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  1. My two cents for this weeks GoG: Tonewise, chart was pretty good, tones were accurate. The chart itself was messy during the solo (Well, charting an Eddie Van Halen solo is always a pain in the ass but it's doable with the right techniques), but the slides, the tappings without the proper notation and some sections were not cool. In top of that, the note detection was terrible The rest of the song seemed pretty good, so the main draw of this chart is the note detection and the solo section being messy, so this is my first and last try on this one.
  2. Not gonna lie, I prefer new songs for this week But if that's what you guys decided, i'm ok
  3. Rough one. I felt that the chart was off or messy in some parts, hence I couldn't understand what to play. Recharting it from scratch with better notation, finger positions and notes would do the trick
  4. My favorite metal album ever Can't belive I achieved this score while being really tired. I'll check the note detection issues and I can easily get 98%
  5. Hey my man!

    I missed your set at Shredfest because you're in the wrong timezone 😉 but I watched your VOD and you kicked ass!

    Hopefully I will catch another time.

    Stay awesome buddy!

    1. Nacholede


      No problem my friend!! So glad you enjoyed it! And thank you! 

  6. This is my fav song from The 2nd Law, alongside Follow Me I think this is more of a hard advanced rather than a MC song
  7. Well, playing with 10s and a cold hand is always a pain in the ass Wish I had a drop pedal
  8. Man plays a Jeff Loomis song without actually learning it Jokes aside, it's good to be back
  9. Hey guys! Sorry for not being around here a lot. I have my guitar tuned to Drop B now so i'll share an old try I did some time ago I'll try to be more active on the championship once I have my guitar back up to E Cheers!
  10. Hola Nacholede,

    Antes de nada, gracias por compartir CDLC's para Rocksmith. Muy buen trabajo. Sobretodo me han encantado los albunes completos de Metallica.

    Tengo una duda que igual tú me puedes resolver. Quisiera juntar varios CDLC's en un mismo track y he visto que hay una utilidad que puede hacer esa labor. Se llama RocksmithXmlCombiner. El caso es que no sé como funciona y me gustaria saber si tu la has utilizado en algún momento para generar los Full Album. En caso de ser así, ¿podrías decirme cómo funciona?.

    Te dejo el enlace de sitio donde lo encontré:


    Gracias una vez más por tu gran aportación.

  11. I'm gonna pass this week. Not liking the song and I feel completely uninspired. Sorry guys
  12. Once again, I got my ass kicked this week in the MC category. Don't stand a chance anymore, and I'm feeling completely discouraged this week. I'll give AJFA one more try and that's it
  13. Feels like yesterday since I played this song, a weird deja-vu. I gotta agree with the song selection, replaying older songs from previous championships could be a double-eyed sword, mainly because (at least me) feel a bit frustrated when I see some old songs get picked again. No offense to anyone tho, and because of this I filled the Song Selection list with a lot of songs from several bands and also put some scores. I'll keep filling the spreadsheet with songs every now and then Now to the song...I played this song at 4:30 AM, i'm tired as heck but I know I can do better. Probably a few tries and that's it for the week. @SnakewizardI guess we have the same score
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