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    Mainly a drummer, but started playing guitar a couple of years ago and love it (thanks to Rocksmith!). My music taste consists mostly of progressive metal/rock and 80's inspired synth.
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    Ibanez GRGA32-BKF, Washburn Maverick BT-2, Yamaha RGX & Harley Benton Progressive Series 8-string
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    ESP LTD F 105 5 string
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    Windows (Steam)

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  1. Can't force enough how much your content is missed, just noticed that you haven't been online in over a year. I hope you just have something more important in your life, and that nothing serious has happened!

  2. Happy Birthday fearabsence!

  3. I like that you found the thread I started, haha. And yeah, seems like they're aware. https://twitter.com/Rocksmithgame/status/1092868269197807616
  4. I just read on the steam forums that this is something that just happened, faulty update, don't update the game guys!
  5. Hi, When I tried starting Rocksmith 2014 today i got a window that said it was updating. After like 5 seconds it said the game was ready. When I then clicked start I got a popup that said "An error occured while updating Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered (missing executable)". I followed the link and did all the steps (except reinstall steam, I have a lot of games installed), but none of them work. When I uninstalled Rocksmith and installed it again, I saw when installing it that it only needs 116MB, which can't be right. I have no idea what to do, I really want to continue playing this game, I have over 1200 hours put in to it. I've created a ticket with Steam but you how long that can take, I was just wondering if some of you have encountered something similar, or if its maybe some faulty update.
  6. Happy Birthday fearabsence!

  7. Found a full list of changes "Remastered includes a major patch featuring a wide variety of improvements that we hope will be welcomed by new and experienced players alike. · Manage your song library using updated Search, Sort, and Filter tools · Search by artist or song name in Learn a Song, Score Attack, and the Shop—just enter the desired text with your keyboard or game controller · Build custom Song Lists in Nonstop Play to group songs for personalized practice sessions · Pause and navigate freely through entire tracks in Riff Repeater, and loop phrases more efficiently · View all song arrangements from the improved Song Hub, and launch directly into any of them without changing paths · Filter your Nonstop Play list by tuning, and switch between all available arrangements between songs · Customize the rate of Dynamic Difficulty adjustments, or disable the feature altogether · Track your progress with detailed in-game player statistics"
  8. Damn, we have similar taste. I listen to every single one of those bands except DT and Karnivool :D
  9. Looking for tones for this one as well, there's a couple of tones needed for this one. Would be awesome if someonce could help me out, since I have no knowledge of creating tones or anything like that.
  10. Just started working on the song Coming For You with Twelve Foot Ninja. I've got most of the work done, I just have to get all the tones right, since there's a couple in the song. If anyone would help me out with that I would be really grateful, since I am not very good at creating tones. It's a really fun song, with a bunch of genres thrown in there. Would be so glad to get this working.
  11. I'm hoping someone would be able to make me a tone for this song, since I do not have any kind of knowledge about creating one. Would be really appreciated!
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