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  1. I'm BACK

    1. bernixix


      Cuánto tiempo Nacholede!! Saludos

    2. Nacholede


      Pasaron 3 años!

  2. Happy Birthday Nacholede!

  3. Happy Birthday Nacholede!

  4. Happy Birthday Nacholede!

  5. Happy Birthday Nacholede!

  6. Farewell to one of my idols, a great person, and an excelent musician, rest in peace Lemmy, we will drink a Jack Daniels for ya

    1. LoZBit


      Give 'em hell up there, Lemmy

    2. anthonynets5


      RIP Lemmy, so hows it going with korn freak on leash drop d tuning?

    3. Nacholede


      For now you gotta play it in the original tuning, i'm focusing in other stuff!

  7. Happy Birthday Nacholede!

  8. hola loco, sos argento tambien?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. lepnardojotab


      cheee LA ULTIMA (creo)

      los que terminan en _p.psarc son para PC y los que terminan _m.psarc seran para mac???

    3. Nacholede


      Exacto :D


    4. lepnardojotab


      a borrar los M!

  9. Chabon! Necesito ayuda para descargar el wwise. Tenés alguna recomendación para darme? Hace d

  10. I'm really happy how this community have grown in all this time I remember when i came here after what happened with Smithyanvil, and man...this was the best discover i ever made This Community means a lot for me, i met really cool people, and also...started to make my own customs to share with you Happy 1 Year anniversary for y'all! we will be a bigger community!
  11. One by Metallica, Johnny B. Goode by Marty McFly And The Starlighters, Whiskey In The Jar by Metallica, Lonely Day by System of a Down, Falling Away From Me by Korn, Shoot To Thrill by AC/DC Those are my greatest CDLC that i have to offer, but there are more if you guys want!
  12. Best 3 hours of my life, Dream Theater rules!

    1. bernixix


      Que suerte Nacho!! Tengo ganas de que vuelvan por Barcelona!!! La ultima vez fue por el along for the ride tour hace 1 año jajajaja

    2. Nacholede


      Estaban haciendo el Along For The Ride Tour, tocando 5 temas del Awake y 4 del Scenes From A Memory. Fue hermoso! ademas me rei demasiado con los videos del intervalo


  13. Tomorrow i will see Dream Theater in Argentina!

  14. Happy birthday Dave Mustaine!

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