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  1. Thanks my friend! Indeed it's a beautiful country, the food, the landscapes and the people here are lovely, it's so sad that we are going through that, the inflation is the worst in all latin america so the argentine peso is worthless. I hope someday we can get out of this situation, because people here are just surviving with the low salaries. And I really appreciate the wishes, truly
  2. It's terrible, we are going through one of the worst economical crisis in the history of Argentina so we are just surviving, thanks for the good energies bud! I will try to drop some scores every week, so expect to see me often around here!
  3. Good to see you too @ Rodman ! It's been a while hahaha Sadly, here in Argentina things are far from better, so we are just surviving, it is what it is! At least i'm back playing guitar and that's what matters the most
  4. I had to return one day right? Not my best playthrough but this will do it
  5. Thanks for all the charts I am sure it's allot of work. I been rocking your charts for about a year now of playing Rocksmith. Game would SUCK without your charts. Especially for a Metallica superfan! I tried to send you a private message also. Come by the live stream to chat in real time if you can this week. 🤘 #HornsUp 🤘

    1. HeadsnapTV


      Also if you ever get bored and do random charts or take request? I am SHOCKED no one has done any of the Drowning Pool self Titled album like "HornsUp" or "Let the sin Begin" 🤘#HornsUp🤘used to be my intro song everyday but just played that one by ear. The very last show I played LIVE with my band before my drummer passed was with them & Jackal. Also check out the band BEFORE EYE FALL Mirage Days Album is in all digital Music stores. Has kinda a Pantera feel but it's very rhythm heavy & light on solos. 🤘Rock On 🤘

  6. These are some previous attempts so i'll try them one more time tomorrow!
  7. Definitely should be an error from the RS Combiner or some sort, because the Slanderous chart has no mistakes. Send me the fixed chart and i'll update it to the forge
  8. Sorry for completely missing last week, had a lot of work to do! I remember when I first heard this song when it came out, I liked it but it wasn't mindblowing. It is fun to play tho! I have to say that this one feels more like an advanced song rather than masterclass, at least in my opinion
  9. Really enjoyed playing this one, has a nice solo
  10. Not a big fan of this week, but here are my scores First of all, MC Lead should be changed. Note detection is terrible and random, so I don't think it's a good idea to keep the song for that path @ jellisjenius You like jazz? Memes aside, I love listening to jazz but not playing it, felt really boring and I don't feel motivated to learn the song so this is it for me If MC Lead is changed i'll be back, otherwise see y'all next week!
  11. My scores for this week! Tried the Vektor song and Somewhere in Time, both were an endurance test
  12. Alright, time for some scores! I got so into the song that I completely ignored the random misses all over the place. This is without a doubt my favorite punk song ever. I played this one so many times, one of my favorites from The Great War. Was more focused on this one than Dig Up Her Bones This is actually a really badass song from no other than Ed Sheeran. Pretty fun to play I love this song so much. I saw Metallica play this one live and it was beautiful This album is a masterpiece This is such an underrated gem. I screwed up a bit the last solo but so far this is my best score ever on this song Tomorrow i'll play Somewhere in Time again and i'll put up the score
  13. I actually found the problem a few days ago, i'll reupload the chart today or tomorrow (And with a louder volume)
  14. Nice! It's going to be much better to have those arrangements propperly valued next week Hope you guys are enjoying this week! (And the next)
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