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  1. Hello there my friend. I'd love to see a remake of Anesthesia(Pulling Teeth). It's a bit out of sync. Can you fix it for us?



  2. It was tuesday - so hammering... starting on the 12th fret... that one was extremely problematic cause i had fixed the one end already... but managed to get it loose without damage.... fixed a few with superglue and hammer and just to make sure... i clamped them down while fixing from the other side that went very smooth and the frets instantly built a unionlike state with the board the last hammer to go down i was afraid that the removal would have destroyed the frets, but all seems like perfectly in place... looks good to me... let´s have a few closer looks oh yes! clamping also the other side while haveing to fetch my boy from school back and... fileways that old file is perfect for the job, i shall keep that in mind let me dare some.... dead straight, yeah... of course i shall use a fretrocker of some sort for details, but it is not getting any better also on the frontside finishing that filing till i am leveled with the board and then like 60 degree angle fine.
  3. Yeah, man! That´s so great about the CS - love bands now that i would have never even touched like: Muse, Rob Zombie, Powerwolf, A7X, Truckfighters, Wolfmother just to name a hand full (you should play all of those btw ) Rock!
  4. I know what you did and what you do! And it is a lot lot of work and it is great. If songs are unavailable in Ignition or the file is very bad delete the line - selecting unavailable or bad files is a pain. RNGing takes seconds and is really thrilling, you might enjoy that and it might lead to unexpected weeks and even more testing PS. It's good to know that once real battles for victory took place here! Oh... man - you might wanna go read some around week 60 and on... ugly scenes @theneverend f.e. was quite a piece of candy who could not take defeats so well... fun times then but quite some heat that drove players away also. I love the CS like it is a lot also. Esp. on the adv classes i cannot say there is too few competition.
  5. Of course!!! Here is a post you should already know: See 2) ... randomly selecting songs is the only only way to serve a fair competition. If the organizer goes through the list and just picks songs he/she would like for the next week he is open for being accused of at least 2 biases. Firstly he will choose genres and bands of his likings and secondly and even heavier he will even likely select files he has been playing and practicing - hell of an advantage. I am superaware that over the last years the championship is all friendly and everyone is having fun even finishing the week on 2nd or 3rd place, but 5 or 6 years ago there has been most intense battling and even the random selection of the same players suggestion has led to a lot of heat and altering of the rules (see 2.2). Selecting randomly still brings up the issue that the organizer has the advantage of having testplayed the song and knowing it in advance but i never wil let that count because the orga on the other hand has the vast disadvantage of using 3-6 hours of his RS time in the week before to set up the next week. Of course from time to time e.g. for special occasions hand-selections can be done (see X)), and like last week we have sensationale special themed hand selections!!! but for the regular weeks rng is the best way, and it´s fun cause you get to test songs you would have never touched. Rod. P.S: "Is that why sometimes a selection does not match the difficulty rating of assigned to a specific class, like this week's Auctioned Rhythm?" No and yes - the RNG is based on lead difficulty - so we end up with 4 perfect siff matches in lead. the rhy and bass are assigned by ascending diffs and if something is really missing (like bass mc often of course) there is either the fundus of 400 gone weeks to chose one or the spare arrangement arrangements or test another one from in that case bass only songs... i personally have not a big problem with the one or the other arrangement being a bit too hard from time to time as it might push players, not a fan of selecting new complete songs for individual missing arrangements for bonus arrangements are often left a bit alone snd on the other hand spare unused arrangements leave a bit of a mess with a lot of extra work if they shall not be forgotten. However the fundus of played arrangements is huge and those are already tested and rated and ready to be used to fill gaps.
  6. Thats exactly the order it is and was from beginning ofcthe week! (See LB file and SSL!) I have no idea how that got confused in the opening post Rock!
  7. ... it did not however..... when i was filing down the sides i noticed that some of the frets were moving. Not much, but noticeable and thats a NONONONONO!!!!!! Yes - potentially the woodglue could have fixed that when cured, but thats way too much risk on a point where we are handling playability. Just a NONO!! So... first i noticed that only at fret V - so i removed it, cleanded the slot, used medium visc. super glue, hammered it in and just to make sure clamped it down properly... .... of course in the curing time i couldn´t stop thinking and the thought that it´s unoptimal kept pushing my stomach harder and harder.... so i went down and started testing really intense on all the frets, and i found a 2nd one and a 3rd one where my pressure resulted in .... felt movement. Nothing to be seen and captured on a pic, but noticeable for sure... So.... i started removing all frets of course... I got lucky cause i only had one little tear-out spot and even that is mini and would be hidden almost completely or completely under the fret, and in no way a optical issue, i am gonna fix it with sawdust and glue i think before refretting. and to prepare the slots - even better that time with a small triangular file so less breakout at refrets Good thing ... i am very skilled in fretjobs by now i think, at least i am very satisfied with the results but i was scared of having to do or doing refrets. I´m not no more. it was sunday - so no hammering ... .... but will today or tomorrow.... In fact that´s my first major drawback and that´s good. I´m a problem solver, i like to quickly develop sollutions and learn from processes. It would be half the fun if it just went too smooth all the way, plus it makes aware to not develop sloppiness. Life is cool. Rock!
  8. ... new week starts yay Let´s fret some!!! Fender oldschool Strat like frets small ones rather are my slots deep enough... i need like 2mm dedicated fret slotting saw cut his hand off! and the other one!!! and the leg!!! Hah..... now to something i have been soooooo waiting for I think before fretting is the best timepoint to oild it down once, ain´t it let´s go.. I decided to use the fancy stuff for first layer... i hope it doesn´t add too much own-color looks damn transparent on the paper yay, just one glimpse time to use that wonderful tool for the first time supeglue or standard glue.... i had decided superglue already but ultra-last minute switched to standard wood glue for it might be a lot easier in the re-fret process....... will i regret that???? nice the upcoming moment of fear halfway... and it´s in and good working from both sides... to devide the tension... probably totally unneccesary ahhh... fine! that´s fun work approaching XII and imprison him! Yeah i like that a lot... better than expected shorten those ends filing those ends down What a good flowing afternoon! This is how it should have ended!
  9. Arpeggios every week, rng really want´t me to learn that technique
  10. Hah! Love that color choices of yours and the inlays, esp XII. cool!
  11. The Pixies - always so powerful in simple structured songs, like Green Day
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