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  1. Happy Birthday Spades!

  2. Happy Birthday Spades!

  3. But we allowed to post different version of same song... We have been working on allowing the conversion of older songs. I think we almost have it nailed down for how we are going to do this, just a little more time. As you can imagine this website is a huge undertaking and so even the decisions that seem like little ones, take time to ensure they are done to the best of the community. :ugeek:
  4. I was just coming to post this. Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's on the site!!
  5. And we just made plans to see Five Finger Death Punch and Volbeat in Baltimore in September. If you haven't seen FFDP live you really should. Oh yeh, and as soon as tour dates for Godsmack are released .. will see them at least once. :ugeek:
  6. Sorry didn't get this? Dead tone corrupt's only tone in game (pc), after you restart, songs that are not dead toner will play normal. Though i'm not sure about consoles, and mac. You don't have to delete anything, just don't play it again... remove from dlc folder so no more accidents. You can easily fix dead toners with latest toolkit, and if you just want to avoid them look list in top of general topic, mainly centered to guitar, but its quite obvious, if guitar is dead then is bass too... and sure you can send me report of your list of Bass dead toners, to help others... encountering same thing... or fix things. I can't speak for a console but this does work this way on a mac.
  7. Spades


    I use a macbook for everything so if you run into issues that walk through doesn't solve feel free to send me a PM. I am more than happy to help.
  8. I bought two albums at the same time. Warrant Cherry Pie and Skid Row (Self titled) .. That was a long time ago when I had to choose between tape or CD. Yes, I bought the CD's. First show, I saw Korn open for 311 in '94
  9. If you care to go that far down, and you have never been there, Key West is one of my favorite vacation destinations. Wind surfing, skiing, diving, ect can all be done there. It's a very slow vacation where you can wander the shops and eat fantastic food or spend your days on the ocean doing those things. Given what you are looking for, my suggestion is you look into KW.
  10. @@mykhill Single Malt huh? I can almost do one better. In Russia they have Vodka breweries like we have micro breweries here in the states for beer. While my brother was there last year, (he was stationed in Germany), he brought me back a bottle of "micro brew" vodka that is probably the most amazing stuff I have ever had. If I swing by drunk I will save you some.
  11. What a great idea! Thank you for thinking of it @@WonderMonkey !! I would recommend to everyone only using your city and state / country rather than a physical address .. you wouldn't want us showing up drunk one night. :ugeek:
  12. @@Olorin If I am not mistaken, this is something that was corrected a version or two ago. I don't claim to be a charter, I know how to unpack a song and convert it for use on my mac, but that is the limit of exposure to the software. Thank you Olorin for having a healthy debate with me about this. I find your view point both interesting and valid, charting is a lot of work. I thank you for the time you volunteer to both charting and making our site what it is today. :ugeek:
  13. @@Olorin I understand what you are saying. Once you click the "download button, there is a field marked custom tone yes or no. What most users look at is simply this: http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g34/jshaw0705/ScreenShot2014-04-30at100235AM_zps1bd5ebb9.png I know that in a perfect world everyone would do their research and look deeper into it having a custom tone, but honestly it's not too much to ask that charters make sure a known issue is taken care of. For instance, what if we had links to forums that were not only dead but locked up the OS. We put a note near them that said, "should click? "no," but left them there for people to click anyway. It's reasonable to expect that every link to another part of our site will do exactly what it is supposed to. Just as it's reasonable to expect that every custom you download will at least have a custom tone considering it's a known issue that crashes the game. Mistakes are made, things are forgotten. I do it all the time. That's where the helping each other part comes into play to make sure that we as a group put out the best product possible. In the end people as a whole, (not individuals but people as a mass group), are dumb and will take the path of least resistance. It's our job as people who enjoy providing them with a service to protect them from themselves whenever possible.
  14. @@Olorin I see your point and want to weigh in on why I choose to pin this and think it's a great list. There is no way to know a CDLC has a dead tone until it's been downloaded and played. That procures the ability to blame the downloader. This list, in my mind anyway, is a great reference for both the charters and everyone else. An option for the staff would be to preview every CDLC before we allowed it to show in our database to ensure that it actually had a tone. That would be impossible. Well, impossible for a staff that is completely volunteer. I don't see a dead tone as a mistake of the downloader when they have no way to know if the tone is there or not. The way we have our system setup is to help the CDLC evolve as time goes on and help the users and charters improve their work. With that in mind, this is another tool to help that happen. As an FYI, I am interested in your thoughts. I know that there are many forums out there that feel when an admin weighs in they are god and above question, but if I am wrong here, please correct me. I am open to the debate and would be thrilled to have a view point that changed my mind on this.
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