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  1. I joined this competition on week 16. Just one week before we moved here to customsforge. I can't belive its been over 10 years now. I still remember reading about rocksmith on some random webpage and right after driving to my parents house to look for my old abandoned electric guitarr. Thanks to everyone still keeping the championship alive. Great work @ Rodman
  2. Its been a while again. I thank you all so much for keeping the championship going. It keeps me picking up the guitar evey now and then.
  3. Heard the Ghost version of "jesus he knows me" for the first time yesterday. I thought that I knew that song from somewhere. Great to hear and play it today.
  4. Had some extra time to take the bass down from the wall today. Good fun.
  5. Forgot to screenshot the Editors song. I really need to spend some time in RR with the fast decending riff in the wolfmother song, I can play it easy at 90% speed but at 100 my brain starts to scramble itself.
  6. Steel Panther is a really immature band, but i really like them.
  7. @ Rodman What size do you need the images to be? does 500x or 800x work or does it need to be fullsize?
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