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  1. Advanced Lead after change: And improvement:
  2. Rhythm: 3 3.5-4 5.5-6 - a little more difficult than Lead.
  3. From this week songs, I've only tested Kalopsia before, so I'll give you my difficulty ratings. Lets go! 3-4 4.5-5 Okay, I have a problem with this, the riffs parts are more difficult, but then we have relatively easy doubles-stop parts. But I think it's 5-5.5 and intermediate class song. 8 or 9 for solos
  4. One more try and... @diceslinger I got you!
  5. I tried the Grateful Dead song without backing of the instrument. Wow this is really nice, Bass and Rhythm sounded good, but Lead was a real challenge. I was scared!
  6. Really fun to play song. I had to try SA for this.
  7. Improvements Lead - it was a good attempt, I tried a few more times but couldn't improve it anymore. And Rhythm.
  8. Yes, playing this with pick was the right way. Finally, all the harmonic notes have been accepted.
  9. Better I play it with fingers, so I have problems with recognition harmonics. Maybe I'll try with pick, but then it can be generally harder because I almost always play with fingers... @Rodman @diceslinger @jellisjenius Interesting rivalry looks to be here!
  10. This week you will stay in Intermediate Class on Lead path, because your score is too far behind in Advanced Class. You've leveled up on Rhythm, on Lead you can level up to Advanced next week if you feel you can do it.
  11. Rhythm: Bad note recognition on capo... Bass later.
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