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  1. Happy Birthday Mortalo!

  2. Happy Birthday Mortalo!

  3. Happy Birthday Mortalo!

  4. Happy Birthday Mortalo!

  5. Brilliant! Nonstop-Play is my go to warm-up and basically something that kept me with guitar in early 2014 (before I started participating in Championship :D ). I love not to have to choose what to play and all those changes are perfect as it was getting stale. Too many songs made me use it only for E standard and only for lead or bass (there are many fun rhythm parts but it's lead that I dig). That's the change I'm looking for the most.
  6. Oops, someone was cheating. 73 completed lessons but only 11 attempted :lol:
  7. Train of Consequences!

  8. Highly dissapointed with this pack. Women are much more diverse in music. White Zombie, Arch Enemy, The Go-Go's, Pat Benetar, Alanah Miles or Guano Apes. For me Joan Jett with Runaways is not enough (though I'll pick that one) Missed a chance to show how women really rock :(
  9. I truly can't wait to grab this one. And we have Chopin! There should be like Chopin 5-pack :D
  10. Ahh, we didn't get a chance to play Slow Ride in Championship, that's one of the GHIII classics. Joker and the Thief is really fun, really fun pack overall, sadly I don't like Bowie...
  11. Happy Birthday Mortalo!

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