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  1. Little better in SA, but I don't stand a chance here. This made me a bit tired...
  2. I don't know if I can do more. @diceslinger really great score.
  3. I forgot to make a screenshot on the first try, so I tried Score Attack next. I was a bit surprised by the choice of a song over 11 minutes long.
  4. Better: SA: It's not that hard, I feel like I can be even better.
  5. Some Bass: Cleary 4 for me. And this is truly 7 for me. There are a lot of slaps and faster playing in a few places. Little beter.
  6. I created a sheet with a scoreboard for this week and entered the scores so far. Enter the scores on a regular basis who can.
  7. I found screenshots with the scores achieved during test songs. I rated Pool at 4, played it once and found it quite easy. I could be wrong.
  8. Thanks! And yes, at the beginning of my guitar and Rocksmith adventure a few years ago I played a lot of Pink Floyd CDLCs. It gave me a lot of experience playing technical songs with a lot of bends but slower tempo. I have more problems with faster songs, but last time I play pretty much everything (championship helps) so I keep improving. The strings are also important, I changed 11-52 to 9-46 a few days ago, so now it's easier for me to play bends.
  9. Not a fan of this and strange chart at some point. It's good that I put on thinner strings yesterday, because there are a lot of bends here. A bit long and boring this chord part before the solo.
  10. Last Bass: There is a very similar riff as in last week song Poison Arrow. And I can't reach 99% here either... @mobyte good to know there's someone out there who can challenge @Snakewizard on the bass, good competition!
  11. I've put on new, thinner strings, so bends is easier to play now. SA on Rhythm:
  12. Late Bass: You're right @jellisjenius 7 / 7,5 is a good difficulty rating, I rated this too low earlier.
  13. I haven't played this for a long time and now I beat my previous score right away, that's great. Here too, but am I the only one who has problems with accepting bends on the 3rd fret of the E string?
  14. Chord detection problems, but I'll try!
  15. Played before for testing. I assumed it was a 4, but due to the difficulty of finding CDLC for beginners on Lead it may be 3.5.
  16. Interesting week. I've already played almost all the selected songs, but I don't have too many screenshots. And from what I remember, I rated Bass in Have a Cigar at 6, so this rating seems pretty high, but I played it a long time ago. Lead is something between 7 and 8.
  17. And this is it! This is not normally my style and I wouldn't listen to this song often, but it gives me such satisfaction to play! Rocksmith rocks!
  18. I can't get much better anymore... The hardest part here is going from the tapping part to the chord part quickly, I still have a few misses there. Every time I play it, in LAS or SA I get 91% and that's it. It is similar here.
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