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  1. Thank you for the week! Just another check-in from me, I've been geeking out on a formal music education book for the last 2 weeks I might do a couple more plays of Dragonball Durag on Bass throughout the week though
  2. That's incredible! Thanks for the week and have a great time at the festival
  3. The only thing that comes to mind is using a drop pedal if you have one before plugging the signal into the Mac If you use the USB cable I'm not sure if there's anything you could do
  4. I managed to find the guide again for you https://lastpixel.tv/low-latency-rocksmith-obs-streaming-with-software-effects/ And @ AndreCardoso , yes it works with bass too. It's just an FX in the audio chain
  5. I remember the guide only had the Reaper instructions, I don't know if Ableton supports a setup like it. One track routes the D.I. Input through a reaper internal audio driver called reaRoute and with that you can change the driver in the RS_ASIO.ini to that one to make it work. If Ableton can do something similar it might work too
  6. If you, or anyone else, ever want to make it easier for songs with different tunings like that you could try to set up something like Reaper routing into Rocksmith. There's a guide for streamers somewhere that explains the setup but It'd take probably an hour or so. With that setup I use the free Pitchproof FX from Aaegan Music to easily pitch shift for any non EStandard tunings, with the Detune knob also works for something like the A=448Hz too. I only need to retune my guitar for alternative tunings. For DropC in DStandard I also just have to tune the low E to D and use the plugin as well, it can be quite handy. It's not perfect but it's good enough for Rocksmith's recognition
  7. thanks, I've recognized that it's all shapes I should already know. I've played it at 50% speed for the last 30 minutes - and it is quite similar to a regular jazz song at that speed. Now I just have to get all the shapes down and learn to speed it up over the week
  8. I might work a little on the masterclass this week instead
  9. It's a difficult week, I'm not sure which song I want to focus on yet Also got the 100% Mastery bug on all the songs for some reason
  10. Happy new week! Lots of songs this time too Starting with just a round of bass this time Radiohead - Lucky feels easier than the int songs
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