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  1. I check the duration of the song with the other submitted screenshots. Good way to avoid this is to rename them in the song manager so you know what's what if you've got multiple versions.
  2. It's probably not worth it unless you already have the cdlc making tools and know how to use them since it's a fair bit of work. I'd just use rstotab and learn it the old fashioned way. If you're dead set on it tho you'd need the rstoolkit and EOF Import the psarc in the toolkit Open the DDC tab and select the .xml files in the EOF sub folder of the extracted cdlc folder Change the ramp up model to "ddc_dd_remover", tick overwrite original file and click remove dd Open eof and click file, import rocksmith. Select the xml file you removed DD from. Go to where you want the s
  3. Custom inlays are a bit fiddly and most of the time need reselecting each time you open the game. Select a base game inlay first, then a custom one and then it should show up properly.
  4. requests go here pls
  5. Any particular ones from the ost you'd be interested in? or just the op/ed's (only missing the klk ed's I think)
  6. Click filters at the top, then uncheck "hide hidden", and click submit Then unblock the charter
  7. It's not there for me, and it's not in the reported list anymore so it shouldn't still be appearing. Maybe something weird is going on
  8. https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/4848
  9. https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/5491
  10. I've got around 3K active and a few hundred extra disabled through cfsm that I keep to reupload if the link dies. Takes a good while to load on my hdd so I make a cup of tea while I wait. Sucks for testing songs or mods tho.
  11. Been playing a ton of sabaton lately, now its here too. Nice Bit meh on guitar, way more fun on bass Had to try this on SA too lol
  12. You can check your collection of downloaded songs here, but it got cleared when I4 released so it will only have your recent additions.
  13. Pretty fun, most of the stretches are a bit too far for me to play well tho.
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