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    Old 70s and early 80s bands like: Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest, Uriah Heep, ELO, Thin Lizzy etc.
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  1. Hi Syvaa, Thank you for all your hard work. Any chance of Sunrise by the Heep being in the works? Thank you again, love all you do.

    1. Syvaa


      Great tune and suggestion, I'll put it on my to-do list. 

    2. Rojammelborp


      Thank you so much, you are awesome.


  2. Hi Syvaa. Thanks for your tons of contributions here. I was just wondering if you have the song Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John for Mac? I have downloaded your PC version, but when I convert it to Mac it doesn't work. It doesn't show up on my list at all, but I have no problem with other CDLC. If you don't, that's fine. Thank you!!

  3. Muse - Plug in Baby was on disc content/part of the setlist for the original Rocksmith, so if you wanna play it on Rocksmith 2014 you gonna have to buy the import tool which is listed on the steam store page for Rocksmith 2014.
  4. Been a while since I played any of the songs here, oh well here goes:
  5. The Trooper comes with the game, so you should already have it :)
  6. So fun to play :D Gonna work more on it during next week :)
  7. ooo nice, rock horror picture show! Love to play the Time Warp :)
  8. You lost by worse streak ;) I can tell you - Anestesia is a masterpiece ;) Oh woops, I forgot to check streaks, damn it! GG then! And yes, Anesthesia is an incredible tune .. not sure if my fingers would agree after playing it though... rip :P
  9. Woo, lots of great songs on this week, as an 80s metal fan this is great news! I have already played most of them before, but I'll try again! Not sure what I feel about Anesthesia though :mellow: @@Rodman Shouldn't I get a shared win with Stijnw2000 for bass masterclass? I believe we both had 91% exactly? :blink:
  10. What a great song, one of his best and quite fun to play! GG to whoever picked this one :) No offense to anyone but playing King Crimson songs is NOT a fun experience :angry: The hands hurts and the music is too weird for me haha, good challenge though! Shame that my rocksmith would crash a few times when I tried to play it because of the too many arrangements bug.
  11. I only have good words to say about your CLDC's and music taste sir. I really enjoy playing them and always look forward to when you publish more! :)
  12. Damn, had a real blast playing both of these songs even though they're not what I usually plays/listen to :D Also, Merry Xmas all!
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