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  1. Ok, thanks for the info. For the request, it isn't important enough to waste time on. I'd much rather see my other suggestion coded into CFSM. Would I be better off putting that suggestion into the link you just gave me, or is where it is good enough?
  2. Is there a setting, or a way to make CFSM work such that you don't have to untag a song before editing the song information? It's a minor issue but when you are working with a lot of songs the time adds up and I find myself making errors and forgetting to retag, etc. TIA
  3. First, this software is outstanding and such a time saver. Thanks to all the developers! I have a feature suggestion. Incorporate a notes column (different from the current package comment column) which is editable within the grid. This would be useful for making notes about the song to oneself. For example: volume too loud, needs repair, hard lead, easy rhythm, etc.
  4. Yeah, Very true, but that's not really what I was referring to. I know we guitarists can "discuss" tone for days and with what equipment to achieve it. I was talking about the process once you know how to create the tone. Where do you create it? In rocksmith tone generator? Where do you save it, and how do you apply it?
  5. Firekorn, First, thanks for all your work for CDLC...it really is priceless. If I remember correctly, I had a bit of trouble working with tones, specifically generating a tone to match a song. As everyone knows there is nothing worse than a crappy tone in a song, and nothing better than a perfectly matched tone. Maybe add a bit of info on how to create a custom tone and apply it to a song. If this info already exists, sorry...I must have missed it!
  6. Thanks! I assume since I haven't started the game in a couple days I can simply disconnect from the internet, and then run steam in offline mode...avoiding most of the steps you outlined? I think I'd like to avoid updating for a few days to see how this plays out...
  7. I haven't tried to run the game yet since this update. Is there a way I can avoid the update? Just run steam offline?
  8. Thanks for this content! This type of stuff is exactly what's missing in rocksmith.
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