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  1. Lead by accident. Rhythm. Bass. Wish this one had bass, poor nolly being left out. GOB later.
  2. The midi import on eof is for guitar hero/rockband files and sometimes lyrics. Midi files don't contain any fingering information, only the note pitch so you need to convert it to gp5 (using tux guitar or guitar pro) and re-transpose it to make it actually playable, and then import the gp5 file into eof. Generally you don't want to work from midi files unless you know what you're doing as they're a right pain, you basically have to re-tab the whole song since the automatic fingering generation in guitar pro/tux guitar isn't very good at all.
  3. The best place would probably be a support ticket through the cf discord. https://discord.gg/cf
  4. The installer can be found in the releases tab, looks like you downloaded the source code instead. https://github.com/Lovrom8/RSMods/releases/download/RSModsInstaller-v1.2.7.3/RS2014-Mod-Installer.exe
  5. You can see a list of your collected cdlc here but there's no way to mass download them so you'll have to do each one individually. https://ignition4.customsforge.com/user/collectedcdlc
  6. Use rsmods, it has an option to change the string/note colours. Once you install it, run the exe in the rsmods folder and you can configure it through the gui.
  7. You can hide certain creators/artists by clicking the arrow next to the download button. For more details check out this update post. https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/65835-follow-creators-hide-artists-creators/#comment-355933
  8. Forgot I added this one. Good ol' mth. Probably have to give it a few more goes on guitar.
  9. I can't see any songs uploaded by your account in the search, are you getting any errors or missing fields? Some extension could be messing with the submission? There used to be an issue with the "https everywhere" extension preventing people from uploading back in the Ignition3 days. Maybe trying another browser would work too, Firefox/safari can have issues downloading songs so they might have issues uploading too? You should just be able to fill out the form and it'll appear. https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/create Unfortunately I'm not too sure what could cause this kinda thing so all I can offer are these few suggestions.
  10. You should just have to re-run the patch. https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/33889-how-to-add-custom-songs-on-mac/&do=findComment&comment=371300
  11. There was an update to the game a few months ago, you probably need the new dll. https://ignition4.customsforge.com/tools/CDLCEnabler
  12. Nice solid bassline here, pretty good. The metals.
  13. The tab could be using some unsupported note status which causes a crash when loaded into rocksmith, but that'd probably be fixable by checking the issues generated in dlc builder and then changing it in eof. Any chance you could upload the file to some file hosting site like google drive instead of directly to the forum?, the limited space provided here is basically unusable.
  14. It could be a few issues but without a build of the file I can't be sure. Maybe the .wem conversion failed halfway and the audio corrupted? or maybe some other error causes it to crash?
  15. If you replaced the original file with the pitch shifted ones by using the "overwrite file" option you'll have to redownload them to revert them back to normal. Otherwise you'd have 2 versions of the song and can just delete the pitch shifted version. The pitch shift feature is a bit dodgy, for certain songs it pitch shifts by the wrong amount or not at all so I can't recommend using it. https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/67056-using-the-pitch-shifter-in-customforge-song-manager/&do=findComment&comment=370073 A far better option is to either get a drop pedal or route your input through reaper letting you use a pitch shift vst instead.
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