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  1. Happy Birthday haarek!

  2. Happy Birthday haarek!

  3. The issue has been resolved. I don't know what happened, or how it happened, but I had apparently installed RS on multiple hard drives, and for some reason my dlc folder shortcut had changed to the one drive where rocksmith was inactive. Checked on the other drive in the dlc folder there, and noticed everything but the CDLC's were there, so I moved them over and now it works. Lul.
  4. I find it very enjoyable making a "classic" type of cover, both lead and rythm for the most. Learning songs via Rocksmith :) They ain't flawless tho. Can't be bothered recording it all over again if I just miss a few notes :) This is probably one of my most "flawless" ones though.
  5. I can play all of the songs that I have purchased, but I can't play any CDLC what so ever. Trying to wipe the DLC folder now, and then reinstalling the game to see if that makes any difference.
  6. I have reinstalled cherub, reinstalled the game, the .dll file as mentioned. Going to try to repack to another song to see if that works. Edit: That did not work. I am once again clueless.
  7. As above. They are still in the folder. Tried to take them out, restart game, put them back in, restart game with no luck. "reinstalled" the .dll file with no success. Kind of out of ideas on this now. Happened after the new patch (at least I think so. Haven't played for a couple of days.) anyone got any ideas here?
  8. Not sure about the pickup on the guitar in that video, it's stock from when I bought it. The strings are Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky 2627, 11-54
  9. Bullet for My Valentine - The Last Fight One of the songs I've learnt/memorized the whole song just by playing rocksmith :) Wutcha think?
  10. haarek

    No tab

    I've personally only had this issue with a select few songs. Does this happen to all of the CDLC's you try?
  11. I haven't, no :L All I've done so far is just place the notes in EoF, done what needs to be done in Wwise and then made the p.psarc file in the toolkit. Might it be the leading silence I added? Though I've never had this issue before when adding leading silence.. Edit: Think I solved it ^^ seemed like I didn't add spacing after the leading silence, which seemed to cause the the notes to be squeezed foreward
  12. Hya! Idk where to post this really, but I think this subforum will do :> So I finally managed to create a Scar Symmetry song with the correct tuning (Yay) and when I went ingame to test it, the notes were moving a lot slower then normal and they were clustered up. I managed to fix this by entering riff repeater then going back out of RR to start the song again. Then it was normal speed with normal spacing inbetween the notes. Anyone got any idea what this is caused by? I was thinking of making and releasing a few SC songs tomorrow, but if this issues tags along to the other songs as well I'll postpone it.. :P I thought maybe to try and change the speed in the toolkit, but I didn't as it seemed to work with the mentioned fix ingame. Thanks!
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