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  1. Sounds like a cache issue. Try hitting ctrl + F5 while having Ignition open. That should force your browser to clear the cache for the page. This is an issue that happened when we had to fix some stuff. Let me know if that works.
  2. Hey guys, thanks for picking Replica for the championship, unfortunately the custom in it's current state isn't very good. Lots of wrong stuff going on in it. I don't have the time to make a quick fix for it as I need to rebuild it from scratch. Still I hope you can at least enjoy the song :)
  3. I would highly recommend Powerwolf, They are very fun to play, and the solo's aren't that insane.
  4. Not here to participate, but been enjoying seeing the scores for Orphaned Land :) Hope you've all been enjoying the song and if you have any feedback be sure to let me know!
  5. Hey everyone. Instead of changing one or two things this time around, we've rewritten the entire thing. Be sure to read through it it has some new interesting things. You can also read them under Help > Rules **RULES LAST UPDATED MARCH 2019** Terms Of Use You agree that we reserve the right to change the rules at any time for any reason.You agree that by signing up and using this site that you have acquired the legal rights to the songs in the CDLC that you upload or download.We encourage everyone to purchase the game and any official content that is created by Ubisoft. We are thrille
  6. Hey Guys, I had to remove the link to Manchot66's customs 2 pages back, because it contained a couple of The Cars CDLC that are now ODLC. Also it was breaking another rule. (No folder full of cdlc's) Feel free to post separate links in the comment of his cdlc, that way we can also replace the broken links.
  7. Post all your CDLC requests here. Since we no longer have the "Popular" Request system, you can now post them in this, and only in this, topic! NOTICE. Posting a request here does not mean that someone will make it. Spamming the same song over and over will get you suspended. This is not a demand area. The Charters that post their CDLC on CF do so because they want to. You cannot force them to make your song. Do not send PM's to every single charter asking for your song to be made. Basically this is a dumping ground for your requests and nothing more.
  8. It gets deleted. We also advice everyone kindly to support the devs by buying the songs they like.
  9. When the new request system is ready that will all change though :)
  10. Yeah. Though it might take a while. Talked to Lynd a while back and they might be releasing their tabs.
  11. Adding to that. Current ignition has the same fast download button. Nothing has changed in that regard. You can still click the record and you'll get a screen with all the author information. Furthermore we'll be giving authors more options for that. The ability to add info for all arrangements of your CDLC. So if the bass is in a different tuning you can now easily specify that.
  12. http://customsforge.com/topic/33138-rocksmith-remastered-cdlc-fix/?p=231225
  13. Locking this. All discussion regarding the update breaking cdlc and stuff is here. http://customsforge.com/topic/33087-is-rocksmith-remastered-going-to-break-cdlc/
  14. Updated .DLL is available. http://customsforge.com/topic/33138-rocksmith-remastered-cdlc-fix/ Enjoy :)
  15. All CDLC not working discussion here. http://customsforge.com/topic/33087-is-rocksmith-remastered-going-to-break-cdlc/ Locking this topic.
  16. I'll look into pruning older warning points :) I'm sure there is an option for that somewhere. Edit: Well, had to do it by hand. All pre 2016 warning points have been pruned. I'm not saying that it wasn't a civilized discussion. But sometimes even that can just hit you the wrong way at the wrong time :)
  17. On the subject of hiding posts and the like. Imagine you think of something really cool to do. You announce it and expect people are going to like it just as much as you do. Only in response you'll get 10ish comments on the legality of it and other complaints. At one point you'll just be like: "whatever I'm done with this." and close/delete/hide the topic/posts. Sometimes dealing with a big community can be quite frustrating and it'll feel like every announcement you make to better the site and things is only being met with complaints. All of us who run the site are volunteers, we do this
  18. Owning games doesn't really say anything about how much money you have. I have over a 1000 games on steam and around 600 of them I got via cheap humble bundles :). I've looked into the matter of that song and I can't find a lot about it. The record is still somewhere in our database. We are gonna investigate what happened with it, but I cannot promise you that we find anything that would explain it.
  19. I think the problem here is that he has reinstalled rocksmith and he needs to re download the .dll file. Check the FAQ you'll find a link to the .dll file there.
  20. On vacation from 14-08 till 30-08. Please send any important messages to Unleashed2K.

    1. Billkwando


      Have fun! Stay safe! :)

  21. this^ you need to buy the official dlc song Cherub Rock.
  22. I use these nowadays. http://www.timber-tones.com/timo-somers-pink-bone-1-signature-guitar-pick-1334-p.asp Expensive but so damn lovely.
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