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  1. @ nlbsmglsk I can see the selection has been reduced but you asked for the difficulty ratings so I'm showing everything I played today. . Something on the borderline of intermediate and advanced (5.5). Quite a slow pace. . The rhythm is a little easier. Intermediate for me (5). . 6-6.5 . Uncomfortable to play. Very slow scroll speed makes it difficult for me to feel. 5.5 is probably ok. . 5-5.5. The only difficulty is those stretched power chords. . Isn't that the same chart as in Lead? Maybe some minor differences (3).
  2. I guess there are too many songs for 1 week. I tested a few of them. . I think this could be a beginner's song (3.5-4) . A similar level for me. Suitable for beginners (3-3.5) . Pretty inconvenient chart. It sounds not bad, but RS gives a lot of misses. . Generally I think Muse song as a capo is unnecessary this week as there are two songs suitable for beginners.
  3. I came back from vacation and played some sight reads. Cool songs.
  4. @ nlbsmglsk I knew you would make a week like this soon I am curious about these songs. Unfortunately I'm leaving for a few days tomorrow and I don't have time to play now, I hope to be back before the end of the week. Going back to the previous week, there is an error in the sorting of the advanced bass scores, @ kayteck achieve the best score.
  5. This is not too difficult. More intermediate level. @ kayteck Have you really used an emulator guitar for that long to play bass charts? Men, I really advise you to buy some real bass (even used one) because the difference is colossal!
  6. A fun scoring battle happens here. Maybe I will try it later, but I generally don't like to fight at 100%, because some accidental miss will cancel the fight. Guitar improvements:
  7. I think the new CDLC has a better chart and especially better tones. But the difficulty level is similar so both can be used. Rhythm scores:
  8. As it often happens, I have a lot of reservations about the difficulty rating of the songs played in the past. This is easy 2. @ Rodman , I suggest lowering difficulty rate because it's very easy to do 99+ here (I think anyone can do it), and this is not a chart for leveling to the intermediate class. I'm not a Metallica fan from this recording period. As for the rating, I agree this is 5, but the CDLC is not of the highest quality. Ehh, here difficulty rate is too low. For me this is 8 and this should be a masterclass. While there are no solos, the whole chart is fast and technical. Besides, it's not my cup of tea at all... I would rate this at 7-7.5 max. This is an advanced class for me. In conclusion, I suggest switching songs between advanced class and masterclass.
  9. Bass: I hope I'll try some improvement tomorrow.
  10. So I'll start It's hard for me to believe this has never been played in the championship. A classic, just right for beginners. We've played their songs several times. I'm not a fan, but I have to admit that they are fun to play. OK, I checked the new CDLC and I think both old and new can be played for the Lead path. Old New I discovered this recently and liked it.
  11. Two things. I have no idea which song is more masterclass and which is more advanced in Bass class... I rated both the same, so I made selection based on my score, but I would love to see suggestions from other participants. I noticed there is a new version of Sin Documentos available with the Lead and Bass paths: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/59234. I haven't tested it yet, but if the chart does not differ from the older version, you can use this version as well.
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