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  1. Great!!!!!!!!! I´ll pm you and hit you with details soon. Fear not, it´s pretty straightforward and easy! Thx! Everyone else - if you also got some time you can commit to our great lil competition thing - join in!!!
  2. IMPORTANT!!!!!! -= We need YOUR HELP =- to keep the Championship runnung on the level it deserves to be running! There are too few members left doing selections for the coming weeks! That leads to emergency actions either having to do quick selections on very very short notice (like @ Mikson did here - THX M8!!!!!), to a lot of da capo weeks or even bad selections. We do not want that. So - everyone who can commit ~3-4 hours of your time every 4-6 weeks to put together a selection and start the week please pm me or reply here!!!! Fear not, we are here to help you, things are set up very well - so it´s quite a simple process, it only takes a bit of time to test the songs mainly for difficulty to bring in the right order. Let´s keep the CS running on that awesome level - cause the CS is good for us!
  3. Rodman´s 10-week Leaderboard updated https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WN-m8wF0lVkQ4cLWHBa009SkqDoPk0xN-C4-llcrXXs/edit#gid=587881516
  4. Player XP Levels updated https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WN-m8wF0lVkQ4cLWHBa009SkqDoPk0xN-C4-llcrXXs/edit#gid=351097837
  5. true (9), like being attacked by an army of bees, great!
  6. Feedback is always great! I think it´s a (6) and by that easier adv. Mix of muted and ofen chords, unique strumming pattern and few licks, might serve as a int-->adv) upleveling song also, but my feeling is adv is quite right. We will see if we get a lot of 99+ at the end of the week
  7. doesn´t even sound so bad, but struggling with the score heavily
  8. Nice! @ Mikson Of course had to push you a little For the rhythm path - yeah, 93 is already pretty high, that capo track is way harder to handle than the normal one, not harder.
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