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  1. Maybe I just got lucky or perhaps mine stops working tomorrow.
  2. #3 - The Rocksmith.ini in the install dir. Everybody - Have you tried going into device manager and uninstall the driver for the realtone cable? Maybe a combination of that and deleting the ini file is what works.
  3. I forgot to try and delete the ini file and that worked.
  4. I played earlier today just fine and when I wanted to play about an hour ago there was an update. I hadn't restarted the computer between when it worked and the update. My problem now is that Rocksmith isn't registering any sound from my bass. I know the cable work because I can hear the bass in Windows when I active the "Listen to this device" option. I've tried removing the driver to the Realtone cable completely and then restarting and I've tried validating my game files but nothing worked. Anybody else experiencing this problem? FIXED
  5. After updating CCC to Crimson I can't start Rocksmith 2014 in fullscreen anymore. I tried many things but nothing seems to have a permanent solution. I've tried reinstalling my Windows 10, but after a couple of reboots the problem returns. Anybody know of a fix?
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