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  1. Of to Sweden Rock Festival tomorrow. Been waiting far to long for this one. also some scores.
  2. First time playing the bass in a long time. I forget how fun it is.
  3. You need to put: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QhJqyhZthcTS_EyiDqJG_mmLcz1Gymcu/view?usp=sharing In your rocksmith folder.
  4. Just tried the new score adding script. It really makes if faster to add scores. Great job.
  5. All these songs are weird to me. But its good to be pushed outside your comfort zone. Its one of the best things about the championship for me.
  6. Been a while since i played now. Been busy playing cyberpunk. But now that is over and I'm hoping i will have more time to my guitar.
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