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  1. Give your heart and your soul for that damn Rock ´n´ Roll!

  2. Happy Birthday Rodman!

  3. Happy Birthday Rodman!

  4. Great - can´t wait to get one of those! Will draw more attention than the halloween one ;)
  5. @@Unleashed2k - Can you please also make available through another shop (best placed in europe) e.g. Redbubble as we had before. Or (i dunno if ama has the option that it produces the shirts with your design) best would be have it placed at amazon.de and .co.uk so nearly all would have free delivery. I really wanna keep buying the shirts, as loads of other europe members would! Remain killer, Rod!
  6. That was quick, guys!!!! THX!!!!
  7. Happy Birthday Rodman!

  8. hey ho lets go, hey ho lets go...... rockn roll carinthia ........

  9. :D :D :D m-bug is gone, all is good again! It was the bug in DDC 3.3 SOLVED thx to @@Alex360
  10. You bet! Pm me the dllink please. Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
  11. Thx, man!!!! What a quick update! Actually no, doubleclicking on the exe brings up the sandclockreplacement for 5 secs, then.... nothing, no running associated processes... On 2 Computers. As long its only me lets blame it to firewall/av maybe.... I am checking further on that. If someone else has got issues with starting the latest builds there should be screams somewheresomewhen... Rock!
  12. not updated still, though ddc updated silently, only iminashi and chlipouni noticed i guess >_> easy thing to put a new version in (any toolkit actually) about toolkit beta startup issues, please give me more info on this. Ok, here on my 2nd laptop Latest test build - (rev ddb69f4f) does start. I am gonna check for that on my primary systems later. Please do create a new build of the Toolkit with DDC 3.4 - that m-bug is annoying ;)
  13. Is DDC 3.4 already implemented in the beta toolkit and from which version on / date on? (I cannot for some reason any of the later beta builds to start on multiple pcs) Is it implemented in the Song Manager already
  14. Oh, i see - latest stable build has 3.3, and for some reason the .1 beta wont start for me - argh Helloween Zombie Ghosts ;)
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