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  1. Iron maiden's pretty good. Fear of the dark is fairly easy, I bet with some practice you could probably get the solo down. IOSYS has some nice power metal (when they're not making meme songs), the Homicide Moon solo is pretty easy,Sparking Slash and Judgment Star aren't too hard either. I don't listen to/play too much power metal but these are my goto songs for fooling myself into thinking I'm somewhat decent at guitar. Thanks a lot, I will give it a try.
  2. Hi, I consider myself an intermidiate guiitar player. I am currently able to play at Sabaton 40:1, it´s a little tough on the solo part, but I am able to manage. Could someone please recommend some easier songs or at the same difficulty level of 40:1? I really love Power Metal, but those super fast sweep picking solos are too brutal at my current level and really frustrating. Sorry for the bad english.
  3. All right, I got it working now and with the correct slides. Thanks a lot guys.
  4. All right, it works. But i noticed that the slide ends into s streaming note. I tried to fix it reducing g the note's duration, but now the song will not start, what did I do wrong? I perform the first tuning and when the chart should show up, the game hangs. I am almost starting over [emoji53] Edit: I just found another thread with the same issues, which seem to be related th e toolkit. I will try that
  5. Yeah that´s exactly what happened. And when I get to RS, the solo is all weird and makes no sense, it´s like it got lost. Thanks for the infos.
  6. Oh, so that´s the way it works? I kept looking for an option to do that, tried to create a new note and use the Slide in Pro Guitar option, but got the same. I will try that. Thanks a lot.
  7. I am working on CDLC, which contains some slide notes that don´t have a starting note. In the original tab the note goes with the symbol "/12" and then "14". For some reason, the EOF assumed that this "/12 14" is "11 / 14", which ruins the whole solo´s structure. How do I fix this? The only thing getting me stuck in this song is this solo part =(. Thanks
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