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  1. abteen

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    Sweet things by The Pretty Reckless please
  2. Amazing work! I always wanted to have these stats/ Is it possible by any chance that you can code the application to show the tone settings of the song for each different section and possibly write the value to a file dynamically? I'm playing using microphone mode and hear to what i play through my Boss Katana Amp. I have a devreloper on the Katana side that wrote a very handy app to change the katana settings super easy. If his app could read the value of the tone status of the game, it can translate it to a user defined patch for Katana and push it to the amp.
  3. Happy Birthday abteen!

  4. Happy Birthday abteen!

  5. Hey MVega.Thanks for your tutorial it is great. I did all the things a new xml file was created.should i replace it with the original xml? and i noticed that the new file is smaller in size about a megabyte. thanks again
  6. If you already meet the above things, please answer a few questions for us so we can review them and get you your shiny red name: Why do you want to be a moderator? Because I live in Iran and I can not donate to the community. we can not use pay pal or visa or anything. I want to pay my debt this way. What do you bring to the Customs Forge community that is unique to you? I'll bring Infromation, experience and moderation :D Cake or Pie? (this is important) Pie How much time do you spend on the site daily? half an hour Have you filled out your profile information on the site? YES Ha
  7. Maybe A 100% later http://i57.tinypic.com/2z6yy37.jpg
  8. Hi Riff Repeater is a great tool no doubt but in my opinion for rhythm parts mostly. My problem is when trying to learn solo and fast lick parts it is hard for me even in very slow speed and it bores to death . Is there any way to increase and decrease the speed on the go? pause the riff repeater without restarting the part after resume? and mostly is there a way for riff repeater to act like lessons part? Like it wont go to the next note until you hit the correct one? Thanks
  9. I was busy last week. But I'll Kick some asses this week. Bring it on.
  10. This video series is awesome. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk 2
  11. thats great.so how can we integrate some material like these in rocksmith? like some ear training. fretboard memorization.scale shapes and uses and stuff. ???
  12. I live in iran and because of the sanctions i can not donate and I am sorry for this :(
  13. All your words are right. It is not bad to play rocksmith all the time. At least it is far better than not playing. But goals are different. I don't want to play couple of songs to impress ppl. I want to become a real guitarist. Someone that knows music theory, technique and the art of performing. By music theory I mean chord progressions, scales, keys, making melodies and how to mix all these. In all the fields above rocksmith has something to say. But the problem I meant is: I feel like it makes me lazy somehow or addicted whatever the word is and then I won't feel the joy outside rock
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