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  1. Happy Birthday Teinashu!

  2. Happy Birthday Teinashu!

  3. Hey everyone. Instead of changing one or two things this time around, we've rewritten the entire thing. Be sure to read through it it has some new interesting things. You can also read them under Help > Rules **RULES LAST UPDATED MARCH 2019** Terms Of Use You agree that we reserve the right to change the rules at any time for any reason.You agree that by signing up and using this site that you have acquired the legal rights to the songs in the CDLC that you upload or download.We encourage everyone to purchase the game and any official content that is created by Ubisoft. We are thrille
  4. Happy Birthday Teinashu!

  5. Happy Birthday Teinashu!

  6. Locking this. All discussion regarding the update breaking cdlc and stuff is here. http://customsforge.com/topic/33087-is-rocksmith-remastered-going-to-break-cdlc/
  7. All CDLC not working discussion here. http://customsforge.com/topic/33087-is-rocksmith-remastered-going-to-break-cdlc/ Locking this topic.
  8. On vacation from 14-08 till 30-08. Please send any important messages to Unleashed2K.

    1. Billkwando


      Have fun! Stay safe! :)

  9. Happy Birthday Teinashu!

  10. No. Only CDLC that are still in the database and have broken & absent charters are being put into the orphanage.
  11. The rule is that you can have a folder for a single song. But not a single folder for all your songs. So you can keep on using a folder for platforms & DD/no DD versions. We do this so when we delete a song because it turns into ODLC the song isn't available anymore through other cdlc of the same charter.
  12. We are working on a way to make sure they don't show up as updated. Till that system if fixed though we'll keep it around 10 per day to not flood all the other customs.
  13. Say hello to our new CDLC Orphanage. From now on if we find a download link that is broken and the user hasn't been online for 90+ days. We'll update the download links and change the charter to CDLC Orphanage. In the release notes we will make a note of who the original charter is, the date of when the CDLC was put into the orphanage and the member of staff who send the CDLC into the orphanage. If the original charter returns he can get the CDLC out of the orphanage without any problems. CDLC in the orphanage are also up for adoption. If a magna charter want's to adopt one of the songs
  14. A couple of days ago our moderator @Izzy found that there are currently around 6000 to 7000 cdlc with broken or expired download links. These are mostly hosted on Zippy share. He is currently in the progress of updating all the records with a broken link. So if you see one of your CDLC suddenly updated, it means your download link was broken. Also, we still found several people linking to folders of their CDLC. We will be contacting users about this and give you a week to rectify it. After that we'll be updating the links our self's. If you have any questions feel free to ask them.
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