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  1. Here's a new app developed by Scott Walters that searches Spotify playlists to find which songs are on Ignition. As of right now, 36,179 corresponding tracks have been found out of 43,715 tracks on Ignition. The app also features links to a constantly updated Spotify playlist with all the songs on Ignition and a tool that creates Spotify playlists based on what is available on Ignition. The tool is still being worked on so that as many tracks can be found on Ignition as possible. I think it would be beneficial to include it on the Tools section of Ignition since it allows for quicker navigation of Ignition on mobile devices and the desktop site. A link to the app: https://ignite-for-spotify.scowalt.com/
  2. Anything by Nirvana the UK 60's psychedelic band would be excellent, I really recommend them!! Also Love with Arthur Lee, Kaleidoscope, or MDC would be amazing!!!!
  3. Try these Belsen Was A Gas - Sex Pistols The Girl Next Door - Screeching Weasel Hybrid Moments - The Misfits
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