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  1. Verify safari is not blocking pop-ups, this may be the cause.
  2. Your collection has been cleared!
  3. I like the idea of this so I'm gonna see on trying to add this feature to our backend. I'll update you in a few days hopefully with a solution.
  4. Honestly I don't understand the issue explained above either. Both checkmarks mean it was added to collection. I tried replicating to see if I found a random issue but I have no clue. The dropdown even says it was added to collection for both
  5. Thanks for the bug report, a fix has been deployed. Please try now
  6. I have let one of our developers know and we're looking into this. Thanks!
  7. We've been working on our report system and refactoring a lot of parts. There has been some hiccups and unfortunately that was one of the CDLCs that we had an issue with. I wasn't aware until now but I apologize. We're still looking into what went wrong.
  8. I understand your intentions but most likely this won't be implemented. If you check the upload CDLC form you just paste an upload link from a filehost, so people would have to put the file in manually. At the moment the best methods for quick load are getting an M.2 (or PCI-E M.2) or a current gen SSD so you can load the songs faster. Additionally our development of CFSM has stalled to a halt. My original plan was to tie CFSM + CF together where we would use an API to detect the CDLC Title, Artist, Album, and Creator together for a way to detect out of date CDLC and help manage CDLC more. The best current method I can think of is having an API built where it reads the RSPlaylist data (or scrapes the data if koko allows it), and ties it to the streamer's requests, it loads that song. So maybe when the streamer is on they turn on the list, have the queue filled up with request, you put in your own requests as well, then have the bot do it's work (Move only CDLC that matches SONG/TITLE/ALBUM) and remunerate with those CDLC. Other then that I can't think of any ideas at the moment we can do.
  9. Yeah unfortunately this is a problem with the creator, they'll need to edit the link to fix it. Please make sure to report all of these. If the 3 above are by one creator you could try PMing them.
  10. Beta 1 - Upgraded to PHP8.1 + Laravel 9 - Overhauled Notification & Reports System - Reports can now be cleared - Open Reports will show under reports tab - Updated /user/ area with a new UI - Moved from Bootstrap4 to Bootstrap5 - Updated Search Bar - Updated All Modals & Pages - Changed editors over to tinymce - Known issue with it not working on author notes & discussions - Updated Search Table - Known issue where you can't click to short artist correctly - we're working on revamping this - Moved CFSM & other tools to be under Ignition4.5
  11. Please clear all site data & cookies https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/clear-cookies-and-site-data-firefox https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop Additionally try incognito mode if still having trouble.
  12. It's a button now on records, so that should work if you click it
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