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  1. One last go for the bois then, no warmup either. Lots of shifting up and down on this, feel like it could be transposed to be a bit easier maybe? The irony in the fact they state the existence of their tools for blocking artists you don't want to see/play at the bottom of their update is hilarious. The existence of these tools should remove the need for this kind of mass deletion in the first place. They could easily tag these artists and hide them by default using this system instead of removing them altogether and create a global blacklist of TOS songs for streamers to ignore. They have backups of the database and could restore all these songs at any time they wish (like the time they banned a user and accidentally removed all 1000~ songs they had in his collection). Sorry this ain't it chief, see ya.
  2. I'm doing fine, just done with this mismanaged hellsite. Lost all faith in those running this place. There are a bunch of smaller issues that led up to this (like the absolute lack of communication, sheer incompetence with running a site of this size and unwillingness to adapt to changes) but the straw that broke the camels back was arbitrarily censoring what songs people can upload based on totally unbiased views (and wasn't just done for the money either ;) ). Banning a whole list of artists, mocking them in private, mass deleting all their customs and not even mentioning it with an announcement on the forum (or even informing the creators that their works were removed) or providing a list in the cdlc guidelines for people to follow is bloody absurd. They show absolutely no care to the creators who make up the backbone of their platform since it's the streamers who directly contribute to their revenue. If this change ever gets reverted (which it won't), I wouldn't mind returning someday but eh.
  3. Nah there's no way to save them, it's just a temporary thing.
  4. You've got to change the speed through rsmods with the "change RR speed" keybind instead of going into riff repeater. You might also need the "Allow RR speed above 100" mod active for the keybinds to work? To slow it sown instead of speed up you press ctrl + [whatever your keybind is set to]
  5. For mac. https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/33889-how-to-add-custom-songs-on-mac/&do=findComment&comment=379582 PC. https://ignition4.customsforge.com/tools/cdlcenabler
  6. That and the un-gridsnapped out of sync notes. You can really notice it during the low D notes on the outro. The notes don't even start on the sections, it's like they tried to sync the notes instead of the beats or something. It's a right mess if you know what to look for in-game, but to most people it's passable so they never even notice. Anyway enough ranting, score time.
  7. The patch doesn't support Sonoma yet. The dev doesn't have a mac which supports it and if they do fix it, it might break when the full release comes out so they're holding off on it for now. From the mac os channel of the cf discord.
  8. The links are dead here (link format changed when we updated to ignition 4) but they're still in ignition if you search for them. https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/66828-broken-discography-links/#comment-367220
  9. The scroll speed seems kinda off with this, I think the bpm should be doubled or something? Quite fun on gui too tho.
  10. Hmm, unfortunately I'm not too sure. No one else in the threads seem to mention this issue and even when the ubisoft servers go down I'm still able to save my game, so it's probably related to the key side of the issue? Even searching the forums for "can't save" brings up almost no results. In most cases not connecting to the servers should only stop things like score attack/guitarcade leaderboards from working so this is fairly odd.
  11. If nothing you are doing is changing what it displayed in game chances are you're using the wrong folder. There could be 2 different rocksmith installs or something. You can check by using cfsm and giving it your rocksmith install path and if they show up in cfsm they should show up fine in-game. If you're launching the game through steam go to the game properties for rocksmith 2014 and browse the game files and check the dlc folder in the path it gives you.
  12. Remove the "?si=pVtuM6XtUTlovjiE" part of the url. Like this https://www.youtube.com/embed/x6MDhtBEmCs So that there's no extra information after the video ID Playlists also cause this issue as they add something like "&list=RDBB4roWRH6Bs" to the end of the url.
  13. A bunch of people started having issues like this last year after the update, apparently you can skip the key activation by pressing escape to not connect to ubisoft servers which'll allow you to still play the game. https://steamcommunity.com/app/221680/discussions/1/3368153565085111275/ https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/67266-game-not-accepting-key/
  14. There was an issue in the latest version of the game which can cause camera zoom issues, but it shouldn't affect the UI scale. Try lowering the game res in the .ini file and/or tuning off windows resolution scaling too. As for the audio problems are you using the realtone cable or an interface with rsasio?
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