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  1. You are adressing quite some hot topics here. Where do i start!? Adding another class is out of the question. Setting up weeks is a lot lot of work and adding another class would push it over the edge. Plus it is totally unnecessary. It would only lower the number of competing players in each class without any real benefit. I´ve been in int/adv for years always with better players with no chance for a win. Did i belong to that classes - yes, was it fun - yes, did it make me better - yes, vastly. Flipping through your performance - you are clearly an advanced bass player, and you ca
  2. @Mikson @AllPlayers - .... hardest beginner song ever.... well i tried to level up to int on Rob Zombie - Black Sunshine and made it to 98.05 in 85 tries 6 years ago if i remember correctly, that one may be even a bit harder... but the song this week being int/adv, absolutely agreed, ... howecer that was our rating then, actually it was a straight 3 - so it´s da capoed as Chuck Norris beginner challenge. And always remember... when Chuck Norris is doing push ups he actually pushes the world down.... and so shall you! Rock! Chuck Norris does not do phone calls, he screams!
  3. thats nice, such a cool band, i hope i will ever see them live again
  4. 10 week-leaderboard updated. Int Rhy get a challenge, too.
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