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  1. Can you guys look into hosting the customs? there are so many dead links, crappy download services that install viruses. It would be so much nicer if they were all on a single source and we didn't have to worry about them vanishing. it's only a couple gigs of files so cost shouldn't be much at all, like $60/year in data. I'd donate some support money for a feature like this.
  2. thanks for the link, but just so you know, the download links for both current and beta versions at the CSFM website have been down for two weeks now.
  3. Heads up the links to download the files are down, 404 file not found for both the release and beta.
  4. I have a custom for RHCP's Strip My Mind... I didn't create it but I noticed it's not on Ignition.. I got it here, but maybe it's old or was taken down... is there someone interested in bringing it forward if I upload it?
  5. That looks like it worked, I just did a quick check and I'm not getting the crashes. I'll mess a little more tonight to confirm. Oh and yes, I had used it a bunch previously, my favorite feature to hide all the songs I don't bother with.
  6. I've found that song Pack doesn't work for the new cache.psarc. it corrupts the file and crashes the game. I've verified filed integrity and pulled down again from steam, but each time I run it the same thing happens. It's damaging something to do with the new feature to use a mic instead of the cable. you can instantly tell as soon as you get into the game the icon of which path you are using is incorrect, it's missing the sub-icon for cable/mic. and if you hit CTRL to change paths the game instantly crashes. Let me know if you need anything to help troublshoot or logs... CFSM doesn't r
  7. I can't switch paths (lead/rhythm/bass) the instant I hit or click CTRL I get a hard rocksmith crash out. deleting ini didn't work. anyone else?
  8. Thanks Cozy, I had a local copy I was restoring from, I ended up deleting the file and had steam validate local content, ended up pulling down and sure enough they were of different size. Once it came down CFSM updated the pack with no issues. This is fixed.. though the mystery still remains of how my song pack changed :ph34r:
  9. Still getting the exception error on the RS1 DLC song pack if I try to disable any songs... when I save there is an exception error (below) and then the app is frozen indefinitely, have to force crash out. the other two packs of RS1 disc & RS2014 work fine. Have had this issue on all versions since RS2014 remastered was issued. It starts to write the new rs1compatibilitydlc_p.psarc, but the error occurs leaving the file with 0 bytes and corrupt. See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text *
  10. the more I use Rocksmith, the more I think going the game route was a bad idea. I think the next version should focus on being more of a professional training tool and less game. They should develop a CDLC studio where you can write your own songs or import tabs and compete with applications like Guitar Pro 6, Garage band, etc... but still keep it focused for now around "Rock" but expand to drum (digital) and keyboard to complete a standard set of instruments. I've found I only use Rocksmith as a way to learn a new song as it's 10x easier and faster than reading music and tabs (at least base
  11. Hate reviving an old thread - but i think it's still an open topic and better to keep it all in one place... just wondering if anyone has heard anything new on the next version?
  12. All together, almost 2 years of playing and I collected 6 guitars, 1 bass, 3 amps. My biggest mistake was with amps, I think I cycled through 10 amps before settling on my primary.... That was some costly bad moves. But I never mad a mistake on guitars, really like each one. Here is my current gear: Gibson 120th anniversary Les Paul Studio Pro in Fireburst Candy Fender American Deluxe HSS Strat in Blackout Ibanez S670 in Flame Red Takamine P4DC Acoustic in Matte Natural Taylor GS Mini Acoustic in Quilted Sapele Fender Squire Strat My $99 first guitar! Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass in
  13. No, I hadn't see that setting, I'll have to check that out, thx. on your recording point, would like to see that as well, add in a studio mixing type thing where you could lay down (robot) drum line, then play & record bass, go back and lay rhythm, then a screaming solo... I also think they should partner up with some major hardware companies like Avid, Presonus, Apogee, etc.. and open up the interface instead of requiring just a realtone cable. I get their concern of being wide open and the support nightmare, but they could easily open up to certain "certified" products so thos
  14. I never got into session mode, I liked the concept but not the way they implemented it. Rather then it laying down a backing track and stick with that, it's more freee-flowy, it stops & starts, changes pace.. I get the dynamic aspect, but dynamic is exactly what a guitarist DOES'T want... we rely on a solid bass/drum line to be laid down. I'd like the to focus more on the backing tracks concept, and use the AI to add drum fills, keyboard solo's, beat change-ups and such. Another item; I'd really love if they could find a way to either noise cancel out or minimize the guitar/bass in th
  15. Curious if anyone heard anything on the next version of the game? I had heard way back that they were not planning on doing regular releases and gave the impression it could be years before we see the next game. Anything new? Curious what others would look for in the new game? I personally would love to see the following in a new version of the game Introduce Keyboards - the more I learn about music, the more I find keyboards are spread throughout every song. and keyboards by default have a digital midi/USB connection and would easily be able to be incorporated into the existing game. I'd l
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