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  1. Great song selections haven't had a theme for a while, nice 4 Inter Bass Love a bit of gnr haven't listened to this album In a while first play Second a little better Maiden and guns now that's a headlining battle Cant say I've heard this before bass taking the front as always with Harris Maybe the highest I've got on a masterclass song so!. Think recognition on those triplets makes It a bit easier
  2. Couple of bass scors Love shack nice and long . Had to play It through with no song volume quite interesting to play this way Great funking tune from mac miller
  3. Imgur does not work well here anymore, better to use steam or another alternative so your scores can be auto picked up
  4. Sad News man we are all grateful for the work you do here, take as much time as you need, And Condolences to you and your family.
  5. couple of scores I believe this Is rhythm right ?? Rhythm advanced Felt better than the score I suck A break did me no good
  6. Easing back In with Some beginner lead Nice beginner Bass Did better on this than In testing great song Great bass line again that gets progressively harder. would need a few plays . So I shall
  7. Be interesting to see peoples thoughts of the rating on Judas priest , As It is well above my level but tried to rate as best I could.
  8. So frustrating to not play, especially with so many of my song picks being selected over the last few weeks. Gonna have a go this week while taking It easy . Looks a good week again
  9. Another week I will have to catch up on well done everyone.
  10. Tennis Elbow stops play, this Is so frustrating , Left the guitar alone for a week , within 10 minutes of playing pain Is back. I used to practice six seven hours a day and would be fine . aargghhh!!!
  11. 34 years in and I still struggle with Guitar . But found Bass really easier to get into In the last year..
  12. Advice for Strumming practice (away from RS) @ lowender Pick a nice sounding full chord get a metronome . Practice down strokes, practice up strokes, practice Alternate up and down strokes. Start with quarter notes and go through all sub-divisions Then mix the sub-divisions up. Work on syncopation hitting that 1 downbeat harder (really helps) and then change the beat that gets the harder stroke (up or down)
  13. Hate tuning down but love this bassline .
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