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  1. It's good for you I felt the same way when I first moved into Advanced. Glad I pushed myself.
  2. @ cacahuate51 should really be MC for bass. 2 tries to get a nearly perfect score on that Riverside track is a level above the rest of us competing on Adv, if we're being honest. Well done, now move up to MC please.
  3. First tries: This band has some really intricate basslines:
  4. Lots of good runs but kept choking at the end... And finally got it up over 99%:
  5. Enjoying this...I think I can get it up over 99%:
  6. I guess since it's Tuesday we're sticking with the original selection. That's fine with me as I really enjoy the Toto song. My first takes: Probably a 4.5ish but I don't think it's too crazy for beginner: Not the finest of The Cure's catalog (note: @ cacahuate51 The Cure's best album IMO is Disintegration if you want to give them a proper chance). Also possibly easier to play than Sleazy Bed Track, but it's overall solid: I'm relatively familiar with Toto's music but somehow hadn't heard or played this before. I really like it: Glad to see this picked as I had just added it and a few other Blu DeTiger tracks to the bass only tab. There are a fair number of songs in my library that still kick my ass, but only a select few remain fun while doing so. Great example here:
  7. Cool, unique bassline, and even better with the solo (thanks @ cacahuate51 !). Definitely not beginner level IMO, it's repetitive but very challenging to keep a streak going on the main riff: I love what I've heard and played from the new Muse album. This is no exception: Second run was better: And I'll post my Bigmouth score with a high probability that I'll do better with the new version:
  8. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Bigmouth is my favorite Smiths song and it pained me to play an old/unrefined version on bass. I look forward to trying your version!
  9. This is more challenging (or at least harder to get a high score) than the Adv track. Cool song though: These Revocation tracks are odd...mostly enjoyable, crunchy riffs but there's always at least one section of the song that is inexplicably hard to nail and seems unnecessary to the song. This one is overall easier than the previous ones: Always down for some Joe Dart basslines:
  10. I don't care if they are a parody band. I'm fine with Spinal Tap, Tenacious D, etc. This is crossing a line IMO: [Verse 1] I'm in Tokyo I'm looking for a ho I tried to score some blow But I don't speak Japanese, no Find a geisha girl I take her for a whirl Wrap her tuna roll on my dick And the bitch is on her knees [Pre-Chorus] Sucky fucky, sucky fucky, sucky fucky, sucky fucky Smells like sushi Sucky fucky, sucky fucky, sucky fucky, sucky fucky Smells like sushi I think the fact that many, many Asian sex workers are in fact sold as slaves is what is triggering me here. Maybe this was funny in 2009 but very much not so now IMO. Especially the "Sucky, fucky" bit.
  11. So I'm all for diverse taste in music but maybe we can avoid blatantly racist and degrading songs like Asian Hooker for the Championship? I mean seriously, I should have known just from the song name but I foolishly decided to give it a shot. 30 seconds in I was scrambling to turn it off with my kids sitting nearby and feeling utterly disgusted. Come on let's be better than that. Guess I'll be skipping Adv Bass this week. This one is a classic: And this was a lot of fun (IMO more of a 7.5-8, not 8.5):
  12. Mike Mills - one of the most underrated bass players in history. His bass lines are very tasteful: Not one of the more interesting bass parts for Billy Talent. It's fine but repetitive and a bit weak in difficulty, I'd almost go 5.5: Wild, epic song...really tricky but fun bass playing from Deac, who happens to be another highly underrated bassist:
  13. Shouldn't Millionaire Waltz be Masterclass for Bass, not MC Bonus?
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