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  1. Bass Nice run! Probably no more time to play this week.
  2. I tried in E-Std. A little better but still not feeling it... For me +1 to the difficulty rating in both paths, but that may be my weakness and it's easier for others.
  3. Rhythm As I mentioned before, the Trivium song without the solo is easier for me than Mastodon.
  4. Lead I like this vibes. I don't understand how anyone could come up with the idea to make a CDLC out of this Ehh, this is hard for me. The power chords change too fast for my sight + hand to keep up. I always have a problem with this type of chart. Second try, not much better...
  5. Bass This is 7, difficulty rating underestimated, but never mind.
  6. Bends don't like me in solo... So I had to go back to LaS. And Rhythm.
  7. Unfortunately, in recent months the number of participants submitting results each week has decreased in Beginner-Intermediate classes. This applies to all paths on which we compete. I remember that a year ago it looked better, some regular participants unfortunately disappeared . And I suppose only @ Rodman remembers the times of more truer competition in the lower classes here. Recently, if someone new joins the championship, he usually has quite good skills.
  8. Hard Intermediate (5.5-6 for me) Except for the solo, this is even easier. With solo 7 yes. No comment.
  9. @ Rodman You must assign two new players to the classes in which they will compete. They're in red on the championship table. I think: @ fuzzydude - Beginner Lead @ Bass_Man_Al - Intermediate Bass
  10. Trying with pick this time. Better in hard parts, but some stupid recognising misses in easy parts, strange. Platinum is nice, @ cacahuate51 score is unachievable for me. Not too easy, but very nice bass chart.
  11. I don't think I can achieve 99%, but I will try it tomorrow! @ jellisjenius I recommend listening to the Out of Myself album (the band's debut) from which this song is. It became my favorite album of this band. Mostly instrumental, but everything fits together and for me there aren't any weak songs.
  12. @ avastreg I got you! (Yes, I know you can beat it easily )
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