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  1. I apologize that you offered a lot of good advice and I am focusing on this last line, but if you could expand on why you dislike it I would appreciate it.
  2. The product has peaked my interest because I'm never going to own a lot of gear. I'm at the point in life where guitar is just fun for me and I have no aspirations of playing in a band or anything like that, I'm 45 for crying out loud, I can't stay up that late! I do find it I feel I'm missing something when the single little amp I have just isn't versatile enough to create all the tones I would like since I really have a broad range of music I like to play around with. I can't expect one amp to get me from Bob Dylan to Slash, right? I have been thinking about an amp modeler and read a little about he Amplitube products and it seems, seems, that this might be something to fit the bill for me. Throw in the fact they have a piece of software dedicated just to Slash and I think I might give it a go. Anyone use it?
  3. I have been trying to teach myself "The Godfather Theme" like Slash plays prior to "Sweet Child O Mine" (saw it in concert recently, can die happy) and after learning it from a tab I wanted to use the CDLC to get the timing right and it's not the same as the tab I used to learn from. Not a big deal, I'll learn to adjust to whatever the CDLC has, but it's easier for me to learn from looking at the tab rather than through Rocksmith. Is there a way to get the actual tab used for the CDLC? Specifically this one http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/the-godfather-theme-r2199 Thank you
  4. I'd like the ability in Riff Repeater to hit pause and just see the tab for that section.
  5. Since I'm a Mac user I can download these p.psarc (assuming that is what they are) files and convert them to m.psarc with the custom tool kit, correct?
  6. Thank you all for the replies, as always, they are appreciated.
  7. You misunderstand my request for others opinions as complaining. I'm simply looking to make the best use of Rocksmith that I can and I value others opinions on here.
  8. A while back I read several opinions that the Riff Repeater was best used with Dynamic Difficulty set at 100% and the speed option set to as slow as needed to play the riff. The argument was that playing it 100% correctly slowly and building up speed was the way to go. I believed that as it made a lot of sense and in all honesty I wasn't interested in learning 40% of a riff at a time. The problem for players like me is we don't have the skill, even at very slow speeds, to get the combination of notes from the screen to our eyes and translate that to the fretboard before the next note or series of notes is passing us by. I'll give what is probably a bad example, remember I'm still a beginner so things that come easy to you simply aren't to me. I wanted to play the intro to "Sweet Child o' Mine" and I realize it's basically eight notes over and over again, but if you fire up Riff Repeater even at 10% it's still 100+ notes coming at you more quickly than I can interpret. It gets frustrating and I simply move on to something else. I finally am able to play that intro, but only because I went out online and found a tab and now I use Rocksmith to make sure my timing is right and that's it. Rocksmith and Riff Repeater were basically useless to me in this area because the riff had so many notes so fast. Now, working on "Pour Some Sugar On Me" I found some parts presented the same problem but I decided to give the Dynamic Difficulty a try and while it takes me longer to learn a riff than if I was just able to translate at 100% and slower speed, I think I'm finding it much easier and less frustrating. I think the common opinion on here is 100% DD and slow speed, but I think I'm being swayed that DD is a good option for those of us who just aren't as skilled or as quick as others. Anyone else use DD?
  9. Purchasing Rocksmith 2014 over a year ago I had zero ability to play a guitar and being almost 50 I figured it would be a long hard road to learn to play the simplest stuff. I was pretty much right. I couldn't do anything in the game. It was too difficult to look at the screen, find the fret and string on the guitar and play the note before 20 or so had passed me by. I never really gave up on it, but ran into some health issues (we all do) and hadn't picked up the game/guitar for a few months. A couple weeks ago I decided I was going to give it an hour a day no matter what. I did and I probably should be embarrassed to admit that the arcade is where I spend most of my time. Something as easy as String Skip Saloon was too hard for me before but I did play it for an hour each day no matter how poorly I performed. After the first 3 days I was actually getting pretty good at it. I moved on to the next game and the next game and lo and behold I can find my way to the correct string and the correct fret. I even play a mean F5, A5 and E5 at this point. I'm probably not joining a Nirvana cover band anytime soon, but the chords sound right and aren't too hard for me to find on command. Now, I don't know if others who started with no skill are using the arcade games to learn basic skills, but I really feel as though I am. Am I fooling myself that these "skills" will translate into actually playing anytime soon?
  10. @@Wepeel Thank you for this tutorial. I have just recently decided once and for all to switch to a Mac and probably would not have even loaded the game on this new laptop if not for this tutorial. Thank you sir.
  11. I know it's sacrilege to say this, but I just don't learn through Rocksmith. Probably because I don't have much skill to begin with, but even slowing things down doesn't really help because I find myself looking back and forth from the frets to the screen and hopelessly losing my place. I know you can Youtube a lot of things, but I really just want to learn "Sweet Child O Mine" from start to finish but all I find are videos that do pieces of the song but nothing that puts it all together. I need this dumbed down for me, is there a site or a video that goes step by step from start to finish? Thanks
  12. I want to be able to play two songs, that's it, really. I want to learn to play "Sweet Child of Mine" and "Lawyers, Guns and Money". That's all I really want, to be able to play one song each from two of the greatest (for different reasons) in my mind.
  13. I'm an 80's rock guy so stuff by band members from that genre really interests me. I guess I look a little sideways at stuff that isn't written by the artist themselves as I really like stories right from the people that lived them. I did enjoy "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" by Crystal Zevon, but REALLY would have liked to hear it from Warren's point of view instead. What are some good ones you all have read?
  14. Using the standard IRig. To connect to an amp/speakers I'm thinking I should have 1/8 STEREO to 1/4 MONO and I'm using MONO on both ends, Could that be the problem? I don't get any feedback when I play through headphones.
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