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  1. It absolutely is!!!! Great you are back, MaZ!
  2. 10-week leaderboards and XP Levels updated
  3. absolutely not my music... last 2 songs of those guys that we had here though cool to play. Just learning how to sweeppick - that downward arpeggios come in handy there. overall quite hard, nothinh masterclassy but (7.5) i think
  4. thx @mikson - that´s a part i really love about the champs - you get to know local music from around the world you would have never heard (4)
  5. nice one (3) ignore my score... lately i brushed up my squealie abilities and i played the whole song using pinch harmonics, RS registered quite a lot as normal notes
  6. Thx @ kayteck picr.de is also add-free, superfast and you instantly get the forum link, also for multiple files (yes, it is in german, but you really do not need to read anything) Best and easiest service i found so far
  7. 10-week leaderboards and Player XP Levels updated. @Mikson - considering the past years and ourselves being in the rather upper ends of the adv scale - ain´t that pure gold? So much competition and all real adv players - i love it! Could you please comment. Thx for competing, guys!! The CS is good for you! Rod.
  8. @ nlbsmglsk thx doing a great week on short notice!!!! @ Bdi89 , @every player - The scores are read and put into the leaderboards automatically now ... so - we need your screenshot to be visible in the posts!!!! The sensational tool is able to read out almost any pic hoster by now - please post screenshot using services like picr.de for example, or your posts will get missed!!!! Rock!!!! Rod
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