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  1. Happy Birthday AxLShiv!

  2. Happy Birthday AxLShiv!

  3. i purchased the lifetime sub like 2 years back, i dont see any option to download official tabs however from what i see official tabs are just pro tabs. The official tabs come with its own Ui in which you can select which instrument youre playing on (so long as its available on the song by the creator) and includes backing tracks for official tabs. Official tabs also have the option to switch between tablature and chords for songs which is a bonus. Theres also Tonebridge which is free, i use it on my mac with my rocksmith cable and it works well, however the quality of the tones vary as it doe
  4. doubtful, to my understanding rocksmith picks up either mic,realtone cable or none respectively, it cant understand or differentiate if you were playing 2 guitars through one mic
  5. The ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka. Skibiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom. Skya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun. Poom, poom.
  6. You shouldnt complain about dlc or official dlc if you cant even make it yourself, it can be incredibly time consuming depending on the the materials used, in fact it comes across quite pretentious how you think of the work people do, creators of official dlc work really hard to provide it and just because they may not play it a certain way as the person who wrote it did, doesn't make it wrong, theres more than one way to play a song, everyone has their own interpretation of how they hear something, maybe be appreciative its there considering you dont have the skills to do it yourself.
  7. Dave Grohl and Alex Turner (Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys) Dave's unbelievable use of turning chords into broken down notes and technical mastery of music regardless of teaching himself ,along with Alex Turner's ability giving unique and diverse sounds with his unrivaled mastery of lyrics is amazing. Theyre the reason i picked up a guitar 2 years ago. They may not fall into 'guitarist' category since both of them are talented with many different things
  8. @@firekorn considering remastered only came out like half a year ago, i dont see any major changes or even a new game coming out soon, aside from the rumours about that survey they released i dont think theyre gonna be making any big changes soon, maybe 2018/19. Not sure if it be that difficult to implement a 'singstar' type addition to it(mentioned in the survey), i mean theres already ultrastar for pc, but that might insight a mic conflict. maybe violinsmith or trumpetsmith next
  9. bothers me as well, while rs2014 was the first RS i played it bothered me from the start, like im the guitarist, what am i doing back here, i later found out that the original RS did have you on the stage,infront of the audience, apparently the developers say it was distracting to the player and that RS2014 is aimed more towards an educational piece of software rather than a game. Personally i think the pro is that yes it does then branch off from the genre of video game to educational software, while the con might be it might lose an audience(no pun intended) with a more visually appealing
  10. what the crap, how does one not play cdlc
  11. had a similar issue a week ago, some things to consider adding the dll file http://www.mediafire.com/file/gscyg17f2to4jnq/D3DX9_42.dll running the command script https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1ZKYtpB0vu2WnJWZzdtUkp6SU0/view
  12. sounds like they havent been repaired meaning theres no dynamic difficulty added. Download CFSM http://customsforge.com/topic/22341-customsforge-song-manager-cfsm-official-release/ and do a repair on your songs but make sure you select add DD(dynamic difficulty) if memory serves me right its in a repair drop down, mess around with it im sure youll find it
  13. the notes and chords of cdlc vs dlc will be very much different, however they will sound generally the same since they're pretty much done by ear, so for example if lets say the dlc says from 3 slide to 5, while the cdlc says from 3 hammer on 5, now both give the same notes to play but are played differently while a cdlc charter may hear it in that way, the official person trained for years would year the other way, now thats my best case scenario, worst case is the 2 different people hear different things. I myself admit to not knowing how to hell to read music sheets, don't ask me whats a
  14. Hi Guys, If you're reading this, you're probably a fan of Linkin Park and Chester and depending on how much you utterly loved him you, like myself may have shed some tears over the tragic loss of one of the most impressive talents of our generation. Growing up Linkin Park was probably the band that turned me to rock music and shaped the foundations of my love for rock and i even specifically remember trying to fit more than 1 Linkin Park song on my stiffy disk. Chester's dynamic voice is part of my childhood, teenage life and newly adulthood and is something I'd never get tired of. I never
  15. Hey Rockers So I'm working on an arctic monkeys track Fright Lined Dining Room and I've got most of the setup pretty well but i am having trouble with a section in regards to amps. You can listen to the bit here at around 1:58 to the end its got quite a dirty amp with distortion and from 2:13 i believe thats a dirty distortion on the bass as well. Now im having a bit of trouble getting close to that sound,is there anyone who knows what setup would be perfect of this bit? Much thanks Many appreciate
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