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  1. I am not sure how many of my fellow charters use google drive as a download site for their CDLC. Though a few days ago, google drive changed their policies and basically the entire program along with some new security measures. It made all previous download links basically useless. Now when a user clicks on those links, it only sends an email to me requesting they be allowed access to the file. Now, to stop that. I basically have to go back an edit every. Single. CDLC. I ever put up. 100s. I am not going to do that. What I am going to do is zipfile all my DLCs together and make one big package users can download if they want. Figure I would just let the mods know here that the vast majority of links on here (people that use google drive anyways) are dead.
  2. Thank you thank Thank YOU for all the great CDLCs

  3. I just downloaded Shinedown - Devour song but i cant find it in game, what may be problem?


  4. I recently upgraded my motherboard, ram and CPU, since then, Rocksmith refuses to work on ANY audio device (Including my USB Headset (Corsair RGB Headset, HDMI (Nvidia 2080 RTX), and onboard audio(Realtek HD Audio) I get no sound, However, I get no sound initialization error though. My sound works fine across all devices with any other game, just not with rocksmith 2014. That is not the only thing not working. I figured I would try playing without audio, I noticed my cable is also being detected but not working (it works in windows), in the background, I notice the speakers are outputting a constant waveform as well. I tried tuning it and there is no response in the tuner. Despite the game actually detecting my cable. Aaaaand. this is also not the only thing also not working. I can't start any songs at all. I go to start a song and it just hangs for a moment as soon as the note highway appears and then it goes back to the menu after a moment. I do not have customs or anything like that. This happens on a fresh install of Rocksmith 2014 from steam. I have tried: editing the ini tried deleting the ini tried reinstalling the game tried reinstalling the game to a new hard drive After uninstalling, I have tried just deleting the Rocksmith 2014 folder of everything that was left after an uninstall tried updating all my drivers I tried disabling cloud saving in steam, so it wouldnt load a new ini. tried changing audio device settings to 16bit 48000 I have tried everything short of reinstalling windows. I am not gonna reinstall windows for one game. Rocksmith 2014 is unplayable for me all of the sudden and i've been playing Rocksmith since October of 2011. Any advice? Thanks Moderator Note: Changed text color to be read easier. (5/25/2020)
  5. Happy Birthday Snake3169!

  6. Well lot of my load and reload stuff, I did ages ago. I've learned a lot since then. Feel free to do those songs if you want. I am going to be doing Hardwired to self destruct and Black Album stuff. I am trying to get every metallica song as close to official DLC as I can. It's a late reply as I don't come here too often, but my best piece of advice for the Justice Medley is to actually learn the songs in it first. I actually learned the entire Justice album before I knew about Binge and Purge, and then when I heard the medley, it was very easy to figure out where songs started and stopped. In short it would be: The beginning of Eye of the Beholder, the middle section of Blackened before the solo, the beginning-ish of Frayed Ends of Sanity, a giant huge part of Justice starting after the very long intro, and back into the pre verse riff into the first verse and chorus of Blackened. Edit: Great work @@Snake3169 Just be aware that even a lot of stuff in the books are wrong unfortunately. I've been playing in a Metallica tribute band for a year now, and when I need to figure out what they're really doing, I have to watch 10's of live videos of them playing. It's really the best way I think. There's the beginning riff of Leper that's written completely wrong in the current MoP released books. Orion isn't even completely correct either, along with the intro to Damage Inc. I can find spots in all of the official books that things are just wrong unfortunately. I guess it just depends on what your goals are. Perfectly accurate album tabs will require a lot of live investigation to get correct. As for this, never trust watching a live performance to learn how to play a song.. ESPECIALLY with Metallica, they tune down for live shows, so nothing that they play live is close to how they played it when recording it. I mean, if you tune down yourself when playing, I suppose it is fine.. but I am trying to figure out how it was played on the album, not how they do it live. So I have to look at all the sources I can find and then make an educated guess with my ear.. does this sound right? or does this sound right? Lots of people who do customs just slap in a guitar pro tab, sync it.. throw a tone on there and release it. I don't do that. For my hardwired release, I watched the making of Hardwired to self destruct video, kirk plays the whole solo in the video.. I had a tab book that gives the same tabs for it AND had guitar pro source for it. I only had to make minor corrections from it with the help of the video and the tabs. the making of videos have been a HUGE help on Hardwired album so far for me. So has the tab book I have. I think my best customs have been off the hardwired stuff so far.
  7. Finished Hardwired by Metallica

  8. Updated for my release of Hardwired
  9. Finished Metallica - Hardwired
  10. Finished Am I Savage? by Metallica

  11. Finished Am I Savage? Doing Man Unkind soon
  12. Updated for my release of Am I savage?
  13. Finished Murder One, probably my most professional feeling most official DLC ever.

  14. Updated for my release of Murder One
  15. Finished Murder One, doing Am I Savage? in a couple weeks.
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