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  1. Haven't been playing a lot lately. But i still love it.
  2. Got stuck playing songs in D tuning so i only got the beginner song done.
  3. Had to play this masterpiece on bass also.
  4. Running my own company takes so god damn much time right now that i have hardly touch my guitar lately. Got a few minutes today while the wife was showering.
  5. First time picking up the bass in a few months time. I always forget how fun it is.
  6. The invite got returned to me. So I invited you again with it.
  7. Love roxette, ccr and helloween. great week for me.
  8. Add me as a friend on Unbisoft connect and I will give you the invite. Name is maztor.
  9. Every single change is horrible at this point. I have a hard time seeing them changing it to something good. If anyone want to try we all get 2 invites. I have no friends that play so ill gladly share them.
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