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  1. I'm many months into writing some software and hardware that uses that xml format, thats the reason i need to figure out how to keep it like that and also use the CLi tool
  2. Hi @@Rbby258, Starting with version 3.3, DDC removes automatically the XML attributes that have their default value. In your example, "fret" attributes with a value of "-1" are not generated. As DDC works with the "transcriptionTrack" input either : - transcriptionTrack is empty and DDC generates its content (without default values) - transcriptionTrack is not empty and DDC uses it (with all of its content) So depending on the inputs, DDC behaviour may change. How would you recommend i get the output im hoping to use? Using the tool and removing ddc with 3.5 works fine, im just not sure how to do it with CLi Thanks for helping
  3. That's not really fixing why there's a difference between two things that should have the same outcome... The reason i can't do that is beacuse im not using the songs in the game after removing DD but using the song xml for something else.
  4. I'm trying to use ddc.exe to remove ddc from songs. I first unpack the songs then work with the song.xml with ddc.exe using cd c:\ddc ddc.exe metallicablackenednacholede_lead.xml -l 40 -m ddc_dd_remover.xml -c ddc_default.cfg The output file is vary different then if i use the toolkit and use only these settings Ramp-up model: ddc_dd_remover Config file: ddc_default Phrase length: 40 The format of the chord id's is different and also the note count? To note, the rstoolkit output is how i need it to be but want to automate the process with cli This is a example like from the cli versions xml <chordTemplates count="30"> <chordTemplate chordName="E7sus4" displayName="E7sus4" fret0="0" fret1="0" fret2="0"/> but using the rstoolkit tool it outputs like this <chordTemplates count="30"> <chordTemplate displayName="E7sus4" chordName="E7sus4" fret0="0" fret1="0" fret2="0" fret3="-1" fret4="-1" fret5="-1" finger0="-1" finger1="-1" finger2="-1" finger3="-1" finger4="-1" finger5="-1" />
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