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  1. Most of the links in the workshop thread died because of the changeover to Ignition 4 and the new link format. They should still exist (mostly) in the database if you search for them, or you can take the number at the end part of the url and add it to https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/ eg http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/all-nightmare-long-r2074 to https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/2074 Wonder if old link redirection would be added at somepoint
  2. Still not very good at the clean bit. It is supposed to be played with a capo tho so that's my excuse lol One miss? No score attack for this, I'll die.
  3. From here (November 2020) Assuming things haven't changed it looks like ya stuck with just your new collection for now.
  4. If that happens it means your drive is too slow, it can't load the required files before the intro ends and it hangs. (or something else screwed ya files up) Also that post linked to an old version of rsmods, so update if you got it from there just to be safe but I don't think it modified the fast startup in the meantime.
  5. There's no option and there probably wont be one because of the extra load it'd put on the site (site is dodgy enough already). All the customs are hosted on different sites too which'd also be a a pain (especially mega). It'd also need authorization first which I can't see happening. I think there was plans to merge the search with the song manager (maybe just to check for updates?) but even that hasn't happened yet so I can't see anything similar happening any time soon. Especially since they're planning a whole rewrite of I4 in React instead of Laravel (and then I5 at some p
  6. ^^ I'd just do as above but with a capo for easier access to the correct open notes. You can also convert them to E standard in the song manager with a pitch shifter which is less hassle and automated. Or using an external pitch shifter works fine with rs if ya too lazy to tune. If you really want to you can remove DD, import the song into eof, change the tuning to B standard, shift everything 3 frets up (with "crtl +") and repack it, but it's really not worth it for all the effort and you have to do it manually for every song you want to change.
  7. Can't get the fast ho-po scale-y bit well on either instrument, it's too quick.
  8. Just disable it in settings. It now saves and stays off until turned back on. All good Unless the page is totally screwed, then you just need to clear your cache for it to display properly
  9. Added mac version to record
  10. Really enjoying "Bocchi the Rock!" at the min, hyped for the anime.


  11. There's no user rating system 'cus people'd just rate up songs they like regardless of quality. Same thing with DL count, doesn't indicate quality. From newsletter 18 (worth a read tbh) The best thing you can do is check the comments and playthrough video if you're unsure, but for most songs you'll just have to try them out yourself. Once you've stuck around here a bit you'll start to recognize users, what genre they tend to upload and their general quality level and you'll just dl stuff done by them. Also most tabs for custom songs aren't transcribed by the chart creator (I
  12. RSPlaylist discord has a guide in #how-to-setup-the-bot. Rocksniffer is just add a browser source in obs, stick the url in, then run the program when streaming.
  13. I Had the same issue. Think it's something to do with the arrangement type in eof? Needed to change all of them to be "bass" for it to work properly. Maybe it just gets the type of the first one and expects them all to be the same?
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