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  1. Thanks for feedback. Really appreciate i hear someone still get help from my work here. I'm just glad to help. People here have helped me to solve issues, i just listed different issues, and offered fixes in one place. i'm so glad to play without issues, so many great songs that people here offer me here. Thanks to.... so many... I was also so lost when i started, so many crashes, so many deadtones... . Made lists of problematic songs and strategy to solve out most of issues. At least idea what happens and why... Only few issues in year nowdays. List will not grow no more... i
  2. Checked files, 1 redownloaded. And as seen in another topic tried launching Rocksmith from Steam (not from desktop shortcut). Don't know what exactly helped, but now it seems okay. Sadly there's still a bug when all tones disable and remains clean sound till restart, hoped it was fixed somehow. Great start. Read first page "deadtone" section so we can see both its same old issue. If there is universal deadtone issue via bad updates/user error i can't help, otherwise i can. Remove cdlc folder and play only ubi songs. Is there "deadtone" issue? If there is i can't help, contact ubiboy.
  3. Well.. CDLC don't work at all to be short. A month ago everything was fine. Cdlc work just fine, come and see. I haven't heard updates mess cdlc functionality, but sure its possible. There is no way someone (else) can say for sure what u have done to mess CDLC to not work. Just Re install and follow same instructions u managed to play those cdlc in the first place. Or just figure out what u have changed/deleted and change back? And finally if u think it cause of bad updates, just google and do Rocksmith without updates. I personally hate updates that are just for nothing or make things even
  4. Everything is possible. I can't say exactly what is your issue because i can't figure out exactly what is happening. Change tone in-song problem, sounding like sound like? Have u read in 1 page what is dead tone? Is it just dead tone, then fix or remove song.
  5. Just play song once without using "level up", make coffee, smoke some weed, come back and play what ever level u wish.
  6. Symphony X -Accolade II works for me Metallica - Ride The Lightning at least 1/3 (favor) version works for me Some issues with 2/3 checking still.... but for me, one working version enough. If u encounter same issue pls report to charters. Its annoying that sometimes one works to another and not for one. Mostly caused by same name issue, but not always. Sometimes misterys occur. Sorry it took so long, busy not to play :(
  7. Yeah, that's true, nowdays there are very few new songs that cause issues crash, jam, dead tone, save corrupt etc.... So, List of issues is dying surely. :( At least it will not grow fast anymore. Don't get me wrong, that's just good thing. Nobody loves crashes. And I love to be out of job, just play more. Just hoping there is no more list updates. And i surely still play a lot ... so i will hunt down all those future crashers too... maybe some day find new issues :) List just shows that there was time when there was a lot of issues. But this great community just fixed most of issues. O
  8. Sorry i can't help much MAC users since i can't test MAC versions. Monophonics - Bang Bang works on PC platform just fine, and its great song to play. In my fav folder. You did try repacking on working pc version? Hope you find more sophisticated and TESTED answers to your issue, in case my guess will not help.
  9. Yeah, This one was weird. It worked for me nicely on lead and bass. But yes it will crash if you try to play rhytm, but there is no rhytm included, so... Its minor bug and i will not mark it since rhytm is marked as X (no rhytm) and most likely people will not try it. I suppose there are many more of these kinds minor bugs. There are no same namers on this so... If you can't play lead or bass remove old versions of song. If still issues, test it alone in dlc folder, and add slowly add more songs to sort out which song messes with this song. If you found out any other song than old version
  10. So? How this sounds like. Report All Dead Links to firekorn Firekorn will then collect all Dead Link songs that need to be revived. I can offer new links to those songs i have, if and only if, firekorn asks. I don't offer links to any songs that have major issues. Should this Dead Link Info still be edited or added to main such? Could you also check those 9 great songs in main that i have already revived and redirect them to correct place. I can delete then that part in topic...
  11. Confirmed both. Dead Tone - BLESSTHEFALL - Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad will be listed Dead Link - Wiz Khalifa - See You Again is Dead link, but i managed uploaded it, and have removed since it will not work at all.. There are so many temporary dead links that i will not list them at all, it's charters duty to repair them if they will. If charter no longer active i can revive some good and working songs if i have them and if i get permit to do so.
  12. So, you didn't even bother to mention what song "jammed". If you can't escape back to other songs, its not jam but crash in my terms. So U gotta just crash issue that most likely caused by not reading basic instructions or list carefully. Or you did something stupid like update game to crashy one. :) Many Sorrys, i will not fix any links before charter is "dead" for sure. And even then, only if i get permit to do so. But in this case charter still breathes heavily. So why don't you ask charter Alex360 ? Is he "dead"? ;)
  13. I don't a I don't allow any of my programs to update unless i'm sure there are no big issues in updates. Didn't update to windows 7 to 10 even if it was free too... In updates there is always possibility to ruin some already working "precious" things. If everything works why to update? I just don't get it. Never will. I will certainly wait for some time to get latest update since there seems to be some major issues. :unsure: Until day i update this topic is out since i can't help people who report crashes i can't repeat. All information in this topic is developed before remastered vers
  14. Finded out you actually mean remastered version of game not a song. Can't help much in that case since i can't test remastered version. Sorry didn't know new version of the game had appeared. Hope somebody can help you with this new version. My guess is that these 2 songs that you have founded are not only songs that will crash in that version :unsure:
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