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  1. @@firekorn Awesome! Thanks for the heads up and the help! :)
  2. @@firekorn I downloaded the newest version and hotfix and now i see the guitar bonus track, cheers! A follow up question, if I want multiple bonus arrangements for a song, where do i put the other bonus arrangements?
  3. I really wan't to add a couple of bonus arrangements for some CDLC's im working on. Up until now I've had Part Real_Guitar for rhythm and Part Real_Guitar_22 for Lead, question is where do I put the bonus arrangements?
  4. Ah that worked like a charm, thanks! For some reason it was set to 17 :s
  5. I get this pop-up when I tried to paste the solo from a different tab into my lead guitar chart, everything else was ok, but the very last note of the solo which is a 21, just turned into a 0 instead. Like this: http://i.imgur.com/mctoivt.jpg Now If I manually try to edit the note value by pressing N, it only gives me an X instead when I hit apply Anyone have any idea what is causing the issue?
  6. Hey, I just managed to make my first CDLC, but I get this issue with the sections and it displays like it doesnt cover the whole song? I'm reffering to that the orange line doesnt cover the whole song, I mean its no problem when I play the song, but this makes it diffitcult to pick a section in riff repeater for instance. Is this an issue in EoF or is it when I create it in the custom tool kit? Anyone knows? Syvaa. http://i.imgur.com/qckvBfh.jpg?1
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