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  1. Lots of songs to play this week, nice. But I wonder why GOG is only for Lead when CDLC full album AJFA has rhythm and bass as well. We used all 3 paths previously, so I hope Rhythm and Bass will be there now!
  2. One more try and I got a platinum. Nice!
  3. I'm doing well in this song: Unfortunately, this is very frustrating for me and difficult only for me most likely:
  4. You may be right. When I play this song, it doesn't sound bad. Unfortunately, Rocksmith doesn't count many notes, maybe I don't hit the tempo perfectly. Hard work to improve this, but better step by step:
  5. @Gamut I think Future People is much more technical and more difficult than God Knows... I rate Future People at 8 and I would transfer it to the masterclass, and God Knows is more 7 and advanced. This is my suggestion My scores:
  6. @Orkkongen You are not limited to just a beginner. You can show your scores from higher classes. If you are the best there, you will win and will automatically be promoted to a higher class
  7. Lead Score Attack: No strikes, gold medal and worse accuracy, meh...
  8. You have uploaded screenshots that do not show your % accuracy
  9. @Rodman You are better and better with every video you make. You're doing well, so keep going! Good music and beautiful views, this is a combination that I love!
  10. Bass time: It doesn't seem that hard, but I had problems with it. It was the first time I played Callifornication on bass and I must admit this is amazing!
  11. Good old classics. I was playing the previous version. Here I see some changes, especially a harder chord with an empty string. I think it's the first time I'm playing a French song in a championship. Interesting. I am very surprised. This is the easiest masterclass song I've seen in the championship since joining!
  12. @Rodman I improved my Rhythm score to 85%, which was the highest result for the advanced class. I posted my score before the opening new championship week and more than an hour before the deadline, but it was not included.
  13. Less time in recent days, so bass on the last day:
  14. Rhythm: What a nice song and very good CDLC! Meh
  15. Easy bass week. I like this! Played with fingers, @Rodman school
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