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  1. 7/20/21 - Revert collection data as there is an outstanding issue that must be fixed before continuing.
  2. 7/12/2020 - 7/20/2021 - Bugfix: Don't send new cdlc comment notification if created by cdlc author. - Added discord icon to navigation - Added backend report functionality improvements - Added Platform Filter - Bugfix: Added & Updated search setting will now hide if the setting is selected - Year added to default settings - Added 10 million collection data from i3 into i4 - Manage your collection via https://ignition4.customsforge.com/user/collectedcdlc - Removed ability to submit via enter on report discussions - Added clear notifications on notification settings page
  3. 7/6/2021 - 7/11/2020 Changelog - Update CSS classes for artist - Icon fixes - Share Link fixes for record/modal - Text Fixes - Use font awesome X icon instead of using the char X - Link Author Profile in Modal - Fix "purchase" for ODLC bug in Modal - Various Quality of Life changes - Comment UI update - RSPlus Icon updates - Backend Dependancy Fix - Top Pages inital release, with 24 hour caching - RSDiag webpage released, app not out yet - Various Top page changes - Chord Chart changes - Fix Artist Search Filters with a better backend method - More RS+/Official Fixes - Artist Page changes - Updated Reported CDLC Email Title - Fixed discord link on EOF site - Added Chord Chart filtering - Added Search By Tuning for Chord Chart
  4. 6/24/2021 - 7/5/2021 Changelog - RS+ Integrations including Chord Charts - Title fixes - Added caching to reduce server load for Collected Songs - Cleaned up backend/database - Several pages/backend pages updated to current laravel standards - RSPlaylist ID Integration (!sr ID) - Preferred Platform fix - Spelling/Grammar fixes - Code Refactors - Moved "Year" Position - Hide reports if zero reports - Added group color IDs to more areas
  5. You have an open report and the song is not fixed, that's why: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/creators/discussion/1380 Please update the CDLC's download link, then update us in that discussion and we will close it.
  6. It should be hidden now until another report opens.
  7. We'll look into our options, for now I have a quickfix to apply
  8. Enabled popups if you're using firefox.
  9. 6/9/2021 - 6/23/2021 Changelog - Artist Search page improvements - Artist Page improvements - Fixed issue on Ignition4 load - Upgraded backend dependency to a major version - Modifed Navigation - Multiple HTML fixes - Backend Cleanup - Integrated Rocksmith+ Support - Fixed several issues across ignition4 - Modified Arragement Icon to guitar icon to avoid Rocksmith+ Confusion - Added multiple tunings to show on hover if a song has different tunings - CSS Adjustments - Major Forum Upgrade which includes a new rating and achievement system - Highlight Rocksmith+ Songs in Search - Modified API - Fixed Download Button to add to collection as previously it linked directly to the CDLC - Added "Love" Count to artist page (more coming soon) - Artist Search Filters added - Added Artist Search History (if you go to a page and go back, it'll remember your search results) - Video system removed due to issues
  10. Most likely a .dll issue. You can download CustomsForge Song Manager @ https://cfmanager.com and on the settings tab when installed select "Validate D3DX9_42.DLL" Additionally you should see cherub rock in the "song manager" area once it scans your dlcs.
  11. I see 96 entries, make sure filters are off!
  12. Just released an update to help this. If you search that query will now be saved. I'm working on getting the sorting by letter in the history as well. Additionally we added artist albums list on artist pages. We plan on improving this with showing links in ignition4 as well to those said results.
  13. 5/28/2021 - 6/8/2021 Changelog - Added StateSave then removed due to issues, we will work on bringing different versions of this in the future - Report Page improvements - CDLC Email Reports (When your CDLC is reported, you'll get an email for it now) - Discord Webhook Improvements - Backend improvements - Admin improvements - Artist Search - Artist Pages - Create CDLC fixes - Album_Preview fix - Remove from Collection link added - Upgraded Laravel version - Added username colors by group - Other various enhancements, backend changes, and fixes.
  14. We've launched the beta version of Artist Search and Artist Pages. We plan on improving this feature but this has been a highly requested feature since we moved over to I4. Record Pages (modal/full record) will show an icon next to the artist that will lead you to the artist page. The artist pages show the most popular CDLC, a list of all CDLC, and the latest releases. We plan on adding a list of albums each available artist has. Artist Search will be getting Search by the beginning of the letter in the future, additionally with more filters. All pages are subject to redesign and improvements. This feature is available via the "search" menu. Any problems, questions/etc please use #artistpages-feedback in discord for now.
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