDLC I have this issue with, however it actually worked fine that one time so I don't think the file is at fault?
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