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  1. Happy Birthday albatross213!

  2. Can't force enough how much your content is missed, just noticed that you haven't been online in over a year. I hope you just have something more important in your life, and that nothing serious has happened!

  3. Happy Birthday albatross213!

  4. Happy Birthday albatross213!

  5. Thank you for making cdlc's of Wobbler. You are the only one who made it and I so appreciate it.

  6. so so many of us miss your streams man

  7. Happy Birthday albatross213!

  8. I don't think I've seen anyone specifically answer this question yet, but hyphens definitely occur in the lyrics of some ODLC (e.g. in My Generation for the stuttering parts).
  9. @@raynebc - So, I was working on a big song and some subparts of it for which I used the "Export time range" function and noticed a few flaws with how it works (I was using 4-17-2017 version at the time). The first one is pretty major, the others are less important and fairly easy to work around. 1) The exported EoF file seems to "forget" most of the track information. The tuning, number of strings, and arrangement type seem to reset to default for those tracks, and "Ignore tuning/capo" seems to get set to on (I haven't tested on a track with a capo to see if that gets reset or not, and I ma
  10. @@cozy1 - Fixed the picture link (I think I copied it before imgur was ready and got the gobbledygood rather than the actual link). Regarding the files in the folder, I added the album info to the EoF files and updated them, added the FLead_RS2.xml generated directly from that, and the ELead_RS2.xml from that after generating a .psarc with it using the toolkit. But I have to admit I don't really see why this would be particularly relevant, as the only difference between the EoF generated XMLs should have been the tuning. If this were the root of the problem, it seems to me like the toolkit s
  11. Not sure where the right place to post this is (so ccing @@cozy1 and @@Alex360, but I'm having problem with adding an arrangement to the toolkit for a Vektor song (where they record in high F standard). If I try to add an arrangement in F tuning, it fails to load, giving this result. However, for the E standard version (I make a pitch shifted version of Vektor songs to make them more accessible for most people) everything works, and the only change made between the two is changing the tuning in EoF from all +1 to all 0 (no transposing done). I also tested this on another song. XML loads fine
  12. @@Cat With A Mustach - Grid lines display as yellow lines when you have the "Display Grid Lines" setting (Shift+G) turned on. So it sounds to me like you have that turned on with a grid snap setting of 1/4. That seems like it would explain everything you're seeing in the picture you posted (the yellow beat lines, the red ticks for notes that aren't on beat lines, the weird selectability of notes).
  13. @@iminashi - Would you expect this to be relevant for the toolkit develepors as well (regarding what can and can't be put into the Artist, Song title, and other similar slots)? If so, it might be worth bringing this to their attention.
  14. @@raynebc - I remember doing something similar on one of my lyrics charts once (which I then fixed manually by finding something like that example and changing the later timestamp). I think it happened when I used x to go back a second (probably multiple times in a row) then pressed spacebar to place a new lyric while in the midst of previously placed lyrics due to losing my place in the song. Since then I've been careful to make sure that doesn't happen, so it was just the once for me.
  15. @@raynebc - My point is that in a track with a capo, you're able to set notes that will be above the 24th fret, because the fret number displayed in EoF becomes rendered as that fret number plus the capo fret number. In the example I mentioned, a 13th fret note with a 12th fret capo would need to be displayed as a 25th fret note in game. I could even make a 24th fret note, which would then want to be in the game as a 36th fret note (and which shouldn't really ever be possible on any track with a capo). Does that make sense?
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