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  1. @ LacrimaLuna A good way to speed up transition time is to play slow, and just concentrate on quick transition's When people play slow they tend to move between chords and notes slow , that then also happens when you speed up and play fast . So always no matter what speed your playing. Make those transition fast . As always a metronome. Will help
  2. Bass advanced Rusty cage. 6.5/ 7 Felt like I missed a lot more than the games giving me credit for. I find bass to be very forgiving , or maybe I'm better than I think .
  3. Bass intermediate Judas rising .5 Las SA Improvement
  4. Bass beginner 2. good 4 u Funn song and one my daughter (14) knew well , so I'm cool now right
  5. Ryhthm intermediate good 4 u .2 Well that threw me a 3rd way through. That little noodlie part.
  6. These scores are getting amazing nice one.
  7. Update on good for u I love this song .yet another to add to my rocksmith spotify playlist . Intermediate lead And a couple goes on Master
  8. @ GeoAbraxas I dont see your name on scoresheet for rhythm. What level are you??
  9. ⁹Lead beginner 2 I really like this song short and sweet Also had a go on master. Do I get red berry. Quick run through intermediate Good 4 u .4 Once you can get the main hook down the rest is ryhthm . Good song I think I may be able to get better with a few more runs . Probably not though
  10. Daz40

    CDLC Requests

    Saxon - Princess of the night . One of my favourite songs .thanks
  11. I looked though last week and cant see a score for beginner bass . @ kayteck
  12. Thats ok I will stay in intermediate for now and let @ Rodman have the win . I will have to beat you all from intermediate . Lol @ Mikson @ GeoAbraxas .
  13. Hmm says I need to ask permission to download, mourning palace ??
  14. First run of gouge away lead . And probably last .2
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