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  1. @cozy1 sorry bud, but what does cfsm have to do with anything...I was referring to the search tool @customsforge.com
  2. Just wanted to make a quick suggestion or inqury about the search tools; since you have so many different language in your database, it would seem resonable to add a languages feature in your advanced search tool. I am a newbie to the website and maybe I don't know how to traverse the wild yet, but here is how I am able to find 'Russian' songs; I organize first by song name then by artist name, then go to the end of page and work my way backwards. However this doesn't work for names that have the English description first, rendering this trick not very useful. Otherwise, have to individually look for artists that I know will have CDLC created for them like Aria. Regarding other languages, not exactly sure how that would work, but I did see what I believe is a few Japanese songs first before getting to the Russian. In any case; adding a tool to isolate songs by various languages will increase everyone's horizons, as they would be able to learn songs from various less famous artists, or make it easier to find single artist songs, that is not very easy to find at the moment. But, maybe I'm just extremely ignorant and don't know what I'm talking about; in which case some guidance would be great. All the best, team CustomsForge!
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