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  1. As long as you (try to if they're afk) get permission from the original charter it should be fine to upload it as normal. Just give them the credit, link to the old version and label it as a bass multi-track and it should be fine. Might also be a good idea to mention that it was made with AI separation in the author so people don't confuse it with a "proper" multi-track. Looks like you already know all this based on the one you've already uploaded though.
  2. No DD is only supposed to be used to report songs that have been made past October 2016 since that's when the remastered update came out, before then not having DD didn't cause issues and it wasn't a rule. Given how easy it is to add DD to a song it won't really do to much harm to give them a pass though. For bad tone I'd only report the song if it causes the dead tone bug, otherwise just leave a comment with some info for the charter. Bad chart would technically fall under "breaks rules" as the line "We reserve the right to hide or delete any records from our database if they don’t meet a reasonable standard." is listed in our cdlc database rules. Not using the cherub rock APPID would also fall under this. Some ideas have been proposed for a report system update, might have to wait 'till Ignition 5 launches before we see any big changes tho.
  3. Hmm, all I can guess is maybe it's using the wrong drivers/ sample rate or some kind of exclusivity issue? Are the cables working fine in other programs and not just in rocksmith? The "RocksmithConfiguration.pdf" file found in the rocksmith folder might have some useful info regarding this, otherwise idk what else to try.
  4. Ah, I guess you're using the "auto-monitor download folder" option to repair/copy them over for you then? Any chance you could download it and put it in the dlc folder without running it through cfsm first and see if that's any good? The filter options are at the right hand side of the learn a song menu and can be accessed using the alt key. It's probably not the issue this time but it could be something worth checking.
  5. You shouldn't need to copy it into the dlc folder after running it through cfsm since cfsm should be set to use your dlc folder. The main reason for songs not showing up is because they are using the wrong dlc appid (if it's set to a dlc song you don't own they wont show up) but if that was the case cfsm would've fixed it when you repaired them. Wilco - Impossible Germany already has the correct one set and shows up fine for me though. Only other thing I think it could be was maybe you got the mac/console version by mistake or put it in the wrong folder? Sometimes people also leave the filter options on in the game menu and can't finds certain songs. The file name should end in _p.psarc, any renaming of the end part will also break it. if you download it twice to the same folder it'll change to _p(1).psarc and won't show up.
  6. Sorry it took a while, here's the bass path. https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/73382
  7. Are you using the official realtone cable or a third party one through RSMods direct connect mode? Which input mode have you got selected in-game?
  8. https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/67371-staffs-response-to-charts-of-delisted-odlc/#comment-373841
  9. Buying cherub rock just allows the custom songs to show up, to actually be able to play them you need the modified dll file to prevent it from crashing when loading them. https://ignition4.customsforge.com/tools/CDLCEnabler I tried Santana - Europa and it works just fine. It was updated post-remastered and has DD so it doesn't even need to be run through cfsm and should be ignored through a standard bulk repair, there shouldn't be any extra issues introduced from there.
  10. Generally custom songs will freeze/crash when you don't have the dll installed or if the song has more than 5 tracks. https://ignition4.customsforge.com/tools/CDLCEnabler If other customs songs are working fine then it's probably that caused by that specific song. To rebuild it with the toolkit you click the import package button, then select where to store the unpacked files, change the version number, modify the dlc key field (in the top right), re-build it, press yes to regenerate the arrangement id's and delete the old one. This is mostly what the repair option in cfsm does anyway so it probably won't make much difference though. Could I also get a link to one of the songs to see if it works on my game?
  11. If a song was working before and isn't anymore it could be a duplicate key/ID issue. Having 2 versions of the same song with the "preserve stats" option used in CFSM can cause this. It might be worth checking the "Duplicates" tab in CFSM. If there's nothing in the duplicates tab I'd normally just rebuild a song in the toolkit/dlc builder to re-generate the ID's and adjust the DLC key fix this kinda thing manually.
  12. The in-game shop isn't very good, it's best to buy them from the steam store page instead. https://store.steampowered.com/app/221680/Rocksmith_2014_Edition__Remastered/
  13. Judging by my past highscore here I didn't do to well this time. Never really listened to much trivium before, this is pretty good.
  14. This thread has a Spotify playlist of some jazz songs that should've been charted at one point, some might've been removed for dead links though. https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/66960-jazz-cldcs-recommendations Most of what jazz I play is mostly bass charted so unfortunately I don't have too many recommendations, maybe some XI-on, Frank Zappa and Billy Cobham. Dellboy also charted some Casiopea recently which I'd reccomend. Mentioned this in the linked thread too but I'll still have to recommend some flap+frog and OrangeCoffee, mostly because I've charted a good portion of their stuff for bass and just finished doing the whole of the lounge map series. Return to Forever is jazz fusion but also quite fun and if you don't mind vocaloid gyari has some of my favorite jazzy bass songs to play in rocksmith.
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