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  1. I'm gonna pass this week. Not liking the song and I feel completely uninspired. Sorry guys
  2. Once again, I got my ass kicked this week in the MC category. Don't stand a chance anymore, and I'm feeling completely discouraged this week. I'll give AJFA one more try and that's it
  3. Feels like yesterday since I played this song, a weird deja-vu. I gotta agree with the song selection, replaying older songs from previous championships could be a double-eyed sword, mainly because (at least me) feel a bit frustrated when I see some old songs get picked again. No offense to anyone tho, and because of this I filled the Song Selection list with a lot of songs from several bands and also put some scores. I'll keep filling the spreadsheet with songs every now and then Now to the song...I played this song at 4:30 AM, i'm tired as heck but I know I can do better. Probably a few
  4. I completely give up with Fire & Forgive, can't get more than 99.75. Note detection on Rocksmith always made FCs almost impossible.
  5. A slight improvement. Screwed up a few solos but I definitely can reach 98%
  6. An old playthrough. Gotta give it another shot to see if I can reach 98%
  7. I guess i'll pass this week with the Sword song, don't wanna risk it by going too low. Also, I asked Rodman If we could use my AJFA Full album chart as a GoG competition!
  8. Nice one mate! I hope I can get 96% but those sweep arpeggios get me every time
  9. Ehhh not a big fan of this. I know I can do much much better but I just don't like the song, so this is gonna be it for MC A bit of an improvement, finally could reach 95%. I'll try to push for 96%
  10. Alright! My new No More Lies chart is finished. This is a run with said chart, I'll upload it right now to the Forge
  11. This one is an old playthrough I did. Pretty sure I can get 95%
  12. I'm doing a new version of No More Lies. I realized that there are some errors on the chart I wanted to correct so i'll let you guys know when it'a ready
  13. Since I love this song so much, I wanted to share my scores for all 3 arrangements (If I had a bass, I would have shared that one too)
  14. Nice choices! But for the GoG (If you guys want) we could play the AJFA full album for the next couple weeks. Would be cool to have another full album played for the championship
  15. Merry christmas everyone! (A bit late) Had a busy week so i'll see if I can practice a bit the MC song
  16. Last week may have sucked, but this week i'm a bit closer to you
  17. Thanks guys! Had a rough week so I was frustrated all along. My pinky always been my weakness so I think i'll give a pass to this song and see what awaits in the next week. I'll keep pushing!
  18. Can't improve shit I'm done guys, i'm sorry
  19. No matter how much effort I put on the Sabaton song, I completely fuck up the solo or some riffs. So damn frustating... Sometimes I consider quitting the championship, I get easily frustrated, more with the rocksmith detection
  20. I think this is gonna be it for MC this week. Can't push above 98% bc I got issues with my pinky so it's impossible to achieve 99%
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