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  1. Happy Birthday DJAngelicon!

  2. Happy Birthday DJAngelicon!

  3. Hi my question was if there is a way to view the songs from Rocksmith 2014 in music score notes instead of tabs like they have them on the web. I was thinking if the Game Song Creator Toolkit had such feature. XD
  4. I have 3 guitar, 1x electric, 1x electric bass, 1x Acoustic, and a acoustic/electric. I have about 1.5 to 2 years playing on and off rocksmith and rocksmith 2014. Not as advance as others in here but I get to still have fun. XD
  5. Question, how are you guys able to share the video in Youtube and not have it removed the audio? It turns out that it removes the video on my end in youtube or facebook. Is there a trick to have them keep it without removing the audio? Thanks! for any tip or any-formation.
  6. Hey guys I am wondering how can I make an acoustic guitar tune sound be the default for RS2014 instead of the electric guitar sound? It always changes to that and I don't own a full electric guitar. Thanks! I don't want to have to change this sound everytime.
  7. Hey Admin, do we get a donation title for donating by any chance? If so, when does that happen? Just curious. Thanks! Is all fixed, I changed my e-mail address and did another donation to you guys and is working now. =)
  8. I donated $5.00 using my other e-mail mr.axxxxxx@gmail.com on my paypal account. Due to change of jobs and drop in salary I am limited in my donation. Once I can reach my salary back again maybe within a year or two I can help donate a little more. Thanks!
  9. This is what I use mainly; Video Editing: Adobe Premier CS & After Effects (Have not used them in years now but that was my setup) Music Recording: Cubase Elements, Audacity, and lots of VSTi (Use currently) Music Making: Orion64, Fruity Loops Studio. (Use Currently) Those are the software setup I mainly use. Here is a look at my setup which I am still working setting up this room. http://files.enjin.com.s3.amazonaws.com/209980/modules/forum/attachments/My+Studio+1_1394603350.jpg
  10. Hi everyone, I am wondering were is the button to request a custom song to be made or a form? Thanks!
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