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  1. Nope. https://www.reddit.com/r/rocksmith/comments/qqhtzr/the_ethics_of_nowdelisted_content_and_cdlc/hk0sw5f/
  2. coldrampage


    Song requests go here pls. https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/65864-cdlc-requests/
  3. arpeggios, oof I'll have to SA this later.
  4. 128 is the standard for odlc and most other custom songs, probably your best bet depending on where you got the audio from. Standard toolkit and dlc builder settings will default to this in the end so it won't matter too much unless you go bellow it.
  5. Someone reuploaded an installer on a similar post here a while ago but I can't seem to find it since the forum search/activity feeds are broken again. Search works again found it. https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/12382-custom-game-toolkit-game-saves-gigbox/&do=findComment&comment=361570 There's no github page, think they wanted to keep the save modification code private or something but don't quote me on that. If you just need custom string colours rsmods can do that too.
  6. The links in most discography projects broke when we updated to ignition 4. They are still in the database if you search for them. If you are looking for a certain one from here to see if it was removed you can take the ID at the end of the old link and add it to https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/ so https://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/go-to-sleep-r3234 Becomes https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/3234
  7. You can hide users in ignition by clicking the arrow next to the dl/add to collection button and selecting the relevant option. This will stop them from appearing unless you unselect the "hide hidden" filter option. As for removing them from the game, cfsm can sort by creator if they filled in the charter field in the toolkit/dlc builder and you can easily delete them all. Otherwise the auto-quarantine feature will deal with anything that's too dodgy.
  8. Not sure what the 7th string is tuned to (looks like it's unused?) but 6 are tuned to some variant of B standard (Probably BEADGF# or maybe BEADGB) so it's likely to be F# standard or drop E overall. I think it's just standard power chords, middle finger might be muting and not playing an extra note or something? so something like this maybe? ^^tabbed in 7 string B standard for example. Was gonna have a look yesterday bit was a tad busy, soz.
  9. You can bulk change them with cfsm, shouldn't take too long to go through them all. If the ID is a dlc you don't own they won't show up in-game so I'd change them all just to be safe.
  10. It should be fine for pc, updates only break it on mac since it patches the executable or something. In the highly unlikely chance it stops working all you need to do is redownload the dll. Last update was 6 months ago according to steamDB, guess you have auto-update turned off?
  11. Hold pause after the tuning screen ends and you can buffer a frame perfect pause input. Release it as soon as the menu appears to stop it unpausing and the game will continue to play whilst paused. You can then maximize programs (Mixcraft) over the window or click out of it and it will still scroll through the song without audio. Note that once you click on the rocksmith window again to bring focus back it will resume back from where the audio stopped playing. Or If you turn off exclusive mode for the RTC, play RS in unplugged mode (doesn't detect RTC anymore with exclusivity off?, maybe can be fixed with an ini setting?) and start recording before you start the song so it doesn't end instantly. You can then get the raw DI from the cable to record or use tones from your DAW. I'm sure there has to be a better way than these methods though, right? Maybe using one of the OBS AISO plugins to record DI (with exclusivity still on?) and then you can convert it to audio and stick in in your DAW.
  12. Open the file in tux guitar, click file/save as and then change the format in the dropdown to gp5. Save it and ya done. This might work too? https://tabplayer.online/
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