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    A own build,Fender Strat Ultra, Schecter C1-Hellr, Dean Angel oD, Ibanez RG..., ESP LTD JK-1, PRS SE 24 Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth) Signature, Schecter Solo-6 Zombie Girl Custom, Gibson SG Sp., BC Rich Warlock, Fender Squier Strat mini pink, Washburn WD10Sce
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  1. how can i not play this when Helloween is up. pure fun!
  2. good one, a bit sloppy in the beginning, then good
  3. Shouldnt have been surprised about the tapping doubling in the rhy track .... clearly was.
  4. oh wow Helloween! Yay. One of the most important bands in my youth. Big influence to want to play guitar. Biggest besides DC. So cool. Of course the tapping caught me off guard. Great to play! I want 90 Anyone liking that go play Dr. Stein and Eagle fly free!!!!!
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