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  1. Only time for one playthrough each so it is what it is Bass rhythm Son been hogging the pc to port dlc's to his xbox or something
  2. Poor Ned beatty. Squeal piggy Squeal. gave me nightmares for years
  3. Nope cant better Oasis on bass I'm actually getting worse .lol
  4. Great song this one, sight read this good fun
  5. I was using Imgur upload there and paste here Or if you are using steam 1. F12 to take the screen shot. 2. Shift + Tab opens the steam overlay while the game is still running. Click on screenshots and upload the ones you want. 3. Either close or Alt+Tab from the game and open the steam client. 4, Click on 'your name' >> content >> screenshots. 5. Left click on the shot you want to post, then left click on it again. It should spawn a smaller window with your screenshot in it. 6. Right-click on the shot and choose "Copy image URL". 7. Ctrl+V the link in the reply box on CustomsForge. It will auto-replace your link with an image. (Copy and pasted) ^^^
  6. Excepted and failed (for now)fun song this @Mikson may have a go at lead yet
  7. Inter lead more difficult than it sound ... well for me anyways
  8. Great job on the new scoring layout and system. So you can now group all scores into the add new scores sheet and then add them all ?? Ive still been using the regular way .
  9. Inter scores Don't look back in anger. classic innit Bass Rhythm Now I always played this with Barre chords as me book said, so was a little strange to play as open chords still a ruddy great song though Lead scores later.... hopefully
  10. Score from sixteen Saltines Bass Rhythm And Lead Nice song never heard it before now onto inter.
  11. Maybe the only score I will get in this week sight read though so all good
  12. Under the influence score not allowed lol
  13. I'm so drunk cant wait to get on it thanks guys
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