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  1. I'm @ jellisjenius , I just mentioned cacahuate51 as someone who, like you, seemed to advance quickly beyond the level of the other Adv bass players Your decision on the level, of course, and I definitely welcome new competition. I'll just say that from what I've seen, the best time to transition to the next level is when you are just a little behind the competitors of the next level. When I moved from Int to Adv I was not ready to win at that level but was close enough that the new challenge pushed me and I was able to become competitive before long. If it gets to the point where you are winning Adv every week, that's no longer fun for anyone IMO. I don't envision any other Adv players scoring above 95% on Rotten Apple due to the recognition issues...maybe they'll prove me wrong. I'm too frustrated with the phantom misses to keep trying.
  2. Nice song, boring bass arrangement: I submitted this a while ago when I was int. level and assumed all my misses on the main riff were due to my lack of skill. Now I can play the riff perfectly but RS registers at least one miss almost every time, so I think there are unfortunately some recognition and possibly slight sync issues. I even tried with a different tone. Oh well, I still enjoy it but don't know if I can push my score much higher than this (also @ Mikson , Nutshell is a favorite of mine too): Surprisingly found this more enjoyable to play than the Stevie Wonder version. Not bad for a sight read I think:
  3. @ Razrshred Congrats on winning with the perfect score on Adv Bass. I know you said you practiced Gangsters quite a bit before achieving the 100%...nevertheless, the Championship expectation (see the rules link) is that you consider up-leveling when you achieve 99.5%+ on a 7 difficulty Advanced track. Up to you but achieving a 100% on a 7 difficulty is very rare for Adv players...last time it happened was I think @ cacahuate51 who moved up to MC.
  4. My best shot without having more time to practice: I'm going to say that @ Razrshred should be promoted to MC level for perfecting this on 2 tries...
  5. I'll leave that up to you and the Lead competitors. I don't see a need to add an extra song if it's above Advanced level, as there is no GoG "class" technically. I tend to think of GoG/GoR/GoB as primarily for full albums or other special cases. But if the people want the change to be made, no problem.
  6. From testing... This was fun: This is overall enjoyable and not too difficult but there is one tricky extended string skipping section 2/3 of the way through that is more Adv level: If you can get down the repeated octave run it's not too bad: Hoo boy...this earns the 8.5-9 difficulty IMO:
  7. Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship! -= Week 489 =- => How and Why join the Championships? => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules Previous' week Winners are: Lead: - Beginner: @Mattscall (96.06) - Intermediate: @Balage1976 (86) - Advanced: @LuZifeR (98.69) - Masterclass: @Bottledpat12 (97.94) Rhythm: - Beginner: @lowender (82) - Intermediate: Daz40 (97) - Advanced: @Rodman (95.15) - Masterclass: @nlbsmglsk (96) Bass: - Beginner: @luckyoldme (99.9) - Intermediate: @lowender (99.2) - Advanced: @Mikson (98.88) - Masterclass: @coldrampage (95) Congrats to all winners. Well done! This week's songs are: Lead Path: Beginner: Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (3.5^) selected by Mikson Intermediate: The Specials A.K.A. - Gangsters (5*) selected by jellisjenius Advanced: Accept - Race to Extinction (7*) selected by zoutje Masterclass: AC/DC - The Razors Edge (8) selected by Rodman God of Guitar: Mastodon - Capillarian Crest (10) (D standard) selected by nlbsmglsk [Week 1 of 2] Rhythm Path: Beginner: The Specials A.K.A. - Gangsters (3*) selected by jellisjenius Intermediate: Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (5*) selected by Mikson Advanced: Accept - Race to Extinction (6) selected by zoutje Masterclass: Mastodon - Capillarian Crest (8.5) (D standard) selected by nlbsmglsk Bass Path: Beginner: The Smiths - How Soon Is Now (4*) selected by jellisjenius Intermediate: Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (5.5) selected by Mikson Advanced: The Specials A.K.A. - Gangsters (7) selected by jellisjenius Advanced Bonus: Accept - Race to Extinction (6) selected by zoutje Masterclass: Mastodon - Capillarian Crest (9*) (D standard) selected by nlbsmglsk Check current week Rocksmith Championship Leaderboard You can submit your song suggestions for the championship here: Google Sheets Spreadsheet Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10). Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police: 2groggy
  8. New week will be up by ~ midnight EDT. Still a few hours to get your final scores in.
  9. So I will have a new week up sometime today, but I'll ask for your patience...it's probably going to be a good while as I've only recently gotten RS back up and running. I'll give a heads up when I'm closer to having it ready.
  10. I played all songs but only screenshotted these two: There are so many fun Amorphis songs, I'll have to add more to the CSL This was something...cool song, some parts where I was lost but definitely a workout:
  11. Just stopping in to say, Amorphis is fantastic and is very well represented with quality CDLC by @ albatross213 and others. This song is actually from their earlier catalog (90s) but IMO their music has continued to improve and some of my favorites from them are in their last few albums. My laptop died for good last week so I missed out on Week 487. After some wrangling with my Steam Deck I think I have RS working with CDLC again now so hopefully I'm back this week.
  12. @ Rodman I'm jealous, enjoy the snowboarding! Cool song from one of my favorite albums...unfortunately The Cure's basslines often are not too fun to learn as they use repetition to create the vibe. This one's decent though: Hard to go wrong with QOTSA. This is a little harder than I remembered, maybe more like a 5.5+ difficulty? The song has a fun energy and pace but the chart is quite awkward to play and it feels off sync at times: I appreciate As I Lay Dying though I generally don't love playing thrash basslines. Brutal opening riff.
  13. Fun little song, very peppy: I have never understood the appeal of Rammstein...this one is at least an interesting chart. Closer to a 6 difficulty IMO: Some note recognition issues as I felt like I played it perfectly: One of my favorites from A7X and a lot of fun to play...watch out for that outro, the audio fade lulls you into relaxing:
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