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  1. Happy Birthday albatross213!

  2. Can't force enough how much your content is missed, just noticed that you haven't been online in over a year. I hope you just have something more important in your life, and that nothing serious has happened!

  3. Happy Birthday albatross213!

  4. @@Zooropa_Station - Thanks. Will check them out and try to get updates out soon!
  5. Happy Birthday albatross213!

  6. @@SedentarySeal - I'd like to do them eventually, but it's kind of hard to justify focusing on them in the near future when they're songs that will take many hours to complete and aren't super popular. I do have the beatmaps done and GP files set up, though, so if you think you can offer any help with the transcribing I can send the files your way.
  7. Thank you for making cdlc's of Wobbler. You are the only one who made it and I so appreciate it.

  8. so so many of us miss your streams man

  9. So, I've been away for a while. Sorry about that. Anyway, for CDLC creation purposes I'm probably going to transition to mostly (but not entirely) doing my own bass transcriptions for some bands I'd like to see. So, my apologies to guitarists who might like to play those songs, but most of the songs will have pretty interesting basslines and should be pretty enjoyable when played using emulated bass.
  10. https://github.com/kokolihapihvi/RockSniffer
  11. @@firekorn - Yeah, I don't think it technically does add sections, but I think that doesn't matter anymore (since ~Remastered). I think when they did the update they changed how sections/phrases work, so that phrases became the smallest selectable portions in riff repeater. I think this allowed them to fix silly things (like in The Thrill is Gone where the entire outro was one section but many phrases and so couldn't be broken into pieces for riff repeater) without having to actually change the file for it. But anyway, don't take my word for it. Try adding DD to a file with no sections (broken camera) or a file with long sections and no dynamic difficulty and see what happens. I'm pretty sure you'll find that you can use riff repeater on every phrase that DDC creates afterward. It's not as good as having the sections/phrases selected manually by an author that can figure out what will most likely trouble players, but it's a hell of a lot better than the broken crap it would be otherwise.
  12. @@alaslipknot - I believe that if you add dynamic difficulty to the song it will create new sections for you to select in riff repeater. I don't think that song has a ton of measures, so a phrase length of 2 should work fine and break everything into manageable pieces (though for most songs you'd probably want a longer phrase length).
  13. @@Lilumina - Thanks for the reminder. Been a while since I updated this (and similar threads), and it's hard to motivate yourself to keep up to date on something like this when it's not clear that anyone cares. Anyway, I still need to update a bunch of the numbers on this (this is easy to do for bands already on the list via the Artist search page), and likely add a few more bands, so let me know if there's anything else you think should be added!
  14. @@okewlie - I've heard of the band, but I don't think I've checked them out substantially. I'll see if there's something I like amongst the things that have been tabbed out so far... (none of the tabs I can find have bass, but hopefully that won't be a huge obstacle).
  15. I played Skyreach on bass, and it seemed like after the break the sync went off. Maybe off by an eighth note? It definitely didn't seem right to me. The first fill after the break also sounded like it should be an octave higher than charted, I think (there might have been other parts in the wrong octave, but can't remember off the top of my head).
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