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  1. Not sure any more could be packed into three minutes. Thank you to all the content people for all you do.
  2. Fantasy Friday request.
  3. "I am personally placing a bounty on the head of (this song for bass)" Reg Dunlop
  4. Not quite the original but a bit heavier than Dave Alvin, still a solid tune.
  5. Not as much heavy lifting by the Ox but still a steady ahead old thumper. Thank you for all you folks do.
  6. A bass request (from the better 7/8ths) Thank you in advance and thank you for all in this great community for all you do.
  7. Open the video on YOUTUBE then right click mouse, hit copy video URL.
  8. Gotta' love the old "nothing longer than 3 minutes" format, Fun tune. Thank you all for all you do.
  9. Not crazy bass but a great tune nonetheless.
  10. Another pea floating around the brain pan.
  11. Anyone with the proper abilities have any use for this dusty gem? Thank you all for all you do.
  12. One of his more underrated works but a lovely tune all the same.
  13. Another oldie with a fun bass groove.
  14. Deep dive bass request for anyone who wonders what would happen if Spirit met disco. Rock on, legends!
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