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  1. I enjoyed all of these. Reincarnation of BB is not one of Maiden's (or Steve Harris') better tracks but it really picks up in the second half. Manchester Orchestra's A Black Mile to the Surface and The Strokes' The New Abnormal, from which these two tracks were taken, are two of the best albums to come out in the last decade IMO.
  2. The Gold is actually in 6/8 time and I think the tab was in 6/4 for some reason. So it's a bit distracting but also just a tricky rhythm in general. I thought it should be difficulty 4 because of that. As for string jumping, I believe the tab is accurate to how the Manchester Orchestra bassist plays it. You can see both the drummer count in (1-2-3-4-5-6) and snippets of the bass playing in this video. Anyway, it's an amazing song from an amazing album by an amazing band so I'm glad it's in the championship
  3. Yes, if I understand you correctly. You can create your own ignition listing and "adopt" a song that has been abandoned or is otherwise no longer available. Or if there is a listing with a broken/dead link you can post a link to your own file hosting page. If you're talking about adding one to the SSL that is not in CF, I'm not sure what the rules are but I'll defer to those who have been doing the championship longer. The main restriction I'm aware of is that you shouldn't be sharing any customs of songs that are official DLC.
  4. Welcome to the championship! You've been added to the leaderboard.
  5. I've been cleaning up the SSL tab a bit and wanted to highlight one point: If you are adding a bass-only or guitar-only file, you need to add it to the appropriate tab, not the main "Song Selection List" but the "Only Bass Songs" or "Only Guitar Songs" tab. This way it's easier for the person selecting a song...for example, if they need a bass-only chart, they can just hop over to the "Only Bass Songs" tab and pick one from there. If you're like me and adding songs with multiple parts but you only play one or the other, I suggest using "?" for a part that is included but not tested, and "
  6. First tries: This feels like it should be played with a pick...I'll give it another shot: Trickier than it first appears...I enjoyed playing it but the score wasn't quite what I hoped for:
  7. I agree, the original rules seem to be partly outdated and are hard to understand. I'm now helping manage the song selection list so I can help you with that part: you can ignore most of what the rules say about how songs are chosen. As far as I understand, there is a small rotation of forum members who choose the songs each week by some combination of making their own choices however they want, making their own choices based on a theme (a recent one was outlaws), choosing randomly from the song selection list (the "Song Selection List" tab in the spreadsheet), and repeating an older week of t
  8. I am in favor of announcing the winners of the bonus paths when we have them, absolutely.
  9. @Orkkongen No worries, I'm over it. Though it would be good to have some clarity on the deadline. I only had time for one go this week:
  10. My apologies as well. For some reason that announcement wasn't displaying for me until after I saw your post. Looks great now - thanks!
  11. Yes please remove the album covers or give us the option of album text only! I often sort by album but now having album turned on makes every row take up like a third of my screen. I can't imagine how giant album art is going to be helpful to anyone using search.
  12. I'll gladly give credit to @Orkkongenfor his dedication and persistence, but at the very least I would appreciate some clarification on the deadline for posting scores. Two weeks in a row @Orkkongen posted scores that leapfrogged mine at the last possible moment, and this week I believe it was after 7pm CET, which I thought was the deadline. I mean, it's one thing to play a song 7, 8, 9 times to get your scores better, but it's another thing to post those scores at the last moment when it's not possible for others to improve their own scores. I don't really care to compete against that,
  13. Not as much time to play this week (still haven't gotten around to AJFA) but I'm reasonably happy with my scores: I'm a big Silversun Pickups fan so enjoyed this one, and it was a nice benchmark to hear only my bass and have it still sound good: One of the better NW tracks IMO: And Arctic Monkeys songs are fun to play on bass - this one has a really nice groove:
  14. Sounds good - I PM'ed you my email address.
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