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  1. Im definitively puzzled by this behaviour. Ive already tried to check files integrity in Steam, which lead it to download some files. It started a few months ago. Ironically more or less when Ubisoft dropped Rocksmith. Ive reached the point where i'll only play a capo song as the last one of the day knowing i'll get it freezed after that. Ive also discovered that the game indeed crashes as soon as you tune with the capo as once it enters the song, it APPARENTLY plays as normal, BUT if you press ESC you cannot qet the pause menu, so it just plays untill it ends and then you get the two speake
  2. More songs. Per instrument tracks. Drums and Keyboard playing. Improved picking hand notation that actually helps to see how its meant to be played. I've read the gazillion excuses of all kinds to not make those happen. And i dont care. Thats what would propel Rocksmith to a tenfold and beyond.
  3. Sound is sound, there's no good monitor for one specific thing, either they are techincally accurately or they aren't. It's like video monitor, if a video monitor have more red than it should, it'll never be considered good. Why would you consider it's good when it comes to something that is suppose to reproduce sound? Regarding the two monitor you shared, unless you can find actual test regarding their frequency response in axis and off axis, you might as well buy them totally blindly. Knowing how far they can reach within a 3dB margin doesn't mean that they don't have any kind of major dip
  4. Well my mind is already set in getting studio monitors. Thank you very much for your explanations, now i see it clearly. Just the last stament on its own makes my assumptions look ridiculous: JBL LSR 310 S: Low Frequency Extension 27 Hz http://www.jblpro.com/www/products/recording-broadcast/3-series/lsr310s#.XI5tKShKjb0 Ill probably go for a pair of studio monitors in the near future. I was considering the Yamaha HS-5 to Yamaha HS-7 at max, or now also JBL 305P MKII to JBL 306P MKII. Both white to blend with wall as much as they can mounted on floor stands. At the beggining i also read about
  5. Well it is higher watts what studio monitors use to build pricier models, and also the lower the watts the more distorting you get at a given volume, and Rocksmith and your guitars asks for high volume. My doubt is if put side to side and tested i would like more the experience of using those kind of studio monitors than a logitech z906 set of pc speakers. Im open to suggestions but confused and biased towards logitech as a safe bet because actually ive owned them for like 5 years before the amd in the subwoofer blew. And after repairing failed im considering getting either a new set of them o
  6. Should i take them like apples to apples, or like apples to oranges. I understand the first have a coloured sound, while the studio monitors have a plain sound that reflects the actual studio appearance of the music you hear. The same ive read many times that on average studio monitors are considered by most an unpleasant way to hear music, and as in Rocksmith you get everything mixed thats what you are doing. Let leave aside for a momment the different purpose of each one. My question is, should i compare the 500 watt rms of the Logitech Z906 with the 100watt to 300watt you would get out
  7. I agree with firekorn. Maybe make uploaders to upload to a minimum of 3 hosts. Also i expect someone out ther in customforge to have what it takes to download everything and keep a local copy. Maybe you could encourage some kind of repackings made monthly so people can download everything uploaded in that month. The more people getting them, the better to get over some eventual havock.
  8. But i read an amp is not meant to work with the wide sound spectrum that Rocksmith music will output. Also i read people saying you can blow a pc if you plug them. I in fact have an amp that i may not call portable at all due to its weight. A Line 6 - Spider II 112 from like 2007 or so. And to even split the sound of my guitar to it while using rocksmith i read also i would need a splitter that will cancel the noise produced when you split in that way. So all in all it looks that a good portable speaker for my pc that may be meant to act as a wide spectrum monitor and also being portable could
  9. Ive found this one: Behringer HPA40 https://www.fullcompass.com/common/files/28803-BehringerHPA40PASystemQuickStartGuide.pdf http://www.musictribe.com/Categories/Behringer/Portable-PA-Systems/Handheld/HPA40/p/P0B0Q Ive read bout someone using several of them to run a band using one each musician. But im looking for the purpose of hooking it to the PC so i can get Rocksmith running over it. And eventually carrying it with a notebook and plugging it to run on battery and still be able to play Rocksmith with guitar using this one. AND at the same time to let it act as my pc speaker for everyt
  10. Ive read there are portable amps but that even if i can connect them through the aux they are not good for more than just your guitar but not the whole music going from the game. That you should be looking at a monitor speaker is that true. What about some portable pc speaker that has at least dedicated bass. Preferably in a single piece. The problem is all i find are 2.1 which are clumsy to move, and im unsure how good could be such a low one to power rocksmith and a guitar, i would notbe surprised if sound is too distorted and poorly vivid. Any suggestions out there.
  11. ._. Ok now let me return to the real world, and rework my question, what would be good, guitar/pickups if you fall in love with that sound. As i found gibson hollow expensive i was indeed already lurking the gretschs that have lot of affordable models, also the ibanez. As long as the pickups are basically the same in the same body type there should be no remarkable differences, isnt it.
  12. Sorry for describing such a physical trait but i have no other way to ask for a band i saw in youtube that now i cannot find nor i have idea what their name is. Lead is a fat female young guitar, that sweats like mad, and plays like she is in the middle of a vudu exorcism. Is this enough for someone, because i found them without purpose so many times that i though they were well known but now i no longer find them.
  13. Reading comments in the youtube page for the Riff Repeater performance of Walk the moon - Shut Up and Dance, y did read a guy saying that when this song was released he though it was going to be his new jam song, but that after that he ended up jumping back to Pantera. As a Rocksmith guitar novice can you explain me what was he was talking about. I mean whats that about using a song to jam, maybe like playing the song and adding notes by improvisation that make sense with the rith you are hearing. And what would make a song to be good for such purpose. Are there some most used songs by gui
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