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  1. @Nacholede - as discussed AJFA is new Gog Album for 4 weeks - thx for that work. We don´t wanna see you jobless for a week, not a chance
  2. + bass, boys you are giving me a hard time here!
  3. @diceslinger - ok, purchased the DLC and have the song repeat 1 for morning coffee. Man, that´s gonna be fun!
  4. Yep, learning songs to play, learning to play , learning so much about song structures and recording... and vocal works. Love it! Oh yeah! I was hoping to get some rock!!! Don't have that one in my ear, not sure if iknow it but ... bring it on.
  5. Ha! Cool. Feels like a version that could quite nicely be played in your avg. alternative radio station! Bravo. Very tight mix. Punk for sure, but your playing mixes in as there has never been any other. Is there a rotary effect on that guitar of yours? The vocals - yeah! Really sounds as the Gallagher is shouting his ass off through a megaphone. Cool production indeed. And for the being blocked situation - that time it was good for the project. But please create a dailymotion (or vimeo) account, will take 1 minute and you are not blocked there! Whats next.... i´m so motivat
  6. Hell yeah! And @diceslinger winning a maiden note/chordfest does not mean i'd win any other song with a pick!
  7. Ah c'mon. Look at last years leaderboard. You won against me and you won the adv class! And you won by a ton. You are the better bass player. There is nothing bad about picking the bass, i just have decided a long time ago that bass means fingerpicking practice exclusively for me as i like that style a lot. As you say last weeks adv song was special when it comes to scores. Rock!
  8. a fingered sightread on the lovely Vektor Boys
  9. phh... hard way up here i´ll go for the 90 as target
  10. @pedropmf - levels up to mc bass on his 99.5+ score, congrats. I myself am used to play bass fingerstyle only, that time i did one try with a plectrum and have achieved an upleveling score here, too. Cheating! I stay down until worthy. (unless someone thinks it would be unfair)
  11. argh, i keep fxxin up the solo, hovever a ton of fun
  12. spot on, @Nacholede THX!!! going for a good run now on alt lead = adv rhy
  13. trapped inside this octavarium! nice to replay that
  14. i cheated once.... man does it feel odd to plectrum the bass
  15. this one is so wild stamina practice played fingerstyle hi @diceslinger
  16. @Mikson - thx that´s really motivating! No, i won´t stop. The picture i took that week on a tobogan afternoon. I wish i´d have my real camera instead of that cellphone built-ins, but yeah - a damn beautiful view. @diceslinger - Thx man! I think where i am really good by now is breaking down songs. The Trio+ helped me so much there, cause you simply have to do it to be able to use it. Usually (like here) i play the (C)DLC lead and rhy a few times to get a feel, the load up the chords in like ultimate guitar (ug is usually the richest source and (on their official charts) it does provide th
  17. @diceslinger - you say party? I say samba, uptempo trash, capital T.
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