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  1. I finally managed to overcome the bad recognition using a few tricks, although I still lost some notes.
  2. It's good that it's still the old week, I'll improve a little.
  3. Guitar improvements I don't know if I can achieve more with this tuning and recognition problems. And the pitch shifter doesn't work for this CDLC...
  4. Rhythm I like the opening riff and chorus riff in this song. A song from the first album after the change vocalist, the album received mixed reviews (old fans rather hated it), but this song is one of my favorites from this release.
  5. First scores lead Not a fan but good to play for beginners. Nice chart, I was surprised that I achieved 99% here. I discovered this band about a year ago and played a few of their charts on Rocksmith - they are usually very difficult and incredibly fast, luckily this one is perfect for me to play. And when I read that this was an Italian band, I thought that @ avastreg probably knew them, I was not wrong Fun to play too, if I hadn't lost a lot on the tapping part I would have had a better score.
  6. Scores are currently added automatically by OCR and this is set to recognize normal bass. But since it's the same chart, I added your 91% score manually.
  7. Yes, it's the same chart, but the normal bass has no dynamic difficulty, and the alternative bass does, hence the purple bars. For the championship, regular is enough because we play at 100% difficulty anyway, so we don't need dynamic difficulty.
  8. How is this possible when there is no lead path in this CDLC?
  9. Yes, lead and rhythm are similar, both have that short transition part where you can get a few missed notes. However, the lead path is a bit more complex, it has more technical licks in some parts, where the rhythm plays e.g. a power chord + some palm mutes on the same string. Additionally, the lead has these harmonic notes several times. The difference in difficulty is not big, maybe it should be 6 lead and 5.5 rhythm idk. Maybe my rating was influenced by the fact that I achieved probably 98% (I'll post screenshots later) on my first attempt recently in rhythm, and much less in lead.
  10. Ok, attention!!! I followed the comments and scores from the bass path of the Royal Blood song. Indeed, it seems that there are problems with achieving a high score there, the chart is quite specific, and these pull-offs can be problematic to recognize. So there is a change in the bass classes: Beginner: Taylor Swift - Blank Space (2.5) (E Standard) selected by Daz40 Intermediate: Nightwish - Sahara (5*) (D Standard) selected by Mikson Advanced: Rhapsody Of Fire - A New Saga Begins (6.5) (E Standard) selected by Mikson Advanced bonus: Royal Blood - Oblivion (5.5) (E Standard) selected by loudly Masterclass: Helloween - Ride The Sky (7.5) (E Standard) selected by kayteck
  11. It always makes me laugh when you write that a song or part of it reminds you of another song, but usually you don't know exactly which one I don't know what exactly you are referring to. When it comes to comparing rhythm and bass paths in the Rhapsody of Fire song, as I wrote earlier, with similar charts I add about +1 to the bass difficulty rating. Yes, I'm already used to you lowering the difficulty rating of bass paths for the championships Yes, the rhythm path is actually an alternate lead here.
  12. I admit that I had a problem with difficulty rating bass path of this song. @ loudly , who suggested this song, rated bass as 4 In this song, the guitar path and the bass path have the same chart, so again the question becomes how should they be rated? My opinion, as I once mentioned, is that it is best to add about +1 to the bass rating compared to the guitar. So I think ratings 4.5 and 5.5 (bass between intermediate and advanced) are ok here. The bass chart is not difficult in itself but can be a bit of a problem in Rocksmith due to recognizing these pull-offs. The bass path of the Rhapsody of Fire song is definitely advanced, because there are 2-3 quick passages where you have to hit many notes on different frets and strings. And we rate the difficulty taking into account the most difficult part. I would rate this part a 7, the rest of the song a 5.5-6, so the overall rating is 6.5. Other opinions welcome. We can always set the Nightwish song as the main intermediate bass and move the Royal Blood song to a higher class.
  13. I think the promotion system applies to the main songs of the week, not the bonus songs. But I'm not sure, so it's better to ask @ Rodman . And do you really want to promote to masterclass, since you were promoted to advanced class about 2-3 weeks ago and there is still a lot of work ahead of you in this class?
  14. This week is over! Thank you for the great competition and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the championship together. The first week of the new era started here:
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