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  1. @kasyu3 You may want to contact Master @@iminashi. He can probably help you with that.
  2. @@masaru 'is it possible to switch custom song tones one with another? choosing from a list as you do for amps, or pedals? Yes it is possible, but you will need to use the toolkit to do that. Suggest you search CF for 'Change Tone' etc, or you can google it.
  3. @masaru Your welcome. "could someone point me to a tutorial?" CFSM has a genereal help (tutorial) button (see top tool strip) and then each of the features have additional help buttons (see feature menu strip) and tooltip popups. You just need to try exploring CFSM on your own a little. You can always look here and search for anything you are having trouble with. Look here for help with repairs. "where is the cdlc back up folder?" >My Documents>CFSM>Backups, Quarantine, or Remastered folders. Open the >My Documents>debug.log file in any text editor. The log file will a
  4. Maybe it should NOT be named PART_REAL_GUITAR_BONUS since Track>Rocksmith>Arrangement type> BOnus is not selected by default for this arrangement. This was the cause of the trouble I ran into above until I figured it out. If the purpose is to provide support for maximum of 5 RS arrangements as firkorn described to me, then maybe a more generic arrangement name, such as, PART_REAL_GUITAR_OTHER would be appropriate. Then leave selecting Track>Rocksmith>Arrangement type> BOnus or Alternate to the user. @@firekorn What do you think?
  5. @@raynebc So in new version of EOF I see Song>Track>PART_REAL_GUITAR_BONUS and I see new Track>Rocksmith>Arrangement type> BOnus and Alternate. I am a little confused. What is the purpose of PART_REAL_GUITAR_BONUS if any track seems like it can be specified as BOnus or Alternate using Track>Rocksmith>Arrangement type>? Seems like PART_REAL_GUITAR_BONUS is not needed. Would it be possible to have EOF set the arrangement element values as follows according to how the new Track>Rocksmith>Arrangement type> BOnus and Alternate are used? Default : Represent =
  6. @@raynebc "will the toolkit classify an RS1 arrangement with a represent value of zero as an alternate arrangement?" Yes
  7. @firekorn Plz give me link to that CDLC. I would like to see what you did and how it looks in the other toolkit screens. Thks
  8. @@raynebc The toolkit use arrangements as you have described and then each arrangement can be designate as a 'Bonus Arrangement' via a user checkbox. If you keep the EOF arrangement structure the way it is now and add new bonus arrangements, .e.g Lead_Bonus_RS2.xml, Bass_Bonus_RS2.xml, etc. The toolkit will decode the xml based on the 'arrangementProperties' element 'bonusArr=' and 'represents=' condition.
  9. @@raynebc This section of the code seems to address what you are asking about: https://github.com/rscustom/rocksmith-custom-song-toolkit/blob/78afe484d5451687c8ee33fcd0af5f4f7cc0636c/RocksmithToolkitLib/DLCPackage/DLCPackageCreator.cs#L550 Short answer: Yes the toolkit considers it an alternate arrangement when both represent and bonus are set to "0". :)
  10. Looks like @@iminashi has investigated this for us. Thanks to him. The referenced texture mapping seems reasonable. We will have to try these characters and test for in game issues; though I don't anticipate any.
  11. @@slayerad2000 These are my debugging notes for the EOF project files you provided: Album artwork is missing from EOF project folder. Toolkit will use default. Recommend using 512x512 JPEG Album Artwork. Custom tone 'Solo' is not defined/missing. Toolkit will use 'default' tone. Recommend defining the custom tone, Solo.tone2014.xml. There are many audio files in the EOF project folder. Use 'guitar.wav' file to generate the CDLC and be sure to delete the two wem files before regenerating. Delete cst_showlights.xml file before regenerating.The CDLC (click here) generated as expected on my s
  12. @firekorn I am unable to help further without EOF project files. Can you download them and take a look? May be a phrase/section issue. Mediafire is still throwing this error when I try to download. File Blocked for Violation.The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service. Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.
  13. Mediafire doesn't like your file. File Blocked for Violation.
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