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  1. The most common next question in this situation is, did you download Cherub Rock by The Smashing Pumpkins yet? You will need this file as well to play CDLC's, also make sure you are simply placing the dll file in the rocksmith 2014 folder and not any of the sub-folders if on pc.
  2. While I am also interested to see what their new project is, I am also really bummed that I will not see any official DK content on Rocksmith. I guess it will be up to me from now on to create the content that I want to play on this platform................................... FUUUUUUUUU......
  3. Happy Birthday SlaughterMasta!

  4. I own the Audio-Technica MX50's non BT version. In my opinion they are the best audio headphones I have EVER used, they were worth every penny. I have used almost every other brand of headset/headphones (excluding Turtle Beach and Bose) and the Audio-Technicas blow all off them away when it comes to audio quality through headphones, as far as I am concerned. I am also with Firekorn that you should avoid BT whenever it comes to audio devices.
  5. It's fixed, I got my normal tones back. For the sake of trouble shooting I started a new profile before uninstalling and started initial setup, the tone was still broken up until I got to the noise calibration setup. That's when everything returned to normal, I backed out and loaded my main profile and it seems all good to go. I don't switch guitars often and rarely use the re-calibrate setting, so I didn't even think of trying that. I'm not sure if it was the cdlc that I played, but this has not happened to me post remastered edition. It was the first time I played or put it into my folder (Agent Orange - Bloodstains) couldn't find it on the list of "dead tones and misc problems" thread. In any case if this happens again I believe you can fix it by simply re-calibrating your guitar. Thanks for the help with the troubleshooting guys.
  6. @@firekorn Verified the integrity of all game files except 1 (which I assume is the dll.file) and still nothing but clean tones. I also re-loaded the rocksmith cable drivers and still no fix. Is it possible that a fresh re-install of rocksmith would fix? I'd hate to lose my saved profile data AGAIN but I will if it will fix my problem.
  7. Yes, that is the first thing I tried. No, that did not fix it.
  8. I need help that I can't find the answer to and hope to god someone has it. After I played a custom just today I experienced the dropped tone glitch that happens to me, as always, I unplugged the real tone cable and plugged it back in to regain the connection. But this time the tone glitched out and went to all clean tones, no matter which tone I chose. So I restarted my game but I still only have clean tones....... this is not good, I NEED my tones back. Please god tell me there is an easy solution to this or that someone knows what to do in this case so I can continue to play and make Rocksmith content.
  9. Rule#1 for all new Charters; The tabs are wrong! They are either wrong a little or they are wrong a lot, but rest assured they are wrong in some way, shape or form.

  10. Hmmm.... just cleared my browser cookies, it appears to be functioning properly for me now.
  11. Ignition search is not working for me, even after logging out.
  12. I don't find it too far fetched that Ubisoft WOULD try to do something to try and hinder our ability to add cdlc to Rocksmith, and try to ensure that official content was purchased more often. They have said before that customs have hindered their DLC process because the artist saw videos of their songs on youtube and mistaking them for official content...... I don't know, I too worry just a little. :ph34r: Though I agree with Alex360, we will discover a workaround B)
  13. Wow, this really sucks. I didn't know he was ill or sick. Damn merciless reaper. Please tell me you are still working your version of Lets Go Crazy....... I'm somewhat dreading trying to update, but today's news makes me want to try. But i'd be at ease if i could just abandon it in favor of your content.
  14. The Smashing Pumpkins dlc that you must purchase is "Cherub Rock" it appears that you do not have that song in your dlc folder. Pretty much ALL cdlc will use the Cherub Rock ID code, pretty sure that's your problem.
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