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  1. Hi ADV https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-F01M9HZLNJD-e3bc13d385 MC https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-F01M9K9CTR7-58338de6ad
  2. Hi guys Adv performance https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-F01JX45S15Z-60fbb2798e MC (as I said, i have tried it out, but it was a very bad perfomamce; very difficult song: I have cheated a lot, hehehe) https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-F01K3154DMJ-2d07885ff0
  3. Hy guys, Californication: https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-F01JBU9EUDQ-f014c55f72
  4. Hy guys, Here is my performance at "no more lies" (now with acuracy, hehehehe) https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-F01JBU9EUDQ-f014c55f72
  5. It is true, mate, im sorry... gonna try to correct this mistake.
  6. Hi guys, https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-F01J1C8S91C-f94ef1be69 - Californication https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-F01JY137L1W-fdd2d3b9a8 - No more lies
  7. I think Im going to keep the pot at current position, hehehehe. Although, in this week i will post my performances at adv, mC (personaly I think that, in this week, the advanced bass song is more dificult than the masterclass one) and, maybe, Octavarium. But i think i have a lot to learn in bass to grab that pot to mc. Besides that, although im in homeoffice, I dont know if i can post my performances here every week because now i have a little baby to take care and im helping my wife in this so cute task. So, im going to be at adv, except if you think it'd be better to the Championship that I move to mc.
  8. Hi and happy new year to u all and God bless you. https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-F01HTFY2C82-98b95c997a
  9. : Theocracy - Wynter Fever (bass) https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-F01HHC39UE9-77879cdaaa
  10. Very Hapy Xmas! God bless you all! Perforamance at Wizzard - I wish it could be christmas every day (5.5) https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-F01HHBSCX9T-cb652c0fc9
  11. Hi u all! Long time no see, heheheh... Here is my performance at bass advanced song: https://slack-files....GX46-e336576dd1 God shall bless u all!
  12. Hi guys, https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-FLDMC4L1J-f92b159c49
  13. Hi guys, here is my performance at Megadeth song, advanced bass... https://slack-files.com/TEV06SA1G-FL7DU35FB-8e1de6e9a1
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