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  1. too tired to really cope that line now... nice one in any way
  2. yay, my pick - a very hard (3) full of fun
  3. Platinum and 98.7.... but way more important - one of the very first times it sounds like really playing a respectable bassline
  4. Bass mc (7.5-8) butchered one part, else it was a good run
  5. Mc hard (8) lead and rhy those chords need to be learned
  6. @ BubbleWrapDragon - That happens easily, and we shall be watchful! Everyone - please do us a favor and give us your difficulty impressions when submitting a score - for you its the pressing of one digit, or 3 characters if you wanna follow my layout there - (X) - for us it´s very important info that makes everything a bit better!!! Rock! Rod.
  7. Fear not you fearless Rockers all around the world! Improvements made weekstart a lil stony that week - it will be up in the next 2 hours! Rod.
  8. Great scores on that wonderful MC Bass we have there!!! So cool to see. Keep it up guys, just great! Rod.
  9. oh, totally butchered the end, could have been 95 or smthg
  10. Yay. Already been wondering where you are. Great to see some scores, MaZ!
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