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  2. I agree, It helps helping others in the future when we find out what the cause was.
  3. I've got that I am sure.PM me your email address and I will send it to you today.
  4. Excellent question... well there have been a few insane players with only very few entrances like @ Staji , @ thepajomaster or @ janfilippino22 and @ SirBlambleOfGam - we cannot really know there. Come back and kick some The best competitor is somewhat hard to define cause we have insanely good players that only would do one or two runs a week and other ones that would compete hard the whole week to reach for the maximun (like @ Nacholede @then3verend, later known as @Kryptaker and @ JokerTheAnarchist ) i really would like to see those and @ Stark_Knight (possible best scores on the long run), @ AlpaQ , @stijnw2000, @ Snakewizard and @ Jakobgreve compete with our @ nlbsmglsk @ Razrshred and @ Bottledpat12 for the crown on the same songs - maybe that post will make the one or other smaller miracle happen Short answer: i have not seen a lot of MC sightread 100s - Pat is top 3 of all time for sure!
  5. Yes, what an amazing score, especially if this is the first attempt! It's hard for me to imagine not to make the smallest mistake here, and the recognition must be perfect. You participate in the championship from the beginning, do you think @ Bottledpat12 is the best competitor of the championship history? Looking at the XP level in the PlayerLevel sheet, there are a few players with a better ratio in the past, so I'm curious if this is reliable?
  6. 10-week Leaderboards and Player-XP level updated.
  7. Insane that you nailed that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock hard! - wanna share a vid here?
  9. rrp

    CDLC Requests

    i'd really enjoy seeing 'wicked games' - parra for cuva on here. i found some tabs online https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/misc-unsigned-bands/parra-for-cuva-wicked-games-tabs-1450171 and even an example guitar lesson on youtube:
  10. thx for the help! sorry for the long response. I had just stopped checking it out until now. Turns out my problem was how the song was written, so it didn't appear in the game
  11. shinedown burning bright n one cover of u2 please
  12. didnt like the first sight read so i did another attempt
  13. Made the mistake of Picking up the bass last minute, last week without a warmup. felt something go in the hand, Have played guitar today and all seems ok, may give bass a couple of weeks off though. See how it goes.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I agree on a 7. It's definitely not a 6 imo. The solo is quite fast too.
  16. Hey everyone, this is my first time making a request. Not sure if this has been posted before, if it has, I apologize. I am curious if anyone has the solo down for "TLC - Red Light Special". Will pay for request if done. I assume the arrangement would be rhythm strokes for the first 2 verses, bridges and chorus and then lead for the solo. Hope this reaches you all is good health. Thank you for your time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY5H4ft_RS4
  17. hi would love to play the bass on this or anymore of there tracks as love the shoegaze sound from them if anyone can help
  18. Hi i would love to play along as bass to any songs from these guys
  19. nice! (8) Ahh... i feel a lot better now. Adrenaline and Cortisole are heroes. It´s like when you wake up feeling ill - if you give in and stay in bed your body will be happy being useless and you feel miserable.... when you on the other hand get up and just do what you have to - it´s gonna be a lot lot better than expected most of the times, and you will be back feeling normal a lot faster because your body will produce all that great stimulating and painkilling drugs. ( Just a memo to myself to remind me of kicking myself! )
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