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  1. Added Bass and Vocals for "Don't Take My Life" I feel like doing some stuff off Thunder Seven Next :D
  2. Added Bass and Vocals for "A World of Fantasy" More Coming Soon ;)
  3. @ZagatoZee Wtf?!?! Wow, dude just wow... A long, long time ago, I jokingly thought to myself that LaceyB and SeanMo were the same person. I brushed off that idea cause "Cancer is bad, m'kay." I had no clue it was true.... I used to like Lacey/SeanMo until I found out they re-used some of my charts as their own on their Gdrive. I was like "Well, Al-right-y then." It makes so much sense to find out they're the same person. Anyway, stay safe from Covid and I'm looking forward to future charts from everyone and what ubi has in store for us soon.
  4. I'm surprised that there was no "The # of downloads a chart has doesn't reflect the chart's quality" under part5. I guess the "In the end..." part assumes this, but it would have been nice it if was stated to help new users out :P.
  5. A uncharted Rush song oh my... Rush - Workin' Them Angels
  6. Pokémon!!! lol ...Thinking about maybe doing the whole album idk John Loeffler, Russell Velázquez - 2.B.A. Master : Pokémon 2.B.A. Master
  7. Heart - How Can I Refuse Pat Benatar - Cool Zero
  8. I was waiting for like a more official announcement on this but we're already 5 days into December. So Imma start uploading stuff now. :) Alice Cooper - Dangerous Tonight Alice Cooper - Die for You
  9. Happy Birthday SlickWilly!

  10. @SuperSonic Hmm, I actually don't think ghost notes are used on slides in odlc. It's likely the tab author was trying to mimic a delay effect by using them. From my understanding slide guitars use delay a lot to help with sustains. (which might help with one of your tones since there is a very, very slight delay in that part of the song.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Um, you could change the ghost notes to normal notes and mark it with the cr
  11. @SuperSonic Hmm, I'm curious... It sounds like a DD problem. Are your sections/phrases on beat 1 of a measure (white beat bars) in eof? If not, try putting them only on beat 1 and nowhere else. That might fix it. Um, also try generating it without DD.
  12. Updated "Carry on the Flame" with guitars and vocals
  13. Updated my own version of "If Only" with guitars
  14. I feel your pain my dude :), I have to make them from scratch because of it.
  15. (Forgot to update this topic earlier lol) Added "Don't Love Anybody Else But Me" Updated "Never Say Never" with Rhythm Guitar Path
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