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  1. hah - my most fav to play cdlc, perfect tab and chart by @fripponomic that one i could play every day i did a bit bad, will be back
  2. Last week winners have been updated and are final. That week leaderboard is beeing done now, up in 5. Rock!
  3. Too late is when i call it too late. Rock week 400!!!!
  4. -= Week 400 =- FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships? => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules Last week's winners: Lead: Beginner: @m_verd Intermediate: @Anitomer Intermediate Bonus: @Anitomer Advanced: @chaosguitar Masterclass: @Jakobgreve Rhythm: Beginner: @railshark Intermediate: @Banjoclan Advanced: @Mikson Masterclass: n/a Bass: Beginner: @SpankNass Intermediate: @Banjoclan Intermediate Bonu
  5. so... on to thinking about carving the back, not really necessary, but on my likelist starting off with installing a flapdisc that has been in the mail. I am hoping to already get smoother pre-sanding results in comparison to the carving disk... let´s see - i got the choice from 40-120gr, so it´s 80 First try on and over the coverpiece is promising.... i already did a lil carving in the middle, what i have in mind about backcarvings is that carve on top of the Strat is really comfy.... ... so lets check Pah! Thats bigger and deeper than i thought
  6. Absolut classic and evergreen discussion point. My pov is that clearly the hardest part must determine the diff rating. In most cases that will be the solo. Let´s take Iron Maiden for example - they will be usually riffing on low adv level through the song, the solos usually will be at least 8, rather 9 - so unplayable for adv players, even if short. That song is clearly a MC song then because if it is called 7 a player who is even on XP Level 75 will (even on hard RR training) not be able to achieve 99% which is kind of the definition of the real level. Exception seldomly might apply on ver
  7. don´t hesitate - on to sanding starting with 80gr ah... that wood begins to reveil some of it´s pure awesomeness that first time ever carving/sanding went better than expected Yeah... that upper Horn is already a lot better like that... i cannot go all wild there cause it is gonna save the puprose of presenting the strapholder. If anybody with design talent (which i harshly lack) has a great idea how that hornend will look best - please shout! those will be handy, i´m happy they made it to my mailbox quickly Sanding 180
  8. The journey continues... Memo to myself: Draw the lines to carve to before carving, take your time with that and think twice, do that completely it will save you hours if you do the carving once only obviously i went back to start and finished (or continued my final carving lines) for front and side at least Yay - new tools extremely needed - at least the carved scraper and here it goes scrapers are tools from the gods because... removes a lot of material in every pass, leaves a very smooth surface already and no n
  9. So... outside again... let´s get carving II Always keep looking for the perfect unexpected spot in your garden I think i really should move to sanding on the front so.. lets pay attention to that back my hands are hurting yes, that´s somehow how i thought it should be carved now... just carving over the backplate edges i´m happy an to the sander.... Custom dust extraction Owwwwww.... that will take forever... and i mean a lot of hours.... the carving leaves quite deep scrat
  10. fitting after a lot of filing and sanding..... yay a custom backplate
  11. I think what most guitars lack is a comfy carved back, no wonder - i think that just has to be done by hand, makes sanding harder, will add like a good 100€ to the price of a normal guitar which is unacceptable for the greater part, or maybe just noone wants that?!... ... plus it denies a normal flat backplate, so i suppose it´s time to create one BEFORE i carve there.... what???? however.... for the form of the backplate... i first wanted to do a Skull or amthg like that, but then i decided i wanted to make it not from the same wood as the body but from a leftover f
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