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  1. Good vibes from Rammstein! I didn't know the band or the song, but this is fun to play. After Maneskin first showed up in the championship some time ago, I played a few of their songs and they are really fun to play. Too bad all CDLCs were removed from Ignition and I didn't download them... A result from a fairly old test, I'll have to try again.
  2. @Rodman I changed the winner in Lead and Bass classes to @cacahuate51, because I think he is already competing in these classes (this needs to be changed in the leaderboard). If this should not be the case, protest!
  3. It looks like this time everything went smoothly and I was able to quickly create a new selection using the code! Thanks for that! I think it's another week with nice songs to play. It turned out that all of Maneskin CDLC's were removed from Ignition (sic!), so I did a re-upload to my disk. A bit easier masterclass song on lead this time, which is rewarded with devastating GoG song. Vektor song in the bass path is basically masterclass, but I didn't want to create bonuses so I moved it to the GoB class. I think it's better that way. Enjoy!
  4. This week is over, thanks for competing! New championship week started here:
  5. Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship! -= Week 447 =- FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships? => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules Last week's winners: Lead: - Beginner: @kayteck(100) - Intermediate: @austywells (95.06) - Advanced: @cacahuate51 (98.27) - Masterclass: @nlbsmglsk (96) Rhythm: - Beginner: LOST TROPHY - Intermediate: @cacahuate51 (98.81) - Advanced: @Rodman (98.5) - Masterclass: @nlbsmglsk (98) Bass: - Beginner: @luckyoldme (99.12) - Intermediate: @kayteck (100) - Advanced: @cacahuate51 (100) - Masterclass: @nlbsmglsk (100) Congrats to all winners. Well done! Rocksmith Championship Leaderboard This week's songs are: Lead Path: Beginner: Rammstein - Auslander (2.5) (Drop D) selected by Mikson Intermediate: Cherri Bomb - Drawing a Blank (4) selected by cacahuate51 Advanced: Maneskin - For Your Love (7) selected by Mikson Masterclass: The Allman Brothers Band - Blue Sky (7.5) selected by jellisjenius God of Guitar: Vektor - Pteropticon (10) selected by Bottledpat12 [Week 1 of 2] Rhythm Path: Beginner: Rammstein - Auslander (3) (Drop D) Intermediate: Cherri Bomb - Drawing a Blank (4) Advanced: Maneskin - For Your Love (6) Masterclass: Vektor - Pteropticon (9) Bass Path: Beginner: Rammstein - Auslander (2) (Drop D) Intermediate: Maneskin - For Your Love (6) Advanced: Cherri Bomb - Drawing a Blank (6.5) Masterclass: The Allman Brothers Band - Blue Sky (8) God of Bass: Vektor - Pteropticon (9) [Week 1 of 2] You can submit your song suggestions for the championship here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HzgY90kLwyGqzJ-R64v8lmpeQMMhhxwGwUlenepIgms/edit#gid=6 . Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10). . Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police: 2groggy Let us know your opinions on the accuracy of the difficulty scores (1-10) for this weeks songs.
  6. New week of the championship will start in about an hour!
  7. I can't fight to win in this type of charts, always too many random misses to get close to 100%... Still, this was fun to play!
  8. Another week with songs that I hear and play for the first time Lead: This is... pretty fun to play. I checked what kind of band it is and I remembered that they are the famous Eurovision winners in 2006! I remember that was 16 years ago, bloody hell...
  9. Nice songs this week. I played all these songs for the first time. 2-2.5, good for real beginners. This seems a little more difficult to me. Something on the edge of intermediate to advanced. @Rodman did you really get over 99% here? Amazing! It seems very difficult to do. You must have been in pretty good shape then 6, good vibes from Rush. Uh too fast solo for me. 9 yes.
  10. Last improvements: @avastreg I don't understand why there are sometimes these recognition problems. In this case, it was enough to change the guitar and the recognition became better.
  11. Finally! Great chart, won't let you get bored throughout the album. I remember when we played the song 'Wishing Well' in the championship about a year ago and I had problems with it, now I felt that I did much better, which is good because it means progress.
  12. Rhythm update: It's hard to improve more, Rocksmith is having problems with recognizing F chord here. Most often when a chord is changed. Here too, unfortunately, I lose a lot of accuracy on quick chord changes.
  13. Lead improvements Because I didn't want to be the last. 0.1% to 90 is always frustrating.
  14. @viper83 This is amazing! How did you do that to download those tabs? I have a pro account on UG and never found an option to download these tabs and even read the comment that there is no such option. So when I used these tabs in my recent projects, I had to rewrite everything by hand, which was very time-consuming. You did a great job which will save me a lot of time as I have Guitar Pro and can now export these tabs to EOF. Many thanks! And thanks to @Rodman for refreshing this topic because I missed it before.
  15. It's sad that you are outside this week, becouse the songs are really fun in all classes I remember you mentioned that you haven't missed a week of the championship yet since it started. Hope this week won't be the first as it's a beautiful story! Btw. Where is @diceslinger? I haven't seen you in the championship for 2-3 weeks. Hope it's a short break and you didn't stop participating because it was a good competition!
  16. Bass I don't remember the last time I watched this classic. I need to refresh it soon!
  17. Rhythm A legendary movie for all guitar players
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