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  1. Hi! i don't know if this the right place to talk about this, but i would like to advice an improvement for the game; i play bass and about me could be better if it can to see guitar chords too...so while i am playng a bass note i know the guitar what it is doing...in a band when you play it's fondamental to know and to see what other struments are playng, and i think that the same can be possible in the game. It could be possible? THANKS and SORRY for my english, i hope that you have understaind! HI! LET'S ROCK!
  2. If i change a song took from rock/dlc and i save, the song modified where is saved on my pc?
  3. I don't understaind. When there is this messagge "RSToolkit directory link is not valid. Do you want to set it?" ,what i have to do?
  4. Bass, the bridge between rhythm & melody

  5. i have the folder with inside RocksmithtoolkitGUI.exe and other programms...
  6. yes....i have toolkit....i have to put BPR in the same folder??
  7. i install it, but when i open .exe it cames a mistake messagge: "RSToolkit directory link is not valid. Do you want to set it?
  8. Hi, is possible to improve/change dlc wrong? For example, some songs aren't in right time (120, 60 ecc) and so is impossible to play them because the tab is slower or faster than song...i never tried to create a cdlc from the biggining, and so i accept advice, and i hope that starting from a cdlc yet created is more easy than create it from the biggining....thanks...and sorry for my english :) Negrill1
  9. thanks! yes i have heard too that a extern soundcard is very good to work on pc with struments...and i think that i can use it to play better rocksmith too....then on web i found some advices to get low latency (really a big problem on rocksmith), but i think that to pull headphones or ampli (i get so) directly on soundcard is the best way, i hear a great difference. The problem is that some distorted sounds are not good and realistic and i hope that the problem is a component of my pc and not a game problem.....i'll try to follow your advice..
  10. Hi, sorry for my english, i hope that you understaind me......i would like to know what are pc components (audio, video, ram ecc) that i have to change on my pc to have the best performance, without to spend a lot of money....thanks Negrill P.S i talk about to improve audio performance, for example, low latency, original sounds of guitar/bass, good tones ecc
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