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  1. It depends on you. It's possible that your skills are between intermediate and advanced, so it may be too easy or too hard for you to fight for a win. If you want, you can go back to intermediate for now to find out.
  2. Congrats! ---------------------- Rhythm scores:
  3. @ lowender Yes, I realize that. The correct bass tuning is B-Std (this was also noted in the comments on the CDLC site). Unfortunately this tuning is bad playable for me, so for better recognition I prefer to play E-Std. However, I tried converting bass path to B-Std. So test it, should sound right. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NRTxIBtppYeRGGMGpTrlYJTe5wpwIh85?usp=sharing
  4. Lead scores for testing/old attempts. A nice song from the album with the tiger. I only knew the main song on this album. Surprisingly fun song to play. I like this more than previous songs of the band that we played in the championship. I have played this and many other Sabaton songs many times over the years. This is a screenshot from an old attempt, I'll try to improve it. I have to admit that I like the older Sabaton songs more, like this one, in terms of the instrumental/note chart. @ avastreg There used to be quite a lot of Sabaton songs in the championships (I think there were even 2 full albums in 4-week GoG/GoB). And since their songs haven't appeared here for a long time, I decided that it's worth coming back to it.
  5. This week is over, thanks for competing! New championship week started here:
  6. Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship! -= Week 491 =- => How and Why join the Championships? => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules Previous' week Winners are: Lead: - Beginner: @ Mattscall (96.57) - Intermediate: @ Balage1976 (95) - Advanced: @ LuZifeR (95) - Masterclass: @ johnal (97.77) - God of Guitar: @ Bottledpat12 (94.41) Rhythm: - Beginner: @ lowender (88) - Intermediate: @ Balage1976 (96.87) - Advanced: @ Mikson (94.34) - Masterclass: @ nlbsmglsk (99) Bass: - Beginner: @ bobbyvenice (100) - Intermediate: @ Daz40 (97) - Advanced: @ Razrshred (95.87) - Advanced Bonus: @ Razrshred (99.46) - Masterclass: @ nlbsmglsk (97) Congrats to all winners. Well done! This week's songs are: Lead Path: Beginner: The Amity Affliction - Midnight Train (2) (D Drop C) selected by kayteck (Drop D verison here) Intermediate: Survivor - The One That Really Matters (5.5^) selected by Zoutje Advanced: Maximum the Hormone -「F」 (7*) (D Drop C) selected by nlbsmglsk Masterclass: Sabaton - Angels Calling (8) selected by Mikson Rhythm Path: Beginner: The Amity Affliction - Midnight Train (2) (D Drop C) selected by kayteck Intermediate: Survivor - The One That Really Matters (5*) selected by Zoutje Advanced: Sabaton - Angels Calling (6.5) selected by Mikson Masterclass: Maximum the Hormone -「F」 (7) (D Drop C) selected by nlbsmglsk Bass Path: Beginner: OrangeCofee - Rub out the Coffee Dot (4*) selected by coldrampage Intermediate: Survivor - The One That Really Matters (5.5) selected by Zoutje Advanced: Sabaton - Angels Calling (7) selected by Mikson (B-Std bass version - correct tuning here) Masterclass: Maximum the Hormone -「F」 (8) (D Drop C) selected by nlbsmglsk Check current week Rocksmith Championship Leaderboard You can submit your song suggestions for the championship here: Google Sheets Spreadsheet Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10). Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police: 2groggy
  7. New championship week will start in between an hour and two!
  8. A little better with the pick, but the recognition problems are still there.
  9. Bass I agree with @ jellisjenius . I have bad recognition here (similar to guitar paths). Generally this CDLC is not of the highest quality, although the chart is nice. I played with my fingers, I'll try it with a pick and see if it improves recognition, but I doubt it. Wtf the end part... Very difficult for me. I have a problem with such charts, because my hand is starting to hurt from constantly moving my fingers.
  10. Cool song. I like vibes from NFO. Remember testing this over a year ago, when I was creating a rain theme week. Kult is one of my favorite Polish bands. Lots of great song lyrics and music over 40 years of activity. I'm not a grunge fan either, but some songs I really like. For example Nutshell from the same album, I've played many, many times (ODLC). This song is ok, quite similar vibes. Oh, another insanely fast song, but technically manageable. Good week!
  11. Just wanted to point out that this 99.5% rule for a 7 difficulty song seems to date back to before the bass 6-7 ratings were changed to 7-8 for advanced class. I think @ Razrshred has skill between advanced and masterclass (7.5), but looking back a few weeks ago I outperformed him twice, so competition with him is possible. I think if he wins regularly every week, he should consider promotion.
  12. I try to add songs for beginners regularly so that there is always something to choose from. The problem may be the small number of competitors (currently only @ lowender compete there) who then play these songs. That's why it's good for higher classes players to play these songs for fun. Here, special thanks to @ johnal , who tries to master songs from the lower classes.
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