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  1. I just downloaded Shinedown - Devour song but i cant find it in game, what may be problem?


  2. I recently upgraded my motherboard, ram and CPU, since then, Rocksmith refuses to work on ANY audio device (Including my USB Headset (Corsair RGB Headset, HDMI (Nvidia 2080 RTX), and onboard audio(Realtek HD Audio) I get no sound, However, I get no sound initialization error though. My sound works fine across all devices with any other game, just not with rocksmith 2014. That is not the only thing not working. I figured I would try playing without audio, I noticed my cable is also being detected but not working (it works in windows), in the background, I notice the speakers are outputting a c
  3. Happy Birthday Snake3169!

  4. Well lot of my load and reload stuff, I did ages ago. I've learned a lot since then. Feel free to do those songs if you want. I am going to be doing Hardwired to self destruct and Black Album stuff. I am trying to get every metallica song as close to official DLC as I can. It's a late reply as I don't come here too often, but my best piece of advice for the Justice Medley is to actually learn the songs in it first. I actually learned the entire Justice album before I knew about Binge and Purge, and then when I heard the medley, it was very easy to figure out where songs started and stoppe
  5. Finished Hardwired by Metallica

  6. Updated for my release of Hardwired
  7. Finished Metallica - Hardwired
  8. Finished Am I Savage? by Metallica

  9. Finished Am I Savage? Doing Man Unkind soon
  10. Updated for my release of Am I savage?
  11. Finished Murder One, probably my most professional feeling most official DLC ever.

  12. Updated for my release of Murder One
  13. Finished Murder One, doing Am I Savage? in a couple weeks.
  14. Finally finished Confusion by Metallica and uploaded it. Corrected by Hal Leonard tab books.

  15. Updated for my release of Confusion
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