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  1. When more than one have 100%, meaning they also have the same streak of course.... then the score decides the win. Nice that i can serve you some competition at lead for the start of the week. Rock!
  2. It IS fair, of course - the more you practice a song the better you perform. It´s a friendly competition - all is good. Second, please let us see your MC results, too - you know you can score points in the class above yours also, and you can always submit scores for any song, any path in the contest!!! Impressive performance, you gd masterclasser Rock!
  3. didn´t know that one, will see them boys for my first time in 10 days, tickets should have been for may 2020, sigh (2)
  4. Hah - we did the same thing the same time - good work - yes... lead is clear, for bass technically the official way is he is leveling up with his score that week and would have been a legit int member last week - but as he got beaten there and is first in adv with a 100 - we make it a in-week voluntary level up to take the instant win (you gd masterclasser ) unless he votes against which i doubt. Let´s Rock! So much nice competition, yay!
  5. Looks like a great week! Cool the code served you well!! Thx @kayteck I am giving the adv lead win to @cacahuate51 - he got me beat well and is a clear adv player for clearing a (6) song in week 445 with 99+, i corrected that in player list, last week leaderboards and in the opening post. Congrats!! Congrats for leveling up to adv bass also!
  6. Great you all like that week! I thought so... just a blast all those songs @nlbsmglsk crazy performance on the mc! cool!
  7. Welcome Score doesn't matter! (Unless it's a tie in % and streak! (Usually in 100% battles))
  8. That's the spirit! I assume you level up to Adv Bass right away, not waiting for next week ????!!!!
  9. boo-yaa that´s so much easier now - i love the CS!! The only thing i must hold against Lordi is that... after winning the shit ... on the victory run when you have to permorm again at the very ending of the show ... they didn´t just play a song like that one - that would have to be done to do it right!
  10. that´s already a ok score i think quite a bit off of the one from the original challenge, but should already serve some competition
  11. i missed to play that one 2 weeks ago
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