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  1. Happy Birthday Bluetac!

  2. The ONLY reason why anyone would have a non remastered version would be down to not having a legit version as it hasn't been updated, steam updates all its games unless disabled (right click on rocksmith in the steam library list on the right, go to properties then auto updates and enable it) If on the other hand you have a pirated version then do the following .... Buy the LEGIT version of the game and then the .dll will work for you. That is all the help you are getting on this matter. :)
  3. Happy Birthday Bluetac!

  4. Happy Birthday Bluetac!

  5. Thanks for the work Guys n Gals very much appreciated.
  6. Happy Birthday Bluetac!

  7. I believe you have replied to the wrong topic , 1301 you are refering to is csm (customsforge song manager) the link to which is still on the dedicated website and does still work as i have just checked it . the link can be found here clicky me
  8. Thanks for the hard work Mark. I just donated but it has gone onto the Months goal rather than the emergency one (only noticed after donating) please swap it over or use it as needed :)
  9. Hope you get well soon and I look forward to reading it :)
  10. How did it go ? last year there was post's with pictures /reviews etc , but nothing this time :(
  11. rename the rocksmith INI file and uninstall the realtone cable from your windows device manager and let it re install it again. this worked for me, i could not tell you which one worked maybe one; maybe both but it works a treat now
  12. As a newbie to custom creating can i get a screenshot of the preferences that need to be check marked please? I have checked out all the tutorials (of which there are many) but the preferences box is out of date, with the many new features that have been added so there a many more check boxes now.
  13. not interested in the whole pack but i shall be buying the shinedown one :)
  14. Be interesting to see how they implement a time stamp as the date is already covered with the current form.
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