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  2. sight readings I was actually considering putting this song in the recommendation a while back but didnt, so it was a nice surprise to see it! ** i know it says 1 play but thats cause i did new profile start of this year i like short songs This ones cool. Not sure ill be able to get to luzifers score mikson cause im awful with bends but ill practice/ try to or atleast get 95% Tbh i think this one is more doable for me since theres less bends.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Plan on adding a short section w/ screenshots about using Tech Notes to author bends, but for now I included a link to the other thread which has a ton of info on authoring tech notes in EOF. Very useful for getting bends to display correctly. And I finally updated the guide to use DLC Builder instead of RSToolkit, which makes that part of the process so much easier:
  5. Hello! For the past month, i've been working on a bunch of full album charts and soon i might want to take a break. It's a lot of work and it's tiring doing full album charts being an apprentice working 40+ hours work weeks. I love this hobby, and it's BY FAR the one i spend the most amount of time on, but currently it takes up around 85% of my spare time, which leaves little time to spend time with my girlfriend. The thing is that when i first start a project, i struggle with stopping when nothing else is on my plate. In other words, i might want to take a break for a month or two, maybe longer, but we'll have to see after my current projects are completed. I won't start on any new projects until the one's i'm working on are completed and then i'll see how i feel. If i feel like taking a break i will, if not, i'll keep pumping out cdlcs for those who are interested.


    Thanks For Playing!

  6. The bass for this would be sick
  7. Hello everyone, Its my first time requesting a song here. Can someone please create a CDLC for the missing Songs of the Sehnsucht album from Rammstein: Bestrafe Mich and Kuss Mich ? That would be really great. Thank you everyone.
  8. Please add zach bryan songs
  9. Last two days I spent a lot of hours adding suggestions from my personally collected CDLC to the spreadsheet. I went through my entire list of songs from Z to A. I ended up adding nearly 100 hand-picked songs. I added mostly 80s stuff as that is by far my favorite time period, however, I also have included some newer songs. I rated both Lead and Rhythm but I haven't rated bass yet. I don't play bass so I find it difficult to judge, but I will try to fill in the bass difficulty as well. If anyone disagrees with any of the bass difficulties of course feel free to adjust/add a note. I made sure all songs have DD enabled and that they all contain Lead, Rhythm, and of course bass as a path. This was quite an effort, but I want to contribute to this awesome community! Hope you enjoy it.
  10. kDalS

    CDLC Requests

    Hello everyone! Some smaller/upcoming bands I think that have fun guitar work and songs:
  11. Nah, was no preview on the first try, deleted everything in subsequent tries, and tried moving the files to other folders. Tried another computer, worked perfectly. I appreciate the help. Was driving me nuts trying to figure it out that and why no preview when using Toolkit. If it was in the tutorials, i apparently missed it.
  12. Player XP Levels have been updated https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WN-m8wF0lVkQ4cLWHBa009SkqDoPk0xN-C4-llcrXXs/edit#gid=351097837
  13. The cure needs some love I think! would be amazing if someone could track this
  14. Immortal - Eve to Adam would be absolutely amazing :)
  15. Had to give this one a go. I'm temped to check out more songs from them now
  16. If anyone is interested in doing Lost - Dead by april would be cool!
  17. Last week
  18. @ Gelthos Take a look a little farther up, a few other people have had W11 issues similar to yours recently. It involved temporarily moving everything and moving it back. See whether the solutions above work for you.
  19. PowerStation's "Some Like It Hot" lead and rhythm guitar roles for it and maybe the bass for other people. it has a fantastic solo I really want to master at some point in my life and I would really appreciate it if someone made it not just for me but for other people who are interested. been searching on youtube to see if someone made this song a CDLC already but it looks like they haven't made one. looking forward to seeing it be posted thank you all.
  20. I'm trying to take a deep breath after spending all day on this, LOL. I'm on the latest install of W11, a fresh install of RS14, turned off the onedrive desk top thing, dll is in the rocksmith folder. I'm still getting the message from the mod intaller that the dlc folder can't be found even though i just manually selected it. All my Dlc is there and works but Cdlc will show up and look great until you try to play it and then it freezes. I hate to say I've grown into an old fart and am not as tech savy as I used to be so any help would be appreciated.
  21. Here you go: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/74767 Enjoy!
  22. ahh my beloved Blind!! as usual my terrible sightreading (the first was the submit long time ago, forgot everything) but I want to get this to 97+ I think some rhythm parts are not so easy (quite fast) but rocksmith is very generous on these. @ Mikson @ Zoutje Blind Guardian are underrated, they have always good (dual guitar) lead and acoustic sections, always fun to play Uuh Metallica, with new songs. I also more on the old Metallica, but hey I never refuse anything from them. I don't think it's way more difficult than Blind, it's right there for me
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