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  1. Off the top of my head.. The Tragically Hip.. While they are HUGE in Canada. They have very limited exposure everywhere else. Samiam and Autopilot Off are bands that should have had more exposure as well in my opinion.
  2. I just tossed another $50.00 for the cause. and will again if needed.. definitely worth it. Thanks again.
  3. That's a great Album. My first was vinyl as well.. sadly, I only have few vinyl records left..
  4. If this thread was already done OOPS. Just for fun, I am curious to Know what was the first record (cd, mp3) you bought. As well, what was the first concert you went to? The first record I bought was Adam and the Ants: Kings of the wild frontier. The first concert I went to was.. The English Beat. Bow Wow Wow opened for them.
  5. Another great round of classics from you..
  6. You can add the third guitar part in the bonus arrangement.
  7. Donated $25.00 Keep up the good work.
  8. Happy to see you finally made it over her Soilman. Looking forward to more of your cdlc's
  9. twistedsinz

    My cdlc

    Glad you migrated over here UK. Your customs are really good.
  10. Here's the list of my current guitars... I use them all for various reasons. Billy Duffy and Johnny Marr were my guitar idols growing up in the 80's Hence The Gretsch Black Falcon and Jaguar. http://imgur.com/a/ZTlUB Gretsch electromatic 5122. RB3 Squier Strat, Epiphone Les Paul Studio Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty ( My work horse ) Squier Jazz Master, Squier Jaguar Gibson SGJ vintage burst Gretsch Black Falcon..
  11. I play Both.. as long as I'm playing. Here's my current lineup of guitars I use. http://imgur.com/a/ZTlUB
  12. It Felt good to donate as soon as I found this site...
  13. I think you and your wife should buy a few beers or a bottle of wine and write it off as an expense for all the hard work you two put in to get this site up and running so quickly.
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